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Professional Second Hand Toys Bulk Wholesale

In 2020, the total sales of China’s toy market reached 77.97 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the second-hand toys we recycled also reached a new peak of 500 tons in 2020. We offer a wide variety of second hand toys wholesale, including plushies, dolls, children’s toys, and much more. Our second hand toys come from high-class cities with premium quality. They are packaged and sorted in our certified factory to export all over the world. We also offer a robust customization service such as logo, packaging, and more for second-hand toys wholesale to bolster your brand. Don’t hesitate to partner with us.

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We have been helping and supplying used toys to hundreds of reputable brands across the globe since 2012. Through our strict QC system, mature supply chain, and focus on quality, we can deliver premium second-hand toys wholesale to boost your business. Contact us today!


Cement your brand awareness with various types of logos.


Bale weight can be customized as per your request.

Item List

Second-hand Soft toys and hard toys are available for choosing.


Outer packaging can be customized for bulk used toys.

Cater to Your Customized Bulk Used Dolls Need

We help you achieve brand-building pre-owned toys in bulk through our extensive customization options. Indetexx can offer customized logos, item lists, and packaging as well as various adjustments to provide pre-loved toys in bulk that cater to your audience.

Why Choose Our Wholesale Bulk Used Toys

Indetexx, as one of the largest second hand item sorting factory, provides second hand toys wholesale for customers. Bulk second hand soft toys and used hard toys are available in Indetexx.

Our second-hand soft toys bring happiness to kids around the world. We supply a wide variety of durable used soft toys wholesale, including teddy bears, softballs, plushies, soft design animals, finger puppets, stuffed dolls, etc. 

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Our used toys are sourced from high-class cities in China with superior quality and rarely worn appearance.

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Our used toys are BV and SGS certified to export to various markets. A fumigation certificate can also be provided.

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Wide Product Coverage

We have a variety of used toys such as soft toys and hard toys for your selection.

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The mature supply chain and certified factory allow us to offer used toys at competitive prices.

How Second-hand Toys are Wholesale in Our Factory

At our factory, we inspect, sort, weigh, and package second-hand toys in bulk for export worldwide. Our wholesale used toys and second-hand clothes factory-Indetexx is certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001. We follow an established SOP to ensure our services meet recognized standards and maintain consistent quality.

Raw Material Inspection 2

Raw Material Inspection

Our used toys bulk come from top-class locations, including Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chongqing. We easily access used toys with minimal defects through our recycling platform. These second-hand toys are inspected thoroughly by professional auditors for quality and construction before acceptance.

hand pick second-hand toys

Handpicked Sorting

Our workers have adequate experience in sorting second-hand toys. Hence, we employ professional sorting processes that ensure only quality second-hand toys wholesale are selected. Our pre-owned toys are properly categorized into multiple segments, making it easy for you to find specific products.

Stringent Quality Control 5

Stringent Quality Control

As one of the leading used toys suppliers, we are dedicated to delivering superior second-hand toys that improve your sales and reputation. Our used toys undergo several inspection stages, from sourcing to packaging, ensuring delivery of standard products.

Weighing and Packing 2

Weighing & Packing

Our customized packaging services provide options for your bale weight requirements. 40KG/45KG/50KG/80KG/100KG per bale could be custom for used toys. Your used toys wholesale order is packaged firmly with premium packaging materials that keep your products secure.

Container Loading 1

Container Loading

Your used toys bulk order is properly arranged to maximize space and allow for more used products. While used toys are commonly loaded in sacks with other used products, we also offer full loading services that utilize 100% of the container space: over 28,600kg (640 bales of 45kg) of products in a 40ft container; 13,500kg (300 bales of 45kg) in a 20ft container.

Fumigation Shipping 1

Fumigation & Shipping

Using certified fumigation services, we make sure our wholesale second-hand toys are certified to deliver to your country. When fumigation is done, your order is shipped through our logistics partners and delivered to you within the specified time.

Why Second-hand Toys Wholesale from Indetexx

As a prominent supplier of used clothes in China, we export second-hand toys in bulk from our 2 processing factories to over 60 countries worldwide. Through our excellent sourcing capabilities, strict quality inspection, and standardized workflow, we assure you of reliable, functional, and sustainable second hand toys that meet your market needs.

Established Supply Chain

6 overseas offices across continents, more than 70,000 collecting points in China, and 1500 tons of raw material in stock ensure a steady supply of used toys.


Freight Forwarding Resources

We have a wide-ranging logistics network consisting of trusted freight forwarding companies. Offering lower prices than other suppliers, we also provide an assured allocation during any time of the peak season, and on-time delivery of your wholesale used toys order.

Our Competitive Service

As a top second-hand toys and used clothes supplier with over 10 years of industry experience, we provide customer-oriented services that ensure a win-win partnership. We offer robust customization options, a steady supply from our extensive inventory, low prices, and more categories of used toys wholesale.

Certified Factories

With powerful processing, we process 6,000 tons of materials monthly to create 280,000 kg of used products daily within our ISO 9001 certified factory.


Well-trained Workers

Indetexx factory has more than 400 experienced staff who have been working for more than 6 years in the industry to maintain the quality supply of used toys.


Standardized Quality Control

Each used toy goes through our established quality inspection process about 5 times before the delivery to guarantee the quality.


Used Toys Wholesale Guide

Toys are essential parts of kids’ play time, which is why second-hand toys are always in demand, especially during the holidays. Used soft toys and hard toys present an economical and lasting option to satisfy kids. Wholesale second-hand toys suitable for your business requires you to assess the following points before deciding.

Where Should You Buy Pre-Owned Toys in Bulk?

Supplier or Retailer?

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