Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Mozambique

        According to the data, China is the main source country. Affordable prices, a variety of styles, and good quality are the main reasons that attract Mozambique to import Chinese clothes. Indetexx is a company that specializes in wholesale of second-hand clothes, shoes, and bags. We have 10 years of experience in exporting used clothes and are a top supplier in China. Indetexx serves its customers with a model of price and quality as the main focus and service as a supplement. a sales team with more than 4 years of experience, a strict sorting team, and overseas warehouses in many countries. They are worth your trust!



Used Clothing Market in Mozambique

          The second hand clothes market in Mozambique is flooded with second hand clothes from China, India, USA and other countries. There are many second hand clothes markets in Mozambique. As shown below.

1.Maputo market
2.Kilimani market
3.Beira market
4.Xipamanine market
5.Cabo Delgado market
6.Zambezia market
7.Sofala market
8.Manica market
9.Inhambane market
10.Gaza Market

Mozambique used clothes import data —

Mozambique, The fastest growing market for used clothing imports

Pakistan ( $23.5 M)

China ($21 M)
United Arab Emirates($6.44 M
India($2.58 M
France($1.53 M

           Indetexx is a globally oriented trading company and we track shipping times in real-time to provide our customers with optimal solutions and reduce time consumption.
          The approximate time spent from China to Southeast Asia is 7-10 days.

Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Mozambique

About Us

         Indetexx is one of the tops used bulk clothing suppliers in Africa. The aim of Indetexx is to serve their customers and deliver top-quality products to them. Indetexx specializes in used clothes, shoes, and bags.
         Indetexx is a well-known wholesaler of second-hand goods with a 10,000 square meter production facility that supplies second-hand goods to customers worldwide for many years.

     Since our establishment, we have exported second-hand clothing to over 60 countries or regions, including Mozambique.

      All products are inspected five times and have the international certification and fumigation certificates required for export.

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          ✨✨Indetexx , a used clothing bales supplier with 10 years of experience.
Established in 2012, Indetexx is a professional used clothing exporter specializing in exporting used clothes to Africa.We have more than 10 years’ experience of used summer clothes, used winter clothes, used shoes, used bags.

Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Mozambique

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