Project Progress Updating

Through our streamlined process, we can complete the loading of your orders within one week. During the process, we can update you on the progress of our processing. You can see how we sort and pack your used clothing, conduct regular inspections, and prepare the items for shipment from our updates.

First Bag Confirmation

First Bale Confirmation

The first bale is packed with the required packaging. We will provide you with feedback to make sure it meets your requirements.

prcessing update

Processing Updating

As we process your request for second-hand clothing, we continue to provide progress reports to keep you in the loop.

Loading Data Confirmation

Loading Data Confirmation

Once we confirm that the loading information that we have is accurate, we move on to the loading process.

used clothing loading

Loading Confirmation

We provide you with photos or videos of the order after completing the loading to ensure the correct capacity of the container.

Logistics Updating

Logistics Updating

After the departure of our goods, you’ll receive constant reports regarding the shipment to ensure on-time delivery.

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Bill of Lading Providing

We’ll also provide you with a bill of lading after shipment so that you can pick up your goods upon arrival.

Regular Quality Inspection

Inspections on the used clothing and other products are conducted regularly within our certified factory. These inspections ensure your orders surpass your expectations in terms of condition and quality.

used bags handpicking

Affordable, Fashionable and Premium Used Clothing Within Reach

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Get In Touch with us