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Second-hand Branded Sneakers Bales In Indetexx

As a leading supplier of branded second-hand shoes, Indetexx caters to your used sneakers wholesale needs. With an established sourcing network of 70,000 collecting points, we have a wide variety of high-quality second-hand sneakers, including used Nike shoes wholesale and used athletic shoes wholesale. 

We offer the best deal for packing and loading your order. Our customizable bale weight enables you to meet your market requirements, and the second-hand sneakers bales are packed to use over 90% of the container capacity.

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Hot Selling Used Branded Shoes Wholesale

Used International Brand Shoes

Men Used International Brand Shoes

Used Brand Sneakers

Used Branded Sneakers

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Women Used International Brand Shoes

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Kid Used Branded Shoes

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Used Brand Basketball Shoes

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Different Second-hand Branded Shoes Wholesale

Used Branded Shoes

Our second-hand branded shoes wholesale comprises many famous brand names, including Adidas, Nike, Jordan, and Skechers, etc. Using professional sorting skills, our experienced staff ensures that your second-hand sneakers bales contain men, women, and children’s used sneakers in different trendy styles, colors, and sizes.

We supply bulk branded used sneakers that are trendy, fashionable, and of excellent quality. By careful inspection during all stages of the production process, we ensure all used sneakers are in great shape and in good wearable condition.

Options For Our Second-hand Sneakers Wholesale

As one of the leading second-hand shoe suppliers and unsorted clothes wholesalers, we provide a wide range of customization second-hand branded shoes options for clients. Our fully customized options boost your business’ uniqueness, allow easy recognition, and increase brand awareness. Here are the various customization options we offer:

Exterior Packaging Option

Our bale clothes are processed by inserting them into a baling press with 2 tarpaulins, making them water-proof and wear-resistant. You can customize your logo and the color of the waterproof plastic film on the bale exterior.

Weight Options of Used Sneaker Bales

We pack second-hand sneakers wholesale in 20 to 25 kg per sack of bale weight, which can be customized to meet your market needs.

Proportion of Second-hand Sneakers Bales

Custom the proportion of second-hand branded shoes bales could make you more competitive in the market. Feel free to conatct for more details.

Grade of Used Branded Sports Shoes

Our second-hand sneaker bales come in different grades: Grade A and B. While grade A offers the best quality with many reputable brand names, grade B offers sneakers of suitable wearing condition with minimal defects.

How Second-hand Shoes Wholesale Is
Handled In Indetexx

We work with over 400 well-trained workers in our two certified factories. With a combined area of 20,000 sqm and 38 production lines, our facilities enable us to recycle, sort and process second-hand branded shoes to meet clients’ demands and deliver quickly.

used shoes bales Inspection

Raw Materials Inspection

Our professional auditors conduct checks upon material unloading to ensure all used branded shoes meet our standard of quality and construction. We make sure 90% of used sneakers are almost new and in good wearable condition.

Handpicked Sorting used sports shoes

Handpicked Sorting

Our staff has over 10 years of sorting experience, allowing them to quickly and accurately sort through 6,000 tons of recycling sports shoes per month. We understand the demands of different countries, and find the right shoes items for your business.

Stringent Quality Control 4

Stringent Quality Control

We follow an established control process that ensures quality is integrated into our production. Our second-hand Nike shoes wholesale undergo several inspection stages, from material unloading to product shipping, ensuring all products have impeccable quality.

Weighing and Packing 1

Weighing and Packing

Second-hand sneakers bales are precisely measured using our well-calibrated scales. While we pack used sneakers into 20 to 25kg sacks, our bale weight is customizable to meet your requirements. We offer outer packaging customization options, including logo and color.

Container Loading 2

Container Loading

As a top used shoes and used clothing exporter, we ensure we can utilize all the container space for your order, including an additional 10% space to contain more products. We pack over 28,600 kg of bulk used shoes into a 40 ft container.

Fumigation Shipping

Fumigation & Shipping

Using certified fumigation services, we fumigate the container to ensure your load is pest, bacteria, and rodent-free. Your used branded shoes order is shipped immediately after fumigation and delivered to you quickly.

Our Advantages For Second-hand Original Sneakers Bales

Indetexx is a renowned supplier of cheap second-hand sneakers, including wholesale used brand-name shoes and used tennis shoes wholesale. We provide various pre-sale and after-sale services that ensure you purchase suitable products for your brand at affordable prices.


Here are some advantages of choosing Indetexx for second-hand sneakers bales:

used shoes factory sorting line

Less shipping freight rates

Large bales container loading ability

Affordable bales prices for second-hand branded shoes

Grade A and B bales for bulk used sneakers

Hand-sorting shoe bales system

Real-time view of the factory

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