Kenya Used Clothing Market

Export Used Clothing to Kenya

With a great understanding of Kenya’s used clothing market, Indetexx provides unique advantages and custom clearance assistance services to help with Kenya’s second-hand clothes needs. We have a large volume of customers in Kisumu, Mombasa, and Gikomba, the largest second-hand clothing market in Nairobi of East Africa.



  • Second Hand Bags
  • Second Hand Clothing
  • Second Hand Shoes
  • Used Bags
  • Used Bedding
  • Used Clothing
  • Used Shoes
  • Used Toys
  • Wholesale Mixed Rags
  • Winter Secondhand Clothing

Are You Looking for a Second-hand Clothes Factory with Years of Sales Experience for Kenya Market?

Convenient Logistic Management

To guarantee safe and on-time delivery of your used clothing orders, we partner with some of the well-renowned logistics companies like Maersk, WHL, COSCO, and EMC, among others.

Additionally, we expedite your sourcing experience through our expert logistics and customs clearance assistance.

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Second-hand Factory Visit Guide

We invite you on an on-site visit to our impressive production factory at your convenience. Located 15 minutes away from the Baiyun Guangzhou Airport, we can help offer flight guides and airport transfers so you can witness our production capabilities first-hand.

Your Proactive Team in Kenya

Armed with rich experience in the industry and the local market, our dedicated sales team is ready to provide exceptional assistance for sourcing second-hand clothing.

We guarantee smooth and seamless communication throughout the process and the best deals for your budget.

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Local Presence of Kenya Market

See how Indetexx impacts Kenya’s used clothing market with high-class and affordable second-hand clothing from China.

Affordable, Fashionable and Premium Used Clothing Within Reach

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