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Premium Used Leather Jackets Wholesale

Embodying our innovative spirit, our selection of fashionable, sleek second hand leather jackets fits both men’s and women’s preferences. As we cover numerous categories of preloved leather jackets, we have an abundant supply from our collecting points to provide for your brands while customizing your orders to suit your requirements. Bulks of high-end used leather jackets are for sale in Indetexx.



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Why Buy Used Leather Jackets from Indetexx

Interior Core

10 Years of Experience

We understand what you need to distribute your used leather jackets, reducing your workload to help you focus on your business.

Comprehensive Services

We offer logo and product customization, along with sorting and packaging services for your convenience.

Expert Used Clothing Know-how

Analyzing your market’s needs prepares us to produce solutions following your requirements to intensify your region’s interest in your brand’s offers.

Exterior Backbone

Stable Product Supply

Taking used leather jackets from leading thrift stores, charities and more allows us to store enough to take many orders at different volumes.

100% Handpicked Sorting

With our team’s expertise in used clothing, we recycle and categorize second hand leather jackets to fit your specifications.

Professional Loading & Packaging

Filling up the container and leaving 10% more room, our loading experts can deliver as much as required within shorter lead times.

Used Leather Jackets Wholesale

Having many leather jackets for men, women and other applications gives you an abundance of choices and selections that can suit your region’s tastes. Offering used leather jackets in bulk lowers your costs while filling your stock to meet market demand at any time.

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Specialized Used Clothing Distributors

Over 2 factories cover an area of almost 20,000 square meters. Each month we can recycle 6,000 tons of raw materials through our 38 flow lines. Because of our efficient sorting and loading, we can distribute our used jackets to over 60 countries, such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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Various Types of Used Leather Jackets

With 6 years of experience, our workers recycle, sort, and categorize a wide range of used leather jackets. To meet demands from various regions, we provide used leather motorcycle jackets, leather flying jackets, men’s and women’s leather jackets that can be sorted and packed to suit your requirements.

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