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Our Used Product Categories

Indetexx has more than 10 years of experience in the second-hand clothes industry and can supply up to 120 categories of second-hand clothes and shoes now

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Why Choose Indetexx Used Products

Premium Quality

All used clothing is sorted from top-tier locations, ensuring they have excellent quality.

Wide Product Coverage

Over 120 categories of used clothing befitting various markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle-east.

Stable Supply

We have an established supply chain and extensive inventory of products, covering more than 70,000 collecting points.


Our used products pass global certification standards, including BV, Fumigation Certificate, and SGS.

Competitive Prices

We collect and recycle used clothing in bulk, allowing for the best prices in the market.


We offer a wide range of clothing styles, focusing on catering to diverse markets.

Wholesale Best Quality Goods to Your Markets

Easy Customization >
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Easy Customization

Personalize your used winter and summer clothing based on your requirements for second hand clothing wholesale, such as picking your used clothes item list, adding your own brand logo, packaging style, baling weight, and more.

Powerful Processing >
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Powerful Processing

With a total of 20,000 sq.m. production facility, equipped with 40 production lines including used clothes, used shoes, and used bags and a team of professional workers, we can supply 3,000 tons of second hand clothing wholesale per month.

Strict Quality Control >
Rags Quality Control

Strict Quality Control

Backed by rigorous quality control guidelines and established production processes of used/second hand clothing, we ensure the top quality of the wholesale used clothes bales we produce.

Fast Delivery >
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Fast Delivery

Long-term partnerships with well-vetted freight forwarding agencies allow for fast and punctual delivery, along with a guaranteed shipping allocation even at peak seasons.

Value-added Services >
Value-added Services

Value-added Services

We want to help your business grow with additional services, like tailor-made customization, packaging, and updating, among others.

Working Process Of Used Clothes In Our Factory

Thanks to Indetexx’s standardized workflow, we ensure a perfect wholesale used clothing sourcing process. Welcome to visit the whole working process of our factory

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We recycle over 6,000 tons of used clothing monthly, and we always have ample inventory to meet high product demands.

used clothing sorting


Seasoned workers with over 6 years of industry experience excel in sorting used clothing into 120 different categories based on market trends.

used clothing baling


Regularly calibrated scales secure that your orders are packed with a required weight ranging from 40kg to 100kg per bale.

used product packaging


We bale your orders with your preferred weight, packaging, and packing method, ensuring we meet your diverse production demands.



We fill containers at 100% capacity using innovative packaging techniques and pack 10% more within 7 days, doing it better than other sourcing agencies.

regular logistic tracking


Get free freight quotations and logistics tracking services with your orders, making sure you get the best deals and get them on time.

Capabilities in Providing Used Clothing And Shoes

With 10 years of industry expertise, we have a unique insight to help your business grow.

Strategically located collection points and self-built recycling systems in key cities in China.

Major processing facilities on key locations in China allow access to premium used clothing.

Expert team of workers with years of industry know-how and an 80% retention rate.

We guarantee a stable inventory of used clothing products for fast order completion.

Your Reliable Used Clothing Supplier in China

Founded in 2012, Indetexx is a professional used clothing exporter specializing in exporting used clothing and products to more than 60 countries. Our 20,000 sq. m. facilities and a stable supply chain ensure better sourcing capabilities and allow us to meet your various demands.

Our Supply Chain Network

We’ve elevated our supply chain net to match the ever-increasing demands for better product quality.

Self-built Recycling System

Self-built Recycling System

We have more than 70,000 old clothes terminals and recycling networks to secure the best clothing for your customers.

Recycling Platform

Recycling Platform

Established partnership with AIHUISHOU, one of China’s largest online recycling platforms, for fast and consistent product recycling.

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School & Government Project

Longstanding projects with over 5,000 schools and government centers in major cities in China for efficient clothes recycling.

Our Markets Are All Over The World

As A Reliable Used Clothing And Used Shoes Supplier, We Supply Grade A High Quality Products To The Global Market


African Market

Indetexx is a leader in the second-hand clothing industry, with extensive experience in exporting high-class used bale clothing to Africa.


Asian Market

With our study of different Asian regions, our used clothing with competitive prices is available to boost your Asian wholesale second-hand clothes business.


Middle East Market

We provide the expertise accumulated about 10 years and premium used clothing that can help you make a significant impression within the Middle-East market.

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South American Market

We have been shipping our used clothing and used shoes to Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and other South American countries since 2012.

Bale Weight of Most Markets for Reference

With the help of logistics experts, we secure the right loading and transport solutions that fall within your budget requirements and help ensure smooth, timely shipping to your region. We always optimize the space in our containers to hold as many of your orders as needed.

40 ft Container(FCL)

Used Clothing
Total Weight28,575kg24,480kg25,740kg
Used Bags
Total Weight28,000kg
Used Shoes
Total Weight2,5125kg

20 ft Container(FCL)

Used Clothing
Total Weight13,500kg11,900kg12,150kg
Used Bags
Total Weight13,500kg
Used Shoes
Total Weight12,000kg

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