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Meet Indetexx-Sub-brand of Hissen Group

We Give Discarded Clothing a Second Life

Founded in 2012, Indetexx is a professional used clothing supplier specializing in exporting used clothing, shoes, bags, households and toys, among others. Our 20,000 sq.m. factory and robust supply chain allow us to cater to over 60 countries, including Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. 


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10 Years of Industry Experience

60+ We Sold to Plenty of Countries

2000+ Customers are Satisfied with Our Products

200+ Brands Had Earned Great Reputations with us

#1 The Best Used Clothing Supplier You Deserve


Discover Indetexx

Derived from a combination of the words “In”, “De”, and “Tex”, Indetexx establishes our main goal: to sincerely provide your market with fashionable used products and redefine premium used clothing.

In = Fashion

We endeavor to offer premium fashion second-hand clothing and products for multiple markets.

De = Define

Focused on redefining wholesale used clothing and keeping providing quality used clothing.

Texx = Textiles & X

We mainly supply textiles. Meanwhile, we strive to provide quality products in every bale to bring unexpected surprises to you.


We recycle and supply our clothing from the most upscale cities in China, allowing us to bring the fashion styles to your local market.


China is a melting pot of diverse fashions, with styles of clothes from Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States to meet the preferences of different markets.


We stick to offer you the most competitive prices to boost your wholesale used clothing business.

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Our Mission

Indetexx aims to provide diversified fashion power to various global markets, giving them high-quality used clothing sourced from major apparel brands.

Why Recycling Used Clothing


Reusing second-hand clothing helps in saving natural resources and reducing pollution.

Circular Economy

Supporting used clothing sales helps promote businesses and improves the circular economy.

Urgent Demand

Connect unwanted clothing and household goods to people who need them.

Creative & Brilliant Minds Behind Indetexx

Behind Indetexx’s success is an experienced and professional team dedicated to bringing you success.


We love to share our ideas, expertise, and products with you and your customers.


We’re committed to forming harmonious cooperation with you to achieve a win-win partnership.


Focused on getting the best results, so your brand and customers get the finest used products.

Contemporary Second-hand Clothes Factory

Quality and consistency in production are maintained, thanks to having all the workshops and equipment we need under one factory.

Our Used Clothing Export Footprints

Affordable, Fashionable and Premium Used Clothing Within Reach

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