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Choose from 120 categories of used clothing such as women’s used clothing, men’s used clothing, children’s used clothing, and many more. You will also settle your item list from our downloadable item lists.

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Women's Used Clothing
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Settle Your Detailed Bale Weight

Having 8 years of experience in the used clothing industry and serving more than 60 countries allow us to adjust the weight and bales of your orders. We can customize the weight and quantity of a single bale to meet your specification.

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Weight & Bales

40ft Container

45KG×635 bales

85KG×288 bales

90KG×286 bales

20ft Container

45KG×300 bales

85KG×140 bales

90KG×135 bales

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Used Clothing

West Africa & Middle East:

80 kg – 100 kg/bale.

East Africa:

40kg – 50kg/bale.

American & Southeast Asian:

45-350 kg/bale.

Used Shoes

25kg or 20kg/Sack

Used Bags

38kg or 45kg/Sack

Various Ways to Make Your Brand Stand out

The packaging options we offer allow you to create a powerful branding for your used clothes.

Packing Method

We can pack your used clothing and used products in different ways such as folding and binding.


The outer packaging can be customized. You can select the outer packaging material such as transparent or colored bags.


The logo can be customized as per request. You can add a customized logo onto the packaging to bolster your brand.

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Indetexx can quickly and easily provide a quote on our used clothing and various used products. Simply provide us with your specific item orders as well as their weight and quantity.

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