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Premium Used Jeans Clothing Company

Follow fashion trends with our line of bulk used jeans fit for both men and women. Located in Guangzhou and Chengdu, as a professional used jeans clothing company, we have access to a consistent supply of materials and can readily recycle used clothing with fashion styles and premium quality. Over 400 dedicated staff sort our used jeans clothing into different categories, preparing them for quick delivery.



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Why Indetexx as Used Jeans Clothing Company

Interior Core

10 Years of Experience

We have imported used clothing to various regions and so we follow export requirements and offer professional consultation on quality used clothing solutions.

Comprehensive Services

Let Indetexx make your business easier with our comprehensive customization, product sorting, quality control and loading services, to name a few.

Expert Used Clothing Know-how

We study the market and know what your audience wants to help you win your audience over with our selection of diverse used jeans.

Exterior Backbone

Stable Product Supply

Having an established supply chain, we acquire a variety of used jeans that can be delivered as soon as possible.

100% Handpicked Sorting

For years, our workers have mastered the art of picking and sorting used jeans, placing them in diverse categories for easier selection.

Professional Loading & Packaging

To load large orders in one container, our staff effectively utilize the entire container while still leaving 10% more room.

Wholesale Used Jeans for Sale

Fashionable used jeans come within affordable prices thanks to our organized sorting and control over our inventory. With over 120 categories, you have an assortment of options to choose from, all within wholesale prices for your convenience and ready distribution to your regions.

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Used Jeans Company You Can Lean on

We have 2 second hand clothes factories with 38 sorting lines to support large volume orders. Through our stable supply chain and complete inventory, we can recycle 6,000 tons of raw materials monthly, all possible with the efficiency of our 400 staff.

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Quality is Our Top Priority

Within our ISO9001-factories, professional QC inspectors identify defects in our used clothing to ensure their quality and that they match your specifications. We carry out 5 rounds of inspections before shipping to prevent all quality issues and guarantee consistent quality with every delivery.

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Get In Touch with us

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