Quality Wholesale Used Clothes and Shoes

Used/Second-Hand Clothing Shoes Bags Wholesale Suppliers in China

Indetexx has been in the used clothing and shoes industry for over 10 years and has built a reputation for quality and reliability.  We work hard to ensure that our used clothes are in good condition and good price so that our customers can boost their wholesale used clothes business easier. 


Main Business: Used Clothes/Shoes/Bags

We offer a wide range of used clothes products, from shirts and pants to dresses and handbags. We also have a wide selection of used shoes including original used branded shoes available.

used clothes loading

Why Choose Our Used/Second Hand Products

Premium Quality

All used products including second hand winter&summer clothing are sorted from top-tier locations, ensuring they have excellent quality.

Wide Product Coverage

Over 120 categories of second-hand clothing wholesale befitting various markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle-east.

Stable Supply

We have an established supply chain of used clothing bales and an extensive inventory of used products, covering more than 70,000 collecting second hand clothes points.


Our used products such as used winter coats, used winter jackets, and used wool coats pass global certification standards, including BV, Fumigation Certificate, and SGS.

Competitive Prices

We collect and recycle wholesale used clothing bales, allowing for the best prices in the market.


We offer a wide range of clothing styles, focusing on catering used clothing to diverse markets.

Our Workflow of Used Products Order

Thanks to Indetexx’s standardized workflow, we ensure an equitable and value-added wholesale used clothing sourcing process.

quality inspection


We recycle over 6,000 tons of second hand winter and summer clothes monthly and always have ample inventory to meet high product demands. A wide range of second-hand clothes are available for all age groups

used clothing sorting


Seasoned workers with over 6 years of second hand clothing wholesale industry experience excel in sorting used clothes into 120 different categories such as second hand winter jackets and used winter coats based on market trends.

used clothing baling


Regularly calibrated scales ensure that your orders of second hand clothing wholesale are packed with a required weight ranging from 40kg to 400kg per bale. We make every bale of used clothes weigh up to your standard.

used product packaging


We bale your orders of wholesale used clothing bales with your preferred weight, packaging, and packing method, ensuring we meet your diverse production demands in second hand clothing.



We fill second hand clothes export containers at 100% capacity using best the innovative packaging techniques among used clothes suppliers and pack 10% more within 7 days, doing it better than other sourcing agencies.