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Top Bale Clothes Supplier In China

Indetexx is a leading bale clothes supplier in China. We have over 10 years of experience catering to the clothing bales needs of our clients around the world. From our 2 certified factories, we export various categories of second-hand clothing bales in small 20-ft or big 40-ft containers, including used children’s clothes, unsorted credential clothes, second-hand maternity clothing, second-hand sneakers bales, used dresses, and second-hand shoes bales.

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Bale Clothing Are Packaged In Different Weight

Weighing Packing

At Indetexx, we pack second-hand clothes into bales weighing 40kg, 45kg, 65kg, 75kg, 80kg, 90kg, and 100kg. While we adapt to the packaging standards of each country, we, as a reliable bale clothes supplier, can customize bale weights according to your requirement, allowing you to pack as many used clothes as possible. We are a bale clothing company with superior loading ability, loading over 28,600kg (640 bales of 45kg) in 40-ft containers and 13,500kg (300 bales of 45kg) in 20-ft containers.

Custom Options of Indetexx Bale Clothing For Sale

As one of the prominent second-hand clothes suppliers, we customize bale clothing for sale to meet your needs and specifications. We provide a wide variety of custom options that increase the uniqueness of your brand, as well as allow you to order as many bale clothing as you want.  Here are the various customization options we offer:

Exterior Packaging Option of Bale Clothes

We insert used clothes into a baling press with 2 tarpaulins and a plastic film. After strapping and tightening, bales are cut under high temperatures with a strapping tool. You can customize your logo on the plastic film, as well as choose the color of your bales exterior. Our bales are water-proof and wear-resistant.

Weight Options of Second-hand Clothing Bales

Our custom weight options for your 2nd hand clothes wholesale include 80-100kg per bale, 40-50kg per bale, and 45kg per bale. We ensure our bale weight options fit your requirements and enable you to meet your market demands.

Choose Sorted or Unsorted Clothing Bales

We can customize your bale to contain sorted or unsorted used clothing wholesale. While sorted used clothing has been professionally selected by our well-trained workers, unsorted used clothing is supplied to you in the same condition they were donated.

Custom Classification of Bale Clothes

Our bale clothes come in two grade classifications: Grade A and B. Grade A offers the best quality, hardly noticeable defects, and excellent wearing condition, while grade B includes used clothes of great quality, minimal defects, and good wearing condition.

Benefits You Get From Bale Clothes Supplier - Indetexx

bale clothing

Indetexx is a customer-oriented clothing bales supplier. We utilize a streamlined production process to make sure we deliver quick and superior services. Our pre-sale and after-sales services guide you in making suitable and profitable decisions for your business.


Here are some advantages of choosing Indetexx as your bale clothes supplier.

Used clothing in bales price

We offer competitive bale prices for used clothing.

Grade A and B bales for wholesale

Our different bale grades allow you to choose suitable bales for your business.

Large bales container loading ability

We load over 28,600KG in a big 40-ft container and 13,600KG in a small 20-ft container.

Less shipping freight rates

We have our own shipping, docking with first-level shipping agents. We also provide clearance services to our customers, so ship your order at best rates.

Hand-sorting clothing bales system

We implement a multi-layer sorting system, which includes sorting through a conveyor belt and then by our skilled staff.

Real-time view of the factory

You can view our factory in a real-time video and access our processes.

Clothing bales are categorized as per specification

We could sort used clothes bales into different categories to meet your market.

Clothing Bales For Sale To The World

We are a renowned used clothes exporter, processing and exporting used clothes to over 60 countries. We export clothing bales to countries in Europe, South America, and Africa, as well as other countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Our prices are the best among used clothes bales price suppliers. 

By selling large quantities in 20-ft and 40-ft containers, we comfortably supply at affordable prices. You can purchase your products at a lower cost by ordering more than one container. Contact our representative for the best prices of your wholesale bale clothing order.

Second-hand Clothing Bales Process In
Professional Bale Clothes Supplier

We implement a standardized operating process in our factories, which allows us to maintain a consistent quality for all products and provide affordable services. By using advanced equipment in our processes, including our 38 production lines, we cater to various clients’ needs and supply their bulk orders quickly. Our processes include the following:

Raw Materials Inspection 2

Raw Materials Inspection

Our team inspect incoming materials by checking for dirt, stains, holes, discoloration, missing parts, among other defects. Only materials with a 90% pass rate are accepted.

Handpicked Sorting 1

Sorting of Bale Clothes

Indetexx staff have an average of 6 years of sorting experience. This allows us to sort through large amounts of used products within a short period. We sort second-hand clothing into different categories, such as styles and sizes of clothing.

Stringent Quality Control 1

Stringent Quality Control

All used products go through 5 inspection stages, from material inspection to assessment before loading, to ensure products conform to our high-quality standards. We ensure our different grades of bale clothes have a consistent standard.

bulk sale

Weighing and Packing

Using well-calibrated scales, we make sure your order is accurately measured. Our custom packing options for second-hand clothing bales include 80-100kg per bale, 40-50kg per bale, and 45kg per bale.

Container Loading

Container Loading

Our experienced loading staff load containers to use all of the space and to contain 5-10% more used clothes than their counterparts. We load over 28,600 kg of used clothes (640 bales) into a 40-ft container and 13,500 kg (300 bales) into a 20-ft container.

Fumigation Shipping

Fumigation & Shipping

After loading, we fumigate the container to ensure the load is free of pests, rodents, and bacteria during transit. Your clothing bale order is shipped immediately after fumigation and will be delivered to you within a short period.

Bales Clothing Buying Guide

Why Used Clothing Bales Price Is So Important

Ordering used clothing at bales price allows you to expand your wardrobe and change clothes comfortably without repeating any of them. These used clothes are becoming popular as they reduce landfill waste and offer a fashionable and socially conscious option.


Indetexx supplies used clothes bales price of various types in different styles, including formal wear, casual wear, and branded designer wear. Buying used clothing at bales price enables you to wear different styles of high-quality clothes without spending too much.

Who Is Buying Bales of Used Clothes?

Buyers of bales of used clothes include used clothing retail stores, thrift stores, private label brands, startups, small and big companies, individual resellers, and other suppliers.

Where Can I Buy Bales of Second-hand Clothes?

You can buy bales of second-hand clothes from a used clothes supplier or a retailer. Buying from a second-hand clothes supplier offers the following advantages:

You have access to a wider variety of used clothes.

Used clothes suppliers work with the industry quality standard and can assure you of high-quality used clothes.

Bales clothes suppliers provide customization services that help you meet your requirements.

Suppliers hardly run out of stock and have products available most of the time.

Second-hand clothes suppliers offer warranties and after-sales services that ensure you are satisfied with your order.

How To Buy Bales of Clothing In Indetexx

Review Our Catalog and Make an Order

Indetexx supplies used clothes, used shoes, mixed rags, used dresses, and other used products in container loads. We pack our items in different customizable bale weights. You can browse our catalog for product information, including pictures and prices.


We Need One Week To Complete Order and Load Container

We use one week to complete your order and inform you if we require more time.



We load over 28,600 kg (640 bales of 45kg) of second-hand clothing in our 40-ft container. And more than 13,500 kg (300 bales of 45kg) of second-hand clothing in our 20-ft container.


Inland Transportation

Indetexx negotiates good rates with our inland logistics partners, ensuring affordable delivery prices.



You can order any amount of bales if:

  • You pick up the items by yourself or assign an agent from our warehouse.
  • Handle shipping.



A 45kg bale is around 32″ x 18″ x 16″ or  80 cm x 45 cm x 40 cm.

A 40kg bale has a size of 30″ x 24″ x 15″ or 76  cm x 60 cm x 38 cm.


Sea Freight

Shipping time to any port in Europe is about 3 to 4 weeks. Shipping to Africa takes about 4 to 5 weeks. The shipping cost is updated regularly, and we will calculate your shipping cost once we know your order, destination, and container size.


Total Cost

Reach out to us with your item list to get an exact quote. Once we know your order destination, we will calculate your freight cost. We negotiate with our reliable logistics partners to ensure cost-friendly shipping prices.


Common Questions

What is the size of Small & Large Bale clothes?

A small bale is 40kg while a large bale is 100kg.

What does one bale of used clothing contain?

For a first-category bale, you will find 45kg of single-category goods. All categories are in our catalog, and each category contains different brands, sizes, and colors.

Can I go and visit your company?

You are welcome to visit, and we also offer clients a real-time view of our factory and equipment.

Do you have fumigation certificates for bale used clothing?

Our fumigation services for bale used clothing are certified by SGS.

What other used items do you sell?

We sell a wide range of used products, including mixed rags, jeans, leather jackets, dresses, women’s clothes, men's clothes, children’s clothes, shoes, maternity clothing, vintage wear, winter clothing, summer clothing, used toys, and used bags.

Could you guarantee on-time delivery?

We work with reliable and trusted logistics partners that ensure your order is delivered safely and on time.

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