Standardized Processing


We have over 70,000 collecting points located in China’s top cities, thanks to our solid supply chain system. We can also recycle around 6,000 tons of used clothing per month, ensuring we have ample supply to meet your demands.

Used Clothing Recycling


To accurately control product quality and consistency, our team manually checks and sorts each piece of clothing. With their experience and a keen eye for detail, we can recycle, sort, and categorize the used clothing into 120 distinct categories.


Our factories follow a strict quality control system, securing an ISO:9001 certification to cement our consistency.

To guarantee that our used clothing and products pass BV and SGS standards, we conduct 5 levels of inspection from start to finish.

5 levels of inspection
firm and dedicated packaging


Regular calibration of our scales ensures that the product’s packing weight is accurate at all times. This allows us to pack your used clothing, shoes, and other products into the required weight ranging from 40kg to 100 kg.





Our workers excel at loading and packaging your orders using our standard transparent packaging with almost 100% utilized containers.

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quality control

Inspecting & Certificating

In order to ensure the compliant, premium and safe quality of products for export, we will carry out commodity inspection after loading and provide relevant quality certificates after shipment.

We will also cooperate with you to do corresponding inspections and provide relevant certificates according to your exporting country.

Fumigation Certificate SGS

Health Certificate BSC

PVOC Certificate ITS

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