Men’s Used Clothing

Premium Men's Used Clothing

As a second hand clothes supplier, we offer more than 30 categories of used men’s clothing, such as used men’s T-shirts, jeans, and pants. Acquiring materials from thrift stores, charities and our self-built recycling system, we follow uniform standards and check every item that enters our factories to guarantee consistent superior quality.



  • Used Jeans
  • Used Leather Jackets
  • Used Vintage Clothing


  • Summer
  • Winter

Why Indetexx is Your Premier Choice

Interior Core

10 Years of Experience

Indetexx has ample used clothing exporting experience to provide thorough consultation, efficient material acquisition and product sourcing.

Comprehensive Services

Handled under one roof, our factory provides complete services to reduce hassle, from clothing customization to efficient packaging and loading.

Expert Used Clothing Know-how

Working in the used clothing industry for years, we are proficient in various market needs and have a wealth of used clothing know-how to tackle your concerns.

Exterior Backbone

Stable Product Supply

As we acquire from first-rate Chinese cities, we guarantee an abundant used clothing inventory that is ready to meet high demand.

100% Handpicked Sorting

Our experts categorize and recycle second-hand clothing based on type, weight and grade to secure the clothes you need.

Professional Loading & Packaging

Our workers excel at loading and packaging, with loading experts capably securing almost 100% of container utilization and 10% more capacity.

Wide Product Coverage We Guarantee

Seasoned workers with more than 6 years of experience categorize men’s clothing to cover growing demand, making Indetexx effective in handling as many categories as needed.

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Wholesale Men's Used Clothing for Sale

As used men’s clothing exporters, we expand our categories to accomodate all sorts of needs from your markets. Indetexx has over 30 categories of used men’s clothing such as used men’s t-shirts, cotton pants, multi-pocket pants, men’s shirts, and men’s jerseys.

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Robust Second Hand Clothes Factories

Having 2 second hand clothes factories helps us manage the flow of large volumes of men’s clothing from different sourcing points. Our factory area encompasses almost 20,000 square meters, equipped with 38 flow lines and 400 staff. With the manpower and well-trained workers, we can recycle 6,000 tons of raw materials monthly to meet your demanding need for used men’s clothing in bulk.

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Quality is Our Top Priority

We are among the few factories that are ISO9001 and ISO 45001 certified, maintaining strict quality standards when new supplies of used clothing come in. Conducting inspections 5 times before shipping, we regularly assess the quality of every used clothing that comes in to see if they meet your orders and requirements.

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