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UK Bales Price Used Clothing Bales Export to West Africa

Indetexx is your leading provider of fashionable used clothing that is in demand within your region, applying updated product lists and on-trend market research at every turn. With years in the West African market, we adjust our sorting process to ship the right selections to Senegal, Guinea, Liberia, Togo, Benin, and more. Solid supply chain system and standardized processing processes can help us maintain premium second-hand clothes and products. Don’t hesitate to boost your wholesale used clothing business with us.



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USA & UK Bales of Clothes Export to West Africa

Indetexx has established itself as a reliable exporter of UK and American second-hand clothing bales to West Africa. Our long-term partnerships with businesses in the West African market enable us to know and supply the best-selling items to each region, including Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, Liberia, Togo, Benin, and more.


As one of the leading exporters of bale clothing to West Africa, we maintain stringent quality control measures and a standardized processing system, ensuring we supply only high-quality and affordable original second-hand clothes to our expanding West Africa clients.

Bale clothing in West Africa

Less Freight Rate

We partner with first-level freight forwarder companies that guarantee competitive shipping rates than others. And your orders will meet your deadlines thanks to our 27-43 day shipping time.

Local Office in West Africa

From our offices in Lagos and Aba, Nigeria, we quickly meet the UK-used clothing bales needs of the West African local market and solve problems.

Served Countries in West Africa

From brightly colored clothes to dark jeans, we have supplied second-hand clothes in bulk to the West African countries, including Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and many more.

First Grade UK Bales of Used Clothes at Wholesale Prices

Indetexx is the best place to buy second-hand clothes in bales as we supply an assortment of first-grade UK second-hand clothes, such as used jeans, used maternity clothing, second-hand leather jackets, and much more. With our product knowledge and market analysis, we as a UK second-hand clothes supplier can provide excellent quality, precise bale, and larger container capacity.


By offering premium UK original used clothing and professionally sorted second-hand clothes at competitive wholesale prices, we give your brand more recognition while boosting your used clothing business.

High Quality

We supply UK second-hand clothes, hence, our used fashion items, luxury clothing, and high-street brands have superior quality.

Steady UK Used Clothes Supply Chain

We have an established supply chain of several collection points, which guarantees a steady influx of UK bales of clothes and an extensive inventory.

Second-hand Clothes Wholesale Prices

Due to the ease of collection and stable supply, we can access a wide range of UK bale clothes. This allows us to offer you the best prices for second hand clothes UK export.

Buy Original Second-Hand Clothes and Textiles
Export To West Africa

We ensure that our wide range of products, such as bales of thrifted clothes, textiles, used bags, and second-hand shoes in bales are supplied and made available for repurpose in different parts of the world, including West Africa.

Second-hand Clothes

We supply various second-hand clothes such as men's used clothing, women's used clothing, and second-hand children's clothes, among others to West Africa.

Cheap Used Shoes Wholesale

Our different grades of used shoe bales are affordable and contain many brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Yeezy. Get cheap used shoes wholesale in Indetexx.

Mixed Rags

Our bulk mixed rags are repurposed in different industries. Bales of cotton rags are available. They are used as wiping rags in automotive and heavy industry.

Used Bags

At Indetexx, we export UK used stylish designer bags, pre-owned branded bags, and leather bags with premium quality.

Used Toys Wholesale

We provide bulk second-hand plushies, dolls, and other children’s toys wholesale. We also offer packaging customization services for wholesale used toys.

Used Clothes in Bales for Export to West Africa

We organize your orders carefully with the support of logistics experts, who ensure we have the most affordable shipping solutions. Maximizing space for 20-40ft containers can guarantee that every item is stored safely while also ensuring your order is delivered on time and with no hassles on your end.

40 ft Container(FCL)

Used Clothing
Total Weight28,575kg24,480kg25,740kg
Used Bags
Total Weight28,000kg
Used Shoes
Total Weight2,5125kg

20 ft Container(FCL)

Used Clothing
Total Weight13,500kg11,900kg12,150kg
Used Bags
Total Weight13,500kg
Used Shoes
Total Weight12,000kg

UK Bale Used Clothes Handpicked Sorting System

Indetexx offers unsorted used clothing wholesale and sorted second-hand clothes. While unsorted used clothes remain in their original collection bags without sorting, sorted second-hand bales UK are professionally handpicked and categorized into different grades and sizes by well-trained staff.


By sorting used clothes and products into 120 categories, we cater to specific markets and easily meet customers’ requirements. Our experienced workers can go through over 6,000 tons of recycling products monthly, separating them into proper categories and enabling you to quickly find what you need.

Premium Raw Material Inspection

All UK bale used clothes are sourced from top-tier areas. These materials are thoroughly inspected upon unloading by expert auditors to ensure they meet our quality standards.

100% Full Inspection(after material inspection)

To guarantee consistent high quality, our second-hand clothes for wholesale go through five inspection stages, from inspection of materials to inspection before packaging. Only products that pass a 98% qualification rate are supplied.

Handpicking and Sorting

Indetexx workers have over 10 years of experience in the used products industry. We sort used clothes manually by handpicking, allowing us to select UK bale used clothes accurately by their grade and size, among others.

Precise Cost Control

Customized Options for UK Bales of Clothes
to West Africa

Weight Options of Used Bales

Each bale supplied to the West African market typically contains 40 to 90 kg of UK-used clothes. However, we can customize the bale weight and quantity to meet your market needs.

Used Clothes Items

As a versatile used clothes exporter, we offer various used items, including used bags, shoes, and toys. Your item list can contain as many second-hand products you want.

Grade of UK Used Bale Clothing

Our UK bale clothes are categorized into 2 quality grades. While you can order a specific grade of used products, you can also customize your order to contain a mix of both.

Exterior Packaging Options

Each bale supplied to the West African market typically contains 40 to 90 kg of UK-used clothes. However, we can customize the bale weight and quantity to meet your market needs.

Indetexx Used Clothes in Bales for Export is Cost-effective

Our partnership with reputable recycling and collection centers ensures that we obtain materials effortlessly and offer the most cost-effective USA and UK second hand bales. We also collaborate with logistics experts to provide affordable shipping solutions to West Africa.

Bales Price Used Clothing Bales from the UK

We supply UK-used clothes at competitive bales prices.

10% Larger Bale Clothing Loaded Ability

we load more used clothes than other suppliers in containers. Over 13,500KG (300 bales of 45kg) in a 20ft container.

Less Shipping Freight Rates

Since larger loading bales and cooperation with first-level logistics partners, we guarantee low shipping prices and timely delivery to West Africa.

Hand Sorting Clothing Bale System

All our second-hand clothes for wholesale are hand-sorted, we accurately categorize bale clothing into different grades and sizes.

Grade A Second-hand Clothes for Wholesale

Our grade A used clothing has the best quality with zero defects.

Real-time View of the Factory

This allows you to inspect our operations and second-hand clothes without being at the factory, saving you time and money.

How Second-hand Clothes for Wholesale Export to West Africa is Handled in Indetexx