Winter Used Clothing

Premium Used Winter Clothing

Our selection of used winter clothing provides great comfort and warmth while remaining fashionable. Each second hand winter clothes is carefully selected to ensure that it is of premium quality and in style. With a total area of 20,000 sq m, our two factories handle many processes, from customization to quality control, to secure as many premium used winter clothes as needed.



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Bales of Weight

bale clothes supplier provide 40-100KG packaging options for your used winter clothes.

Item List

Our sed winter clothes are categorized by 120 kinds for your market, you choose unsorted used clothes or specified types.

Packing Method

Folding, binding for bulk used winter clothes, etc.

Packaging Options

Transparent/yellow/colored films, packaging logo for bulk used winter clothing, etc.

If you need help deciding on your specifications for second-hand winter clothing, our experts can guide you in selecting the best customization specifications for your products

Fully Customized Bulk 2nd Hand Winter Clothing For Sale

We offer various customization options that make your products and brand stand out among competitors. Your bulk second-hand winter clothing order is customized to meet your requirements precisely. All we need are your specifications, and our experts will handle the rest.

Our customization options for second-hand winter clothes include:

Why Wholesale Second Hand Winter Clothes in Indetexx

Indetexx is a renowned used clothes exporter that supplies second hand clothes in bulk to over 60 countries worldwide. Our second-hand winter clothes are comfortable, fashionable and adequately provide warmth. We implement strict quality control processes that ensure our used winter clothing maintains consistently high quality.

Interior Core

10 Years of Experience

With years of experience as a used clothes exporter, we follow export regulations to bring you quality used clothing at no hassle on your part.

Comprehensive Services

See how Indetexx handles a wide range of value-added services, from product and logo customization to packing and loading.

Expert Used Clothing Know-how

Knowing the market preferences of your region has enabled us to find the most fashionable choices for your market.

Exterior Backbone

Stable Product Supply

Taken from thrift stores and top-class Chinese cities, our used winter clothes are stored in our warehouses for stable and on time delivery

100% Handpicked Sorting

After taking in your requirements, our experienced workers readily determine the used winter clothing to recycle and sort for your region.

Professional Loading & Packaging

Our staff handle loading and packaging effectively to ensure we reach 10% more capacity while filling in nearly the entire container for every delivery.

How Used Winter Clothes Are Handled in Our Factory

Our competency and capabilities are backed by over 30 sorting lines, 400+ workers, and the latest production equipment in our two used clothes factories. We work with an experienced sorting staff, and by applying standardized processes, we deliver China second-hand clothes and used children’s clothin of superior quality.

Raw Material Inspection

Raw Materials Inspection

Our established sourcing facilities and recycling systems enable us to source premium used winter clothes faster. Expert auditors inspect incoming materials thoroughly to ensure superior quality.

Handpicked Sorting

Handpicked Sorting

After material inspection, our well-trained workers swiftly sort second-hand winter clothes by grade or quality into multiple categories. By handpicking them, we are able to sort the used winter clothing accurately.

Stringent Quality Control 2

Stringent Quality Control

Quality is essential in our production, which is why our products follow a strict quality inspection process. This process helps us to fix defects quickly and remove used winter clothing that do not meet our standards.

Weighing and Packing

Weighing & Packing

Our scales are regularly calibrated for precise bailing. While products are weighed accurately and within your requirements, we offer custom packaging options that help you tackle your bale used winter clothes weight needs.

Container Loading 1

Container Loading

Your bulk used winter clothing is securely loaded into the container after packaging is done to your specifications. Our container packer is more professional, the same container can be loaded by 5-10% more, with less freight cost for you.

Fumigation Shipping

Fumigation & Shipping

Using certified fumigation services, we ensure insect-free and pest-free loads for shipping. Your bulk second hand winter clothes order is shipped after fumigation through our logistics partners and reaches you within a short period.

Bulk Used Winter Clothes Buying Guide

Winter clothes include jackets, fleeces, heavy coats, scarves, and sweaters that keep you warm and comfortable during winter. They are perfect for cold weather and important clothing to have. When buying used winter clothes from a wholesale used clothing exporter, you must consider certain factors to buy products suitable for your business.

Things To Consider When Buying Second Hand Winter Clothings in Bulk

Product Weight and Quantity

Double-check the weight and quantity specifications you want for your second hand winter clothes before ordering. Experts from the factory can guide you in selecting the best specifications for your brand.

Product Quality

Assess the quality of used winter clothes offered by second-hand winter clothes and used summer clothes wholesale suppliers by inspecting their sourcing and production process. Also, you can request their certifications.

Clothing Brands and Trends

It is necessary to inquire about the brands and modern style trends included in your 2nd hand winter clothing order. Brands and trends boost your brand image. Hence, ensure your supplier includes top brands and the latest fashion trends in your order.

Turnaround Time

Ensure the completion period for your second hand winter clothes order is specified by the supplier. Choosing a supplier with a quick turnaround time enables you to meet market demands swiftly and builds reliability in your business.

Shipping Time and Cost

Check if the shipping time given by the supplier is suitable for you and ensure the shipping cost is within your budget. You can request the tracking details of your products from your supplier to monitor their movement.

How to Make Wholesale Used Winter Clothes Orders on Indetexx

Indetexx makes your bulk order of second-hand winter clothes effortless and straightforward. Using our simple buying steps, you can purchase any of our used winter clothes for sale with ease.

Step 1: Make A Query

Each used children’s clothing page contains the essential information you require before you can make a purchase. On this page, you find the description, price range, customizable item list, raw material, weight, and payment options, among other information. After selecting a product, you fill out the query form on the page to inform us of your requirements.


You can fill in as many queries as you want. Our representative will reply to all of them in no time. If you have any other questions or need expert guidance, you can fill out a query form on our contact page, and we will reach out to you quickly.


Step 2: Talk To Us

Within 24 hours, our representative will contact you to discuss your bulk order of used children’s clothes. After telling us of your used clothing needs, which include your item list, weight, quantity, and any customization requests, our experts discuss your selection with you, ensuring you get products suitable for your brand. When you are sure of your item list, we will send you a price quote based on your selection.


Step 3: Confirm Your Order

After choosing your preferred products, your order is then confirmed at Indetexx. We will send you an email containing your order details, including your product specifications, the delivery timeframe, and payment information.


Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Expect Your Order

After you confirm your order, all you have to do is wait for your products to be delivered. Our trained staff immediately commence production of your used children’s clothing, and after packaging, your order is shipped through our freight forwarding partners.


Bulk Used Winter Clothing

As your accessible used winter clothing supplier, Indetexx has a wide range of wholesale used winter clothing that allows you to have diverse choices. Providing bulk used clothing also saves on cost, reducing hassles on your end in acquiring large volume orders for your region.

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Used Clothing Company You Deserve

With 10 years of experience in the used clothing industry, we have been exporting our second-hand clothes to more than 60 countries such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe. Having built two factories within a 20,000 square meter area, we maintain an abundant inventory of used clothing that is constantly inspected to be ready for delivery.

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Quality is Our Top Priority

Before shipping, we process our winter used clothes through 5 series of inspections and tests to ensure their premium quality. We take every measure to avoid quality defects and keep them secure for delivery.

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