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Count on Indetexx to Boost Your Used Clothes Business

Since 2012 till now, Indetexx China used clothes company has been focused on customizing and supplying reliable used clothing. With a well-established manufacturing process and 400+ professional workers, we guarantee the supply of quality second-hand bale clothing that propel your business success.

As a leading second hand clothes supplier worldwide, we establish a strong relationship with our second hand clothing dealers, supporting them with trendy and profound market insights.

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Why Become an Indetexx Used Clothes Distributor/Dealer

At Indetexx, we work hand-in-hand with our used clothes dealers to ensure that their business blossoms. With us, you will enjoy premium benefits that will help you serve your customers better, promote your brand, and increase your profitability rate.


We don’t just build a solid partnership with you, but offer you numerous services, such as:

High Profitability

We collect and recycle used clothes in bulk, allowing us to incur less manufacturing expenses, and offer you reduced prices. Enjoying competitive profits amongst other used clothing distributors, you would be able to buy second hand clothes in bulk while spending less money.

With Indetexx, you can build a high-profitable business without expensive inventory, freight cost, and overhead.

Steady Supply of Quality Used Clothes

Having an established supply chain, we begin our quality assurance process from the incoming raw materials. With more than 70,000 collection points, strict sorting and manufacturing process, we guarantee a steady supply of quality used clothes.

Indetexx provides reliable second hand clothing that will give you a competitive edge on the market.

Wide Range of Selection

As a preloved clothes agency, you will enjoy partnering with us as we have over 120 categories of used clothing. There are several options to choose from, allowing you to capture more market share by offering various customized used clothes. Unsorted used clothing wholesale or sorted bale clothes both are available in Indetexx. Amongst the numerous second-hand clothing we offer are jeans, dresses, jackets, second hand sneakers bales, mixed rags bulk, etc.

Marketing and Sales Support

Our worldwide footprint spans across 60 countries, making us have strong knowledge and trending updates on every market needs of used clothing. We have a seamless order process that ensures that you receive your order on time and meet the needs of your customers.

To help you boost the success of your business, we provide you with all the support you need, including marketing and sales tips.

How to Become Our Used Clothing Distributors

Becoming one of our used clothes distributors is very easy. All you have to do is fill the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible to kickstart partnership.

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