Precise & Customized Baling

Precise Weighing
Customized Bale Weight

We regularly calibrate the scales to ensure precise baling and equitable purchasing of our premium used goods. Indetexx ensures the weight of premium used goods is precise and within your specifications.

We have been exporting our used products to many countries, understanding the packaging needs of each market. To tackle your bale weight needs, we provide customized packaging services as per customer requirements and products.

precise weighing Customized Bale Weight

Firm Packaging

High-grade packaging materials are used on your orders that keep all used clothing and other used products secure.

The packaging also prevents water from reaching the used goods and damaging them, ensuring your orders reach you in good condition.

Used Clothing

Clothes are neatly packed to maximize space, with customizable packing methods for your convenience.

Used Shoes

We properly arrange the composition of the shoes and packing to save space and allow for more selection.

Used Bags

Bags are individually separated by a thin film to prevent them from sticking together during transit.

Professional Container Loading

Well-trained workers pack your order with your required packaging material and packing method.

We make sure 100% of the container is utilized and there is 10% more capacity to store more used clothes and other used goods.


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