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Indetexx is a leading used clothing exporter in China. Our bulk second hand clothing includes second hand jeans, used bags, toys, used shoes, mixed rags, among others. As a professional wholesale second hand clothing supplier, our teams understand the needs and preferences of various countries regarding bulk second hand clothing with over ten years of experience.

In addition to our capacity to recycle nearly 6,000 tons of bulk used clothing per month, our used clothes factory and second hand clothing bulk are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certified. The grade and quality of our 2nd hand clothes wholesale could be guaranteed.

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Bulk Second Hand Clothing at Indetexx

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At Indetexx, we have a wide range of bulk second hand clothing, because we are one of wholesale second hand clothing supplier in China. Our team is well trained to efficiently sort our second-hand clothing bulk into different categories. This sorting process makes it easier for you to buy second-hand clothes in bulk for customers.

Buy Second-Hand Clothes in Bulk Because:

Full Custom Second Hand Clothes For Sale in Bulk

As an experienced wholesale second-hand clothing supplier, your 2nd hand clothes wholesale orders can be customized, making your second hand clothes in bulk unique on the global market. This is done with your packaging logo, item list, weight&bales, and other information provided. At Indetexx, if you are interested in buying second-hand clothes in bulk, we provide full customization services for second-hand clothes for sale in bulk to meet your exact requirements.


Our customisation options for second hand clothes in bulk include:

bulk sale

Our expert teams can advise you on custom options for 

second hand clothes for sale in bulk.

Bulk Second-Hand Clothing Buying Guide

There is significant growth in the used clothing industry due to a higher preference for secondhand clothes over disposable ones. This transition has been the reason for the increased number of online wholesale shops where consumers buy second hand clothes in bulk.

This guide will assist you in locating the best secondhand clothes for sale by identifying where to buy them, factors to consider when purchasing, and how to place an order.

Where to Buy Second Hand Clothes in Bulk

Factory or Retailer?

As the prominence of the used clothing wholesale industry has grown, so has the number of retailers selling various used clothing. Generally, our team of experts advises against purchasing used clothes from retailers, you‘d better choose a wholesale second-hand clothing supplier.


The following factors explain why you should buy second-hand clothes in bulk from factories.


Variety: Used clothes factories offer a different combination of 2nd hand clothes. Retailers have fewer varieties as their supplies are gotten from the factories. Second-hand clothes factories are also at the top of the chain, providing fashion used clothes to accommodate preferences for European, American, Japanese Korean, and other styles.


Quality: With the availability of trained experts' strict and delicate processes, quality used clothes in bulk are collected in factories. They conform to the industry standard compared to products from retail shops that do not undergo a quality check or comply with any quality standard. Professional suppliers of wholesale secondhand clothes acquire premium quality used clothing from first-tier cities to maintain consistent quality.


While wholesale second-hand clothing supplier can offer a customization option, retailers cannot. Following your specifications to the letter, 2nd hand clothes wholesale supplier meet your custom requirements like bales & weight, and outer packaging logo no matter how demanding.


It is much easier to locate your products with a factory because of their stable inventory, which accounts for the continuous supply of secondhand clothes for sale. But you will have to wait longer with retailers before you get your bulk second hand clothing as they rely on factories for supply.

So where to buy second-hand clothes in bulk?Partnering with Indetexx allows you to work alongside well-trained personnel who provide professional customization guidance for second-hand clothes for sale in bulk, making it much easier to place an order for other products, such as used jeans clothing.. We consistently acquire 1500 tons of used clothes for sale from more than 70,000 collecting points in China and contain over 6 overseas offices in Africa. Indetexx gives you the most competitive prices of second-hand clothes for sale in bulk.

Online or Offline?

One of the benefits of purchasing online is that it facilitates direct communication with the trained professionals conducting the production processes. However, some other reasons why you should buy bulk used clothing wholesale online include:

Better Access

Clients have the opportunity to cross-check and compare all the bulk used clothing the factory offers via their website. This helps in making an informed decision.


With shopping online, clients can now buy second-hand clothes in bulk with ease. Real-time factory viewing online can reduce your time and cost.


Factories offer excellent customer service, developing a valuable relationship with buyers. Also, the pre-sales and after-sales services serve as an added advantage for full service.


Factories have a wide range of used clothing on their website, along with other information that will assist you in making the best product selection.


Clients have access to the factory inventory of used clothes, whereas with retail shops, there are a limited number of products in stock. Bulk second hand clothes orders are quickly delivered from the factory’s inventory whenever clients request them.


Other types of used clothing, like used shoes, used leather jackets, and used jeans, can also be ordered.

Things To Consider When Buying Second-Hand Clothes in Bulk

The following factors should be considered when buying second-hand clothes in bulk:

Product Weight and Quantity

Make sure you cross-check the bales of clothing you are ordering. Indetexx also ensures that your specifications are met before delivering your products.

Product Quality

You must also confirm the Grade of the used clothes. It ensures you receive the same quality as the second-hand clothing in bulk you ordered. Also, it is necessary to confirm whether the factory is certified and recognized by quality institutions.

Turnaround Time

Indetexx partners with various freight forward companies to ensure competitive shipping prices. We can negotiate rates that are more economical than what other companies can, ensures your bulk orders of used clothing and products are shipped on time even during peak seasons.

Supplementary Cost

Various products such as used bags, shoes, toys, and jeans from the same factory make it much easier to deliver than purchasing from different factories. This also ensures consistency in quality across the used items.

How to Make Wholesale Second-Clothes Order on Indetexx

At Indetexx, we make your bulk order swift and easy. Our quick, four-step purchasing process makes your wholesale used clothing order stress-free.

Step 1: Make A Query

Each used children’s clothing page contains the essential information you require before you can make a purchase. On this page, you find the description, price range, customizable item list, raw material, weight, and payment options, among other information. After selecting a product, you fill out the query form on the page to inform us of your requirements.


You can fill in as many queries as you want. Our representative will reply to all of them in no time. If you have any other questions or need expert guidance, you can fill out a query form on our contact page, and we will reach out to you quickly.


Step 2: Talk To Us

Within 24 hours, our representative will contact you to discuss your bulk order of used children’s clothes. After telling us of your used clothing needs, which include your item list, weight, quantity, and any customization requests, our experts discuss your selection with you, ensuring you get products suitable for your brand. When you are sure of your item list, we will send you a price quote based on your selection.


Step 3: Confirm Your Order

After choosing your preferred products, your order is then confirmed at Indetexx. We will send you an email containing your order details, including your product specifications, the delivery timeframe, and payment information.


Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Expect Your Order

Our team will have the rest handled after your order is confirmed. The production team will start work on your bulk used clothing order.


After packaging, your order is then shipped through our freight forwarding partners.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Duration for my order processing and delivery?

The time taken to process orders depends on the number of used clothes you have placed an order for. Customized used clothing takes more time because of the added requirements.


Our used clothes are delivered through our freight forwarder partners. Before shipping your bulk order, Indetexx provides regular logistics tracking of your used clothes and other products. Our professional shipping team can provide real-time feedback on shipping information to inform you that your order has arrived safely at its destination.

2. Is there a minimum quantity of used clothing for wholesale orders?

Yes, the minimum of 40ft is the quantity required before it would be considered a wholesale order.

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