Used Bags

Stringent Quality Control for preloved bags

Professional Used Bags Supplier

Our wholesale preloved bags consist of second-hand designer bags, second-hand branded bags, and second-hand leather bags that come from top-tier cities in China with premium quality and fashion styles. With 2 sorting lines and 5 tons of daily sorting, our well-trained workers handpick to guarantee the premium used bags tailored to your markets in our certified factory. The efficiency of our staff allows for streamlined order processing that leads to a short lead-time. Meanwhile, a dedicated inspector in each sorting line can guarantee that every used bag leaves our second clothes factory with high quality. Come and reach us for wholesale second hand bags.

Our container load ability : 

Over 24,000KG (650 bales of 38kg) of second-hand bags in a 40ft container

Over 11,000KG (300 bales of 30kg) of preloved bags in a 20ft container

Second Hand Bags Wholesale in Indetexx

As a second hand bags wholesale supplier, Indetexx collects pre-owned designer bags, used handbags, used school bags and other types of bags from first-tier cities. With 70,000+ collection points in China, we ensure a steady supply of bulk used bags during peak periods. 

Cater to Each of Your Customized Need

The complete customization service we offer includes your custom logo, item list, used bag grade, weight, and many more. Indetexx can help you create unique used bags in bulk that can resonate with your target market.


Cement your brand awareness with various types of logos.


38kg /sack or 45kg /sack of bale weight can be customized as per your request.

Item List

Backpacks, crossbody bags, duffle bags, tote bags, and shoulder bags are available for choosing.


Outer packaging can be customized.


Mixed used bags and branded used bags are available for your choosing.

Packing Method

Separate bags with film to prevent friction and damage to the bag. A variety of bag mix and match forms.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

As an experienced used bags exporter, we have been instrumental to the success of reputable brands since 2012. Through our established supply chain, quality control system, and experienced staff, we can bolster your business. Contact us today!

Cater to Your Customized Pre-owned Bags Need

As a trusted preloved bags supplier, the complete customization service we offer includes your custom logo, item list, used bag grade, weight, and many more. Indetexx can supply unique used bags in bulk that can resonate with your target market.


Cement your brand awareness with various types of packaging logos for your pre-owned designer bags wholesale.


38kg /sack or 45kg /sack of bale weight for preloved bags can be customized as per your request.

Item List

Second-hand backpacks, crossbody bags, duffle bags, tote bags, and shoulder bags are available for choosing.


Outer packaging can be customized like transparent or colored outer packaging.


Mixed used bags and branded used bags are available for your choosing.

Packing Method

Separate bags with film to prevent friction and damage to the bag. A variety of used bags mix and match forms.

How Second Hand Bags are Wholesale
from Our Factory

Indetexx is a certified used bags supplier with 400 well-trained workers and 2 processing factories. Our professional sorting staff guarantees a selection of second-hand bags of premium quality and modern styles, including pre-owned designer bags, used school bags, and used leather bags.

Raw Material Inspection 1

Raw Materials Inspection

All incoming preloved bags for wholesale undergo a rigorous inspection by skilled auditors to confirm quality. We follow strict guidelines in collecting second-hand bags to ensure consistent quality grades across our products.

HandPicked Sorting 2

Handpicked Sorting

Backed by over 10 years of experience, our professional sorting staff quickly and accurately sort preloved bags into multiple styles. Using our 2 used bags sorting lines, we, as a profeesional preloved bags supplier implement a standard sorting process that allows the selection of the best pre owned designer bags wholesale.

Stringent Quality Control for preloved bags

Stringent Quality Control

From collecting to packaging, our second-hand bags go through 5 inspection stages before the products are shipped. By incorporating strict quality standards in our processes, we ensure all grades of used bags possess their essential features.

Weighing Packing 1

Weighing & Packing

Secondhand bags wholesale orders are weighed precisely to your specifications. Our bale weight options of 38kg/sack or 45kg/sack can be customized to your requirements, ensuring all your market needs are met.

Container Loading 1

Container Loading

During loading, second hand bags are separated with a thin film to avoid sticking in the container. While utilizing 100% capacity for your preloved bags wholesale order, more than 24,000KG of used bags could be loaded in a 40'ft container (650 bales of 38kg).

Fumigation Shipping

Fumigation & Shipping

We offer fumigation services for used branded bags wholesale that prevent insects and bacteria during transit. With fumigation certificate, your order will be shipped to the target market without worries and reaches you within a short period.

We Guarantee You Reassuring Purchasing

Excellent Raw Materials

We collect used bags from first-tier cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Wuhan to ensure quality.

Robust Customization

Several complete customization options are available such as customized logo, item list, and more.

Stringent Quality Control

We inspect and check our used bags five times before delivery to ensure each of our used bags is of high quality.

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Why Choose Our Wholesale Pre-owned Designer Bags

Our common used bags and pre-owned designer bags wholesale have several marketable qualities to accomplish your business goals.

  • Superior

    A number of pre-owned designer bags from high-class cities in China are packaged in our factory to guarantee quality.

  • Fashionable

    We offer fashionable used bags and pre-owned designer bags that address various market demands.

  • Wide Product Coverage

    We have a range of used bags ranging from purses, backpacks, tote bags, and more for your choosing.

  • Affordable

    The established supply chain and robust factory allow us to offer our pre-owned designer bagswholesale at competitive prices.

Why Choose Our Wholesale Used Clothing

From our years of experience, we follow strict quality control standards to ensure you net a higher profit from our affordable used clothing.

Take Indetexx As Your Second-hand Bags Supplier

As a renowned used bags and second-hand clothes supplier, we are committed to bringing accessible, sustainable, and diversified second hand bags to you at affordable prices. With over a decade experience of sourcing and supplying qualified second-hand products, we have mastered the process of delivering goods that meet your requirements.

Established Supply Chain

We, a supplier of second hand bags, have 70,000+ collection points in China, and 1500 tons of raw materials in stock, ensuring a steady supply of second-hand bags wholesale during peak periods. No need to worry about the delivery period of your used bags order.

Freight Forwarding Resources

We partner with first-class freight forwarding companies to offer safe and on-time shipping services at competitive prices. Working with us guarantees you an allocation, even during busy seasons. Our logistics team constantly tracks your preloved bags wholesale order to give you real-time information.

Competitive Service

Our capabilities and competent services make us the best option for various pre-owned designer bags solutions. We meet your demands by offering premium quality, wide product coverage, competitive prices, well-fitting products, easy customization, and a stable supply from our used shoes and second-hand clothes factory.

Standardized Quality Control

We conduct our quality inspections five times on our used bags with our established QC system before shipping out your second hand bags wholesale orders.


Certified Factories

Our ISO 9001 certified factory can process 6,000 tons of pre-ownedbags monthly and supplies 280,000 kg of products daily to ensure a sufficient supply.

Well-trained Workers

Indetexx factory has 400 seasoned workers with more than 6 years of experience, ensuring efficient and organized sorting & packaging of your used bags.

Used Purse & Pre-owned Designer Bags Wholesale Guide

Where to Wholesale Second Hand Bags

Second-hand bags and purses provide sustainable options at economical prices, which is why these products have gained popularity over the years. Pre-owned designer bags wholesale are projected to make more impact as consumers purchase more of them, and the number of retail stores for used bags is increasing.

Supplier or Retailer?

When compared to retailers, preloved bags supplier offers many advantages. Here are some benefits of buying second hand bags wholesale from suppliers.


Used bag suppliers have more variety of products in stock. They directly source these products; hence they are the first to have the latest designs and brands. Whereas, retailers are supplied from the factory and have limited variety.


When buying second-hand clothes in bulk or second-hand bags from a supplier, you can check their certifications and testing procedures to confirm product quality. But retailers do not have product certifications and cannot guarantee quality.


The different customization services provided by used bag suppliers include logo, weight, grade, packaging, item list, and packing method. Retail stores only offer what they have, with no customization services.


Most bag types and brands are always available in used bag suppliers' inventory as they rarely run out of stock. Retailers depend on the suppliers' stock, and you must wait long periods for out-of-stock products.

Second hand bags wholesale from suppliers allows you to work with experts that guide you in used bags selection and customization. They also offer various solutions to other products, such as used jeans, used dresses, and second-hand shoes.

Online or Offline?

If you want to wholesale preloved bags, order online is better than offline. Reasons you should order online are:

Better Access

You have access to more pre-owned bags when order online. Used bags are easily compared to find the best mixed second-hand bags that fit your market.


When you order online, you avoid the hassles of going to the local market. Wholesale orders of used bags can be made from the comfort of your home or office.


Used bag suppliers always have representatives who are always available to respond to your requests and inquiries. Experts from the factory also help you select the best used mixed bags for your market.


Second-hand bag suppliers provide a catalog of their products, which is available online and easily accessed. The catalog gives you a comprehensive view of the supplier’s products.


Used bag suppliers have an established supply chain that assures a steady product supply. Bulk orders of used shoes are supplied after customization or directly from the inventory.

Other products

Shopping online gives you easy access to other used products such as used clothes, mixed rags, and used maternity clothing

Things To Consider When Buying Wholesale Second-hand Designer Bags

When wholesale used designer and used leather bags from suppliers, some factors must be considered to select the best products. Some of these factors are:

Product Weight and Quantity

Make sure you confirm the weight and quantity of your used bags order. Different suppliers use different bale weights; hence double-check if the weight per sack offered by the supplier meets your requirements.

Product Quality

You can check the quality of used bags offered by the supplier by inspecting their production process and checking how they source their products. You can also request factory certificates and operating procedures of the supplier.