Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Zimbabwe

           In Zimbabwe, the second-hand clothing industry is doing well in this country as one of the main industries. As a top second-hand clothing wholesaler and with almost a decade of experience in second-hand clothing, follow us to take a look at the second-hand clothing industry in Zimbabwe.

        Used Clothing Market in Zimbabwe

         The second-hand clothing market in Zimbabwe is concentrated in its two main cities, Harare and Bulawayo.

         Harare, formerly known as “Salisbury”, is the capital and largest city of Zimbabwe.

         In 2019, Zimbabwe imported $748k in Used Clothing, becoming the 148th largest importer of Used Clothing in the world. At the same year, Used Clothing was the 429th most imported product in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe imports Used Clothing primarily from: United States ($321k), South Africa ($215k), Netherlands ($54.5k), United Kingdom ($28.3k), and Zambia ($24.9k).

        The fastest growing import markets in Used Clothing for Zimbabwe between 2018 and 2019 were United States ($127k), South Africa ($72.8k), and Netherlands ($32.2k).

Zimbabwe used clothes import data —Zimbabwe, The fastest growing market for used clothing imports

South Africa ( $300 k)
Germany ($290 k)
Poland ($214 k)
France ($144 k)
Canada ($32.1 k)

        We have long-standing relationships with many shipping companies who can provide you with professional shipping services. And our freight rates are competitive and reaching your ports of Cotonou,Parakou and Porto novo will be safe and convenient.

Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Zimbabwe

About Us

        We are a top used clothes, shoes, and bags supplier business, and our mission is to provide our clients with a high quality, consistent and large selection of used clothing at affordable prices. Also, as one of the largest suppliers of second-hand clothing in Namibia, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

     Since our establishment, we have exported second-hand clothing to over 60 countries or regions, including Zimbabwe.

      All products are inspected five times and have the international certification and fumigation certificates required for export.

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Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Zimbabwe

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