Top 7 Best Canada Second Hand Clothing Suppliers

Every year, billions of clothes are made because of which the fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. However, tons of clothes end up in garbage leading to textile waste and pollution. Significant amounts of limited resources are used for manufacturing new clothes. 

In order to conserve the limited resources, put a stop to textile waste, and ultimately save the environment, sustainable clothing production and second hand clothes Canada shopping habits are vital. For example, buying second hand clothes from a credible used clothes supplier is a sustainable shopping pattern.

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Second Hand Clothes Canada Market

The second hand apparel market is estimated to reach 196bn USD by 2025 and the second-hand clothes Canada market is rising steadily. The total value of exported used clothing bales Canada was 140.56m USD and the total value of imported second hand clothes to Canada was 52.14m USD. In a survey, nearly 27% of Canadians replied that second hand clothes are the most common second hand items they purchase. 

The second-hand clothes Canada market includes a variety of stylish garments that are quite popular among fashion buyers. The used clothing bales Canada market is being driven by numerous trends, including the increasing popularity of second hand stores, the emergence of new clothing trends, awareness of sustainability, and more.

Best 7 Used Clothing Exporters in Canada

To pick the top used clothing exporters in Canada, we have taken several factors into consideration like total experience, quality of used clothes, shipping and delivery services, and more. The below-listed used shoes Canada suppliers passed our requirements. 

#1 PriSun Enterprises Ltd

Business Type: Used Clothing Supplier, Used Clothes Distributor, Second Hand Clothing Wholesaler 

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada. 

Main Markets: Canada, Angola, Tanzania, Ghana, Burundi, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya, and a few Asian countries 

Years of Experience: 19 years of experience

PriSun Enterprises Ltd Logo
Source: PriSun Enterprises Ltd

PriSun Enterprises Ltd is a used clothes exporters in Canada that delivers second hand clothes to North American, Asian, and African markets. Launched in 2004, this company uses 40’HC containers and handles logistics. This company is also a supplier of used shoes wholesale in Canada and offers label and packaging customization options. They have a decent supply chain network for quick distribution of used clothes. 

#2 Bank & Vogue

Business Type: Used Clothing Distributor, Canada Used Clothing Exporter, Used Clothing Supplier 

Headquarters: Canada

Main Markets: USA, Canada, Europe, South America, and some African countries 

Years of Experience: 30 years of experience

Bank Vogue Logo
Source: Bank & Vogue

Bank & Vogue is one of the oldest used clothing companies in Canada that has been supplying second hand clothes for over three decades. This company shipped used clothes and second hand shoes wholesale to more than 27+ countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. This supplier also has separate online stores and retail stores in Europe under different labels. 

#3 Samiyatex 

Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Exporter, Canada Used Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Exporter 

Headquarters: California, USA

Main Markets: Canada, USA, Central America, South America, and African countries

Years of Experience: 27 years of experience

Samiyatex Logo
Source: Samiyatex

Samiyatex is a USA-based wholesale used clothing Canada supplier located in Los Angeles. This company has a massive factory area in Los Angeles where workers sort and grade sourced second hand clothes. Along with used clothing, they also offer second hand shoes wholesale Canada in custom-sized containers. 

#4 EcoGoodz

Business Type: Canada Used Clothes Exporter, Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Secondhand Clothing Distributor

Headquarters: Issaquah, United States 

Main Markets: Worldwide

Years of Experience: 11 years of experience 

EcoGoodz Logo
Source: EcoGoodz

EcoGoodz was founded in 2012 and it is another second hand clothes Canada wholesale based in Washington, USA. They sell second hand clothes, second hand shoes, second hand toys, and other used accessories. This company only delivers full containers or trailers of wholesale used clothes and does not send one or two bales. When buying used clothing in bulk, EcoGoodz offers pricing discounts and ensures the timely delivery. 

#5 Odyssey International

Business Type: Canada Used Clothing Trader, Second Hand Clothing Exporter, Second Hand Clothing Supplier 

Headquarters: Canada 

Main Markets: Canada, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asian countries 

Years of Experience: 20 years of experience

Odyssey International Logo
Source: Odyssey International

Odyssey International is one of the reliable used clothes exporters in Canada and it was set up in 2003. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, or trader, this supplier offers affordable used clothing in bales price. They sell second hand clothes Canada wholesale and offer second hand apparel in 100-pound bales. 

#6 BUC Canada 

Business Type: Canada Used Clothing Wholesale, Used Clothes Trader, Second Hand Clothing Supplier 

Headquarters: Canada 

Main Markets: Canada, USA, South America, Canada, Asia, and African countries 

Years of Experience: 53 years of experience

BUC Canada Logo
Source: BUC Canada

BUC Canada is one of the oldest Quebec-basedused clothing exporters in Canada which has been supplying used apparel since 1970. This company exports sorted and unsorted bales of second hand garments and shoes in small and large bags. They deliver second hand clothes in 40 ft HC containers that hold about 550 bales of used shoes wholesale in Canada. They handle entire shipping and delivery along with documentation processes. 

#7 Kandla Exim Pvt Ltd

Business Type: Canada Used Clothes Trader, Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Used Clothing Wholesale 

Headquarters: Gujarat, India

Main Markets: Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malviya, Maputo, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Chile, and other European countries 

Years of Experience: 48 years of experience 

Kandla Exim Pvt Ltd Logo
Source: Kandla Exim Pvt Ltd

Kandla Exim Pvt Ltd was established in 1975 and is another credible wholesale used clothing Canada supplier. This company has a decent-sized grading and sorting facility in Kandla. They are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and excel in recycling old clothes into mixed rags

Where to Wholesale Used Clothing by the Pound Canada

# Indetexx

Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Used Clothing Wholesale, Used Clothes Exporter

Headquarters: No.127 Xiusheng Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Main Markets: Canada, USA, Mexico, South America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, and European countries 

Years of Experience: 11 years of experience 

Certificates & Awards: ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 14001 Certificate, ISO 45001 Certificate, BV Certificate, and fumigation Certificate 

Indetexx Factory 6
Source: Indetexx

Indetexx, inaugurated in 2012, is a China second hand clothes supplier that exports Canada used clothes. Indetexx provides a diverse range of second hand merchandise including clothes, bags, used shoes Canada, mixed rags, etc. Additionally, we distribute bales of summer wear, winter wear, and spring and fall wear for ladies, men, and kids.

Indetexx maintains decent sourcing centers for obtaining quality raw materials. Furthermore, Indetexx employs rigorous quality control measures and standardized processing procedures to selectively pick the best apparel from the bales of used apparel.

The sourced used clothing undergoes five different quality tests and are hand-picked by the workers at the factories. Indetexx maintains a well-versed supply chain and distribution network, leading to quick delivery. Additionally, we offer free shipping, order tracking, and regular update services. 

Indetexx exports second hand clothing and second hand shoes wholesale Canada to over 60 countries and retains a vast market. Indetexx maintains an inventory of 1500 tons of second hand apparel to ensure prompt delivery. We offer customization options considering the convenience of clients. 

How to Wholesale Used Clothing Canada From Indetexx

Looking to order wholesale used clothing by the pound Canada? Then, Indetexx is the best choice. Here are the detailed steps one can follow to acquire wholesale second hand clothes from Indetexx: 

  • Our professionals offer free virtual consultations to discuss your used clothing requirements. You can specify what types of clothes your want, how many bales, the weight of each bale, the custom brand logo, packaging type, etc. 
  • Based on the client’s requirements, our workers at the factories will start sorting the used clothing inventory and pick only the best quality clothes. 
  • Depending on the type of custom packaging chosen by you, the selected second hand clothes will be neatly packed into bales
  • Indetexx has connections with freight forwarding companies, so the containers will be loaded quickly. We provide regular logistics tracking to give updates regarding the delivery of used clothing to the clients. 


As of now, there are a wide range of used clothing companies in Canada that supply different types of Canadian apparel. So, there are plenty of choices for businesses to acquire the right type of second hand clothes and used shoes Canada from a reliable set of Canadian suppliers. 

Contact Indetexx without any delay to order bales of second hand clothing for your Canadian used clothing business and acquire more customers. Indetexx offers second hand clothes in bulk for affordable prices with initial consultation, custom packaging, timely shipping, and delivery services. 

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