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Offering bulk thrift vintage clothes at more affordable costs, our large factories process materials from top-class cities and ship to more than 60 countries. With our vintage selections featuring hot-selling items from different decades, we give you access to a comprehensive range of used vintage clothes that are more widely available than domestic peers. You could wholesale more types of vintage clothing in Indetexx.



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Why Buy Used Vintage Clothing in Bulk from Indetexx

Interior Core

10 Years of Experience

Years of exporting experience has enabled us to bring our used vintage clothing more easily to your premises while also providing you professional advice and support.

Comprehensive Services

To bolster your business, we accommodate your customization needs, weigh, pack and load volumes of our used vintage clothing.

Expert Used Clothing Know-how

Working with many markets for years, our experts know the popular vintage choices your region is looking for and so can offer solutions to ease your hassles.

Exterior Backbone

Stable Product Supply

Taking used vintage clothing from top-grade cities and sources, we have enough in our inventory to meet global demands.

100% Handpicked Sorting

Our sorting workshops help recycle, grade, and deliver used clothing that meets your specific requirements, all hand picked by our experienced staff.

Professional Loading & Packaging

Meeting large volume orders, we excel in loading enough used clothing to reach almost 100% container utilization while retaining an additional 10% capacity.

Wholesale Used Vintage Clothing for Sale

With our ample inventory, we have access to various used vintage clothing to wide markets. Having this consistent supply of unique used vintage clothing from reliable sources, Indetexx expands its over 120 categories to make it easier for you to choose based on your requirements.

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Supply Used Clothing in China

To compliment different styles for various countries, we have a wide collection of used vintage clothes that can draw in wider attention to your brand. We guarantee a steady supply through our abundant inventory, efficient sorting and timely delivery.

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Quality is Our Top Priority

As your reliable source of used vintage clothing, we check our items 5 times before delivery through our dedicated inspection. Following ISO9001 standards, we control the entry of materials and ensure they have superior quality.

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