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Professional Rags Factory in China

Indetexx’s mixed institutional rags are a part of our used clothing category. The mixed rags are collected from second-hand and thrift stores. Bulk mixed rags can be repurposed for various industrial markets such as wiping rags for automotive industries or manufacturers of home improvements. As a well-known rags suppliers, we ensure premium used fabrics that can bolster your business.

All Bulk Rags Are Aavailable in Indetexx

As a rags factory in China, Indetexx collects cleaning rags in bulk at the best price. With various typs of cheap rags, Indetexx supplies them to you at the competitive rate.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

As a trusted rags factory, we have been helping and continuing to assist various brands in purchasing premium mixed rags in bulk since 2012. With our established supply chain system, strict QC process, and attention to detail, we can improve your market standings. Contact us today!

Where Could Our Rags Bulk Be Used for?

There are wide uses for bulk rags for sale in Indetexx. Cotton rages provided by rags suppliers are commonly used in industrial and machinery cleaning.

Machinery Wipe

Our cleaning rags in bulk are used to wipe the dust off parts of heavy-duty machinery in workshops. Grease and lubricants used on the equipment parts are cleaned off using our industrial cotton rags.

Car Industry Cleaning

During car repairs, industrial cotton rags are used to wipe your hands and clean oil off the surface of the car parts. As one of the rags suppliers, our cotton rags bulk are used to wash and wipe car windows and polish steel parts of the car.

Heavy Industry Usage

For many industries, including construction, manufacturing, food servicing, and metal, industrial cotton rags are essential. They are used for cleaning parts of machines, tables, chairs, hands, fixtures, floors, and many other areas.

Why Choose Our Wholesale Used Clothing

From our years of experience, we follow strict quality control standards to ensure you net a higher profit from our affordable used clothing.

How Bulk Mixed Rags for Sale in Our Rags Factory

Our rags factory is certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001 for quality production. At Indetexx, we process over 6000 tons of material from our recycling channels, allowing us to produce 280,000 kg of used products daily, including wholesale cotton rags. Our 400+ workers employ professional techniques in sorting bulk rags for sale each day.

Raw Material Inspection 3

Raw Material Inspection

Cotton Cloth Rags Bulk from our recycling channels, reputable charities, and thrift stores are inspected by professional auditors who check for compliance with the required quality and industry standards.

HandPicked Sorting 3

Handpicked Sorting

Having supplied used products to over 60 countries, we, the rags manufacturer recognize the need for a wide bulk rags coverage that meets various demands. Our skilled workers sort cotton rags into multiple categories that help you find specific products easily.

Stringent Quality Control 6

Stringent Quality Control

We prioritize quality in all our operations. By implementing a rigid system consisting of 5 quality inspection stages, we ensure all our cotton rags bulk for sale meet recognized standards and stand out among competitors’ mixed cotton rags.

Weighing and Packing 3

Weighing & Packing

Your used rags wholesale order is weighed accurately, packed, and packaged to your custom requirements. Rags suppliers like Indetexx offer excellent customization options that greatly improve your brand.

Container Loading 1

Container Loading

We provide professional loading services for clients. Our load workers ensure all the space is used for your bulk cleaning rags order, over 28,600kg (640 bales of 45kg) of rags wholesale in a 40ft container.

Fumigation Shipping

Fumigation & Shipping

Through our trusted logistics partners, we ship your cloth rags bulk immediately after packaging. The shipping container is fumigated to ensure the cotton rags bulk could be safely delivered to your country.

Why Choose Indetexx as Your Rags Suppliers

As a leading used clothing supplier and cotton rags wholesaler, we operate an in-house production process that allows us to offer bulk rags for sale at affordable prices. By incorporating a competent sorting process, we provide a collection of superior cleaning rags in bulk. With certifications from BV and SGS, our mixed cloth rags bulk are qualified to be exported worldwide.

Established Supply Chain

As one of the suppliers of rags, Indetexx has 6 overseas offices, more than 70,000 collection points within China, and 1500 tons of in-stock cotton rags, ensuring a steady supply of mixed rags wholesale.

Freight Forwarding Resources

We ensure the best shipping prices by negotiating better rates with our reliable freight forwarding partners. Our partnership with these companies guarantees a spot for your rags bulk order on-time arrival. After shipping, our logistics tracking team monitors your bulk rags wholesale order.

Our Competitive Service

Working with Indetexx gives you access to fast, sustainable, and economical rags wholesale that boost your business because we are one professional rags suppliers. Our services include a steady supply of inventory, powerful processing, strict quality control, wide product coverage, and fast delivery. We also offer various value-added services, such as easy customization, packaging, and updating for your bulk rags.

Standardized Quality Control

All bulk cotton rags go through our established quality control system 5 times before we ship them out to ensure their quality.

Certified Factories

We process 6,000 tons of materials each month, producing 280,000 kg of cotton rags per day within our ISO 9001 certified factory.

Well-trained Workers

We have 400 well-trained workers with more than 6 years of experience in the used clothing industry to recycle, sort, and pack our wholesale mixed rags.

Cater to Your Customized Bulk Rags Need

As a rags factory, the comprehensive customization service we offer lets you add customized logos and packaging as well as adjust the grade and weight of your bulk rags for sale. Through our customization cotton rags solution, we help you tap into your target market.


Cement your brand awareness with various packaging logos for bulk cotton rgas in our rags factory.


Bale weight of cleaning rags in bulk can be customized as per your request.

Item List

Various types of cleaning rags wholesale are available for choosing.


Outer packaging for wholesale rags can be customized, transparent or colored films and logos custom options are available in our rags facotry.

More Reasons to choose Indetexx as Your Cotton Rags Suppliers

Amongst the several cotton rags suppliers on the market, Indetexx serves as the most reliable rags factory not just with the recycling and customization function, but with the provision of numerous exporting benefits for you.

Excellent for All Businesses

Bulk mixed rags are essential for all types of businesses, especially cleaning, construction, mechanical, and food service companies. They are used for numerous cleaning activities in various areas of heavy industrial equipment and buildings. These rags are washable and reusable, making them the best option for businesses with regular messy projects.

Makes Difficult Jobs Easy

Mixed rags from Indetexx, the reliable rags factory, are durable and can be used to wipe tough stains. During cleaning, bulk rags do not break easily or leave pieces behind like paper towels. They are more absorbent and last longer than paper rolls. For wiping spills, cleaning oily equipment, and polishing steel, our bulk cotton rags are highly functional and economical.

Used For Small or Large Tasks

While larger rags are used for big cleaning tasks, bulk rags can be cut for efficiency in small cleaning tasks, such as wiping work stools and cleaning small industrial equipment. Additionally, the sizes of white and colored rags can be altered to meet specific needs in the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas with heavy traffic.

Decreases Paper Waste

Knit rags, fleece rags, and cotton rags offer many advantages over paper towels. Choosing mixed rags bulk for cleaning makes your tasks easier, reduces costs, and saves time. As a top rags factory, our quality mixed rags wholesale are used to scrub floors, wash windows, and clean delicate surfaces without leaving a mark.


Cotton rags are an environmentally sustainable option for cleaning. They are produced from recycled fabrics, aiding in keeping a huge amount of textiles out of landfills yearly. Buying mixed rags from a second-hand clothes exporter -Indetexx allows you to contribute to environmentally conscious and eco-friendly practices.

Cheap Bulk Mixed Rags Buying Guide

For cleaning heavy-duty machinery, wiping spills, and industrial cleanups, bulk cloth rags are a durable and affordable option. When buying cloth rags in bulk, you must consider certain factors to choose the best cloth rags. This guide highlights where to buy mixed rags, things to consider when buying, and how to make an whoelsale order.

What are Mixed Rags​ & their Usages?

What are Mixed Rags

These are rags from recycling channels and other resources that have either been sorted and put on the retail floor without being sold or have not been put on the sales floor for a long period. Clothes not purchased for long periods or deemed unsuitable for the store are sold in bulk as mixed rags.


Mixed rags are also called store returns or institutional grades. They are usually in almost-new condition and of good quality, as most of them have already been sorted and put on the sales floor but were not purchased

Usages of Mixed Rags

Mixed rags, including knit rags, terry cloth rags, shop rags, reclaimed fabrics, and fleece rags, are used for wiping, dusting, washing, polishing, and other maintenance and cleaning activities in different industries. 


Some operations and areas where mixed rags are used include automotive repairs, food service industries, print shops, janitorial cleaning, manufacturing industries, heavy-duty machine shops, etc.

Where Should You Buy Cheap Rags in Bulk?

Factory or Retailer?

When buying bulk rags for sale, choosing a rags factory offers many benefits. Aside from having a wider variety of mixed rags to compare and select from, buying from a used rag factory has the following advantage.



While used rags retail stores cannot be inspected for product quality, rags factories can be assessed by checking their material inspection process, production operations, and quality testing procedures. Factories of reliable rags suppliers are certified and comply with industry standards.


Mixed rags suppliers’ factories provide value-added services such as logo, packing, and outer packaging customization that improve your brand recognition. Retail stores do not have the ability to offer these services.


Rag factories have a stable inventory that allows an inexhaustive number of mixed rags. Mixed rags suppliers like Indetexx process huge amounts of bulk rags for sale daily; hence they are rarely out of stock. But retailers are supplied by the factories and work with a limited amount of cloth rags.


For wholesale rags in bulk, factories are more reliable. They take responsibility for their bulk rags for sale by giving warranties and after-sales services that ensure customers are satisfied. Retailers do not provide extra services.

Other benefits of used rags factories include expert guidance from experienced staff and access to a one-stop solution for wholesale rags.

Online or Offline?

Shopping for your bulk rags online is more suitable for your business as retail stores do not have the expertise to handle all requests. Moreover, retail stores are not usually within the reach of customers. Some advantages of making your bulk rags order online are:

Better Access

The online catalog of rags suppliers is a comprehensive list of their products. Using this list, you can easily compare products before buying.


Shopping online allows you to make your rags wholesale order comfortably. Online orders can be made from your home or office at any time.


Your inquiries are best made online as experts are available to reply and guide your bulk rags selection. Retail stores usually refer clients to the factory website for any technical query.


Rags factory websites have various products in the supplier's inventory. The catalog and product pages contain all kinds of mixed rags the supplier offers.


Due to extensive sourcing, rags suppliers have a stable supply of products, which is put up on their website. You can find specific products easily from the factory website.

Other products

When shopping online for mixed rags, buying second-hand clothes in bulk or making a wholesale order of used shoes is easier as other used products are available.

Things To Consider When Wholesale Bulk Rags

When making a rags wholesale order online from a factory, you must confirm some factors to ensure you have a successful order. Below are some things to consider:

Product Weight and Quantity

Confirming your cotton rags bulk weight and quantity with the supplier is an important step in making your order. Ensure the weight and quantity of your order are to your requirements and clearly communicated to the supplier.

Product Quality

Ensure all your cotton rags bulk maintain a consistent quality by inspecting the production procedures and processes of the supplier—request information on the sourcing resources and certifications of the factory.

Product Usage

While most mixed rags are suitable for all-purpose cleaning, some types are better for specific uses. Make sure your wholesale order is suitable for the application. Additionally, Consider how often the rags will be used in cleaning before selecting.

Turnaround Time

Ensure your mixed rags supplier is clear on when your order will be done and ready for delivery. In catering to market needs, a specific time limit is essential for planning. Hence knowing the completion period of your order helps you get rags in time.

Shipping Time and Cost

Confirm the shipping time and costs from your rags supplier, and check the reliability of the courier service. You can request the tracking details from the factory to be informed of your products' location while on transit.

How to Make Wholesale Rags Orders
on Indetexx

Indetexx makes your bulk order of mixed rags effortless and straightforward. Using our simple buying steps, you can easily make a bulk order of wholesale mixed rags.

Step 1: Make A Query

Each used children’s clothing page contains the essential information you require before you can make a purchase. On this page, you find the description, price range, customizable item list, raw material, weight, and payment options, among other information. After selecting a product, you fill out the query form on the page to inform us of your requirements.


You can fill in as many queries as you want. Our representative will reply to all of them in no time. If you have any other questions or need expert guidance, you can fill out a query form on our contact page, and we will reach out to you quickly.


Step 2: Talk To Us

Within 24 hours, our representative will contact you to discuss your bulk order of used children’s clothes. After telling us of your used clothing needs, which include your item list, weight, quantity, and any customization requests, our experts discuss your selection with you, ensuring you get products suitable for your brand. When you are sure of your item list, we will send you a price quote based on your selection.


Step 3: Confirm Your Order

After choosing your preferred products, your order is then confirmed at Indetexx. We will send you an email containing your order details, including your product specifications, the delivery timeframe, and payment information.


Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Expect Your Order

After you confirm your order, all you have to do is wait for your products to be delivered. Our trained staff immediately commence production of your used children’s clothing, and after packaging, your order is shipped through our freight forwarding partners.


We Guarantee You Reassuring Purchasing

Excellent Raw Materials

We recycle and collect quality unwanted and moderate defective used clothing in bulk for our mixed rags.

Robust Customization

We offer a complete customization service for our mixed rags such as customized logo and packaging.

Stringent Quality Control

An established QC system is conducted five times within our certified factory for high quality.

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