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Indetexx is your preferred cotton waste rags supplier, offering a wide range of cotton rags bulk at high quality and competitive prices, with years of sourcing experience and a strong industrial chain.

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With 10 years of industry expertise in cotton waste rags, we have a unique insight to help your business grow.

We work with many overseas agencies and have 6 in-house overseas offices for faster order fulfillment.

Strategically located collection points and self-built recycling systems in key cities in China.

Major processing facilities in key locations in China allow access to premium cotton rags bulk.

Expert team of workers with years of cotton waste rags industry know-how and an 80% retention rate.

We guarantee a stable inventory of cotton waste rags products for fast order completion.

Your Reliable Cotton Rags Wholesalers in China

Founded in 2012, Indetexx is a professional cotton waste rags supplier&manufacturer specializing in exporting cotton rags to more than 20 countries. Our 20,000 sq. m. facilities and a stable supply chain ensure better sourcing capabilities and allow us to meet your various demands for bulk rags wholesale.

Transparent, Fair, Profitable Workflow of bulk rags

Indetexx Pays the Utmost Attention to the Quality Control and Sorting Process of  Cotton Rags Bulk

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We recycle over 5,000 tons of mixed cotton rags monthly, and we always have ample inventory to meet the high demands of cotton wiping rags wholesale.

used clothing sorting


More than 400 Seasoned workers in Indetexx with over 6 years of cotton waste rags industry experience excel in the professional division of different types of cotton rags bulk.

used clothing baling


Regularly calibrated scales secure that your orders of industrial cleaning rags and cotton rags bulk are packed with a required weight ranging from 40kg to 100kg per bale you need of waste rags.

used product packaging


Indetexx bales your orders of industrial wiping rags with your preferred weight, packaging, and packing method, ensuring we meet your diverse production demands in the field of cotton waste rags.



We fill containers of cotton waste rags at 100% capacity using innovative packaging techniques and pack 10% more within 7 days, doing it better than other sourcing agencies in the field of industrial wiping rags.