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Armed with a keen understanding of the large amounts of discarded clothing and the increasing demand for second-hand clothing globally, our five founders started Indetexx in 2012. Our team wants to become your trusted used clothing partner in China, addressing the difficulty in sourcing high-quality clothing.

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Esther Yang

Chairman of Indetexx

Entering the second-hand clothing industry in 2010, Mr. Yang established Indetexx with Her fellow founders in 2012.

Under her leadership, the company has penetrated the global market, particularly establishing its name in many countries in Africa.

This pursuit of grabbing a global presence propelled Indetexx as one of China’s largest second-hand clothing companies by 2020.

“The only product you sell in your life is yourself.”

founder Wang Fei

Wang Fei

Founder of Indetexx

After graduating from the University of California Los Angeles the year prior, Mr. Fei joined the founders in starting Indetexx in 2012.

Braving to enter the African market, he successfully established the brand and earned 50 million RMB in 2018. The following year, his sales team’s overseas sales reached a benchmark record of 200 million RMB.

As of 2021, he built an online sales team to target the ever-growing online market. He also began four brands: Zagumi, Hissen, Indetexx and Space.

“The key to lasting success is placing people first and respecting your employees from beginning to end. Management is all about making complex issues simple and turning chaotic matters smooth.”

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Lin Chijun

Founder of Indetexx

After five years in the supply market industry, Liu Chijun combined resources and contacts with Zhang Liang to begin Guangzhou Indetexx Trading, Co., Ltd.

He was the key figure in establishing the company’s quality control team two years after, along with the quality standards that they abide in. Additionally, he formulated Indetexx’s employee training system that is used to prepare new hires for the task at hand.

In 2019, he and his team started the Chengdu branch of Indetexx, which can handle more than 40 containers of second-hand clothing daily.

He led Indetexx to secure ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 international management system certificates two years later.

“Unity and cooperation are the magic weapons to achieve high product quality and for all teams to win.”


Liu Guojun

Founder of Indetexx

After joining the other founders of Indetexx in 2012, he established the procurement team, procurement standards, and the SOP for material procurement the following year.

As the procurement team grew to 20 people the year after, he began a large-scale national recycling network and set up more than 10,000 recycling bins in key locations in China.

As Indetexx’s procurement team continued to increase, he led the team in securing partnerships with more than 6,000 schools.

He placed 50,000 high-end community recycling bins in the country’s top-tier cities. The following year, he started the online recycling team to extend the business on the internet.

“Talents are the source of profit. And companies that can harness talents are the ultimate winners in life.”

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