Professional Workers

With more than 10 years of experience, our staff understands the requirements and preferences of various countries regarding clothing demands.

Indetexx team can quickly and accurately sort used products into 120 different categories, making it easy to find the right used clothing and items for your target customers.

Powerful Processing

100% Dedicated Handpicking

Each piece of used clothing is manually sorted, allowing us to accurately sort our products by their grading or quality. With more than 400 trained employees, we can sort all used clothing and products within a short period.

Take Advantage of Professional Sorting

The experience and skill in sorting used products have several benefits.

Wide Category Coverage

We can go through 6,000 tons of recycling products monthly and sort them into their proper category upon your request.

Multiple Market Segmentations

Indetexx’s used clothing is sorted into 120 categories for specific markets.

Premium Used Clothing

We have experienced workers who can accurately sort the premium second-hand clothing.

used clothing handpicking

Every Piece, Every Pair in Exceptional Quality

Processing in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified second-hand factories and strictly following our exacting quality control SOP,  our seasoned workers conduct professional sorting processes to ensure that every used product is of premium quality.

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Get In Touch with us

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