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Export UK Bale Used Clothes to East Africa

Indetexx is a leader in the second-hand clothing industry, with extensive experience in exporting high-class used bale clothing to East Africa. We have regular product shipments in multiple African countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and more. Through careful market study and understanding our client’s demands, we’ve adjusted our sorting process to provide marketable UK used clothing bales that your customers will enjoy.



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USA & UK Bale Used Clothes Export to East Africa

Indetexx is a prominent exporter of USA & UK used clothes and shoes wholesale to East Africa. Using our R&D team expertise to dig into the preferences of the local markets and our abundant experience about customers’ 2nd hand clothing desires, we provide high-quality, fashionable, and trendy USA and UK bales of clothes for each region, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and many more.


As a professional used clothes exporter, we supply UK used clothing bales for sale after recycling and customizing them to be of premium quality.

used clothes export to East Africa

Less Freight Rate

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with well-vetted freight forwarding companies, we offer cheap and timely shipping, even during peak seasons. Normally, the shipping time is around 17-38 days.

Local Office in East Africa

With offices in Africa, we assist our East African clients to import second hand clothing bales in UK. Besides offering used clothes, we also provide custom clearance services.

Served Countries in East Africa

Serving as one of the used clothes in bales price suppliers to many East Africa countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, we have offered second-hand clothes at wholesale prices for these countries.

First Grade UK Used Clothing Bales at a Wholesale Price

Indetexx is the best place to buy UK second-hand clothes in bales as we offer a wide array of 2nd hand clothing options, including unsorted used clothing wholesale, used sport shoes wholesale, used toys, and many more. Serving as one of the most reliable UK second-hand clothing distributors with a streamlined processing system, strong product knowledge, and market analysis, we supply excellent UK bale used clothing, precise bailing, and customized packaging.

High Quality

We guarantee the supply of UK second-hand clothes exports that are of optimal quality, fashionable, and highly in demand.

UK Steady Supply Chain

We have several functional used clothing collection points, guaranteeing the steady supply of UK bale used clothes to meet your bulk orders.

Second-hand Clothes Wholesale Prices

Thanks to the steady supply of high-quality UK bale clothes, we supply you with a wide range of second-hand clothes for wholesale prices.

Buy Bales of Second-hand Clothes and Textiles
Export to East Africa

With the goal of spreading fashion all over the world and reducing cloth waste, Indetexx creates a different purpose for used clothing and export to East Africa. We provide a variety of second-hand clothes in bulk, such as bales of used shoes, used jeans, used jackets, used toys, used bags, etc to East Africa.

Second-hand Clothes

A wide range of second-hand clothes manufactured by different brands are available for all age groups, including children, teenagers, youths, and adults.

Bale of Used Shoes

Our second-hand shoe bales are categorized into different sections, such as age groups, grades, brands, etc. Multiple options are provided for every customer.

Mixed Rags

Amongst the materials, ones are recycled and turned into rags that can be used across various industries, such as cotton rags for the automotive and oil sector.

Used Bags

Amongst the UK second-hand bag bales exported to East Africa are stylish designer bags, used bags, used school bags, used leather bags, etc.

Used Toys Wholesale

As one of the UK second-hand clothes suppliers, we supply affordable and durable second-hand toys wholesale like plushies, dolls.​

Bale Weight of East African Market for Reference

Working with logistics experts, we’re able to provide you with the best solutions for transporting your containers according to your budget and schedule. Whether 40ft. or 20ft. containers, we guarantee that they’re optimally loaded to maximize the space.

40 ft Container(FCL)

Used Clothing
Total Weight28,575kg24,480kg25,740kg
Used Bags
Total Weight28,000kg
Used Shoes
Total Weight2,5125kg

20 ft Container(FCL)

Used Clothing
Total Weight13,500kg11,900kg12,150kg
Used Bags
Total Weight13,500kg
Used Shoes
Total Weight12,000kg

Handpicked Sorting System of Second-hand
Clothing Bales in UK

Having a 20,000sqm factory that’s fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and 400+ dedicated workers with streamlined production lines, we manually handpick and sort the UK bale used clothes into 120 different product categories. After this, they are recycled and processed, making sure that they comply with the necessary quality standards.

Premium Raw Material Inspection

We uphold the rule that 90% of the raw materials must be 80% new, which helps to secure the superior quality of the used clothes. After collecting UK second-hand clothes in bulk, they are strictly inspected to filter out materials that are in bad shape.

100% Full Inspection(after material inspection)

At Indetexx, we implement 5 different thorough inspection processes before delivery to guarantee the quality and consistency of the bale clothes. This helps to improve your brand’s reputation and increase sales.

Handpicking and Sorting

With over 10 years of professional experience and continuous R&D, we manually handpick and sort second-hand clothes into different grades, sizes, colors, brands, etc. This allows us to select used clothing according to their demand in East Africa regions.

Precise Cost Control

Customized Options for 2nd Hand Clothing Bales
to East Africa

Weight Options of Used Bales

Each second-hand clothes bale from the UK is packaged to contain 40-90 kg of used clothes. But depending on your specifications, the bale weight can be fixed to any quantity.

Used Clothes Items

Offering a wide range of second-hand clothing, which includes used jeans, shirts, jackets, shoes, bags, toys, etc., your selected options can be packaged together and delivered to you in a single bale.

Grade of UK Bale Clothing

Following the sorting of the bulk UK second-hand clothes into different categories, they are grouped into 2 grade levels – A and B. While A constitutes used clothing with supreme quality and no scratch, grade B clothes are a little below the quality of A.

Exterior Packaging Options

The packaging of your bulk UK second-hand clothing can be customized in any form to suit your requirements. Several options are available, ranging from transparent to colored packaging, which can also be customized with your brand’s logo.

Indetexx UK Bale Clothes for Export is Cost-effective

Having several collection centers and a factory where we recycle and process second-hand clothes, we are able to supply the whole East Africa markets with high-quality UK used clothing bales at an inexpensive price.

Second-hand Clothes Wholesale Prices

Indetexx is one of the best used clothing dealers, offering bulk second-hand clothes at a discounted price.

10% Larger Bale Clothing Loaded Ability

100% container utilization and 10% larger capacity. Thanks to our specialized employees who are efficient at packaging, the freight container can load more bales, over 28,600KG (640 bales of 45kg) are in a 40ft container.

Less Shipping Freight Rates

Utilizing our long-standing relationship with our logistics partners, orders are delivered on time to East Africa and at a reduced shipping rate.

Hand Sorting Clothing Bale System

By manually sorting the UK bale used clothes, we accurately categorize them into appropriate groups, sizes, and grades

Real-time View of the Factory

Live coverage of the production factory can be made, allowing you to see our operations and production lines from the comfort of your location.

How Second-hand Clothes for Wholesale to East Africa is Handled in Indetexx

Material Inspection

To ensure the supply of quality UK second-hand clothing, all raw materials are strictly inspected before acceptance into the factory.

Sorting used clothes

Following the inspection, 2nd hand clothing bales are hand-sorted and classified in different categories like sizes, styles, colors, grades, etc.

Stringent Quality Control

Each sorting line has a dedicated inspector who checks material quality per process. 90% of clothes must be 80% new.

Request a Virtual Factory Tour

Schedule a virtual tour of our several factories and see how we complete and inspect your orders.

Container Loading & Shipping

Employing the service of the best freight agency, your second-hand clothes bulk orders are properly loaded in the container and shipped to you. There is 10% more space to add more used clothes.

Weighing & Packing

All used clothing products shipped to East Africa are carefully packed in customized bale weights, including 25kg, 40kg, 45kg, and many more. The weighing and packing can also be customized.

How to Buy Second-hand Clothes in Bales from the UK at Indetexx

At Indetexx, we aim to make your buying experience seamless. As a professional second-hand clothes supplier, we’ve streamlined the whole process to a one-window approach. With these steps, you will be able to import UK second-hand clothes in bales easily to East Africa:

Step 1: Make A Query

All our 2nd hand clothing bales come with detailed descriptions of their specific properties and any other information you need to make an informed decision. Once you like one category, all you have to do is fill in the query form available on each second-hand clothing page to let us know your specifications.

With the query form on every page, you don’t have to navigate through more pages to reach out to us. Feel free to cite all your specifications and make as many queries as you want. We will give prompt responses to all of them.


Step 2: Talk To Us

In the space of 24 hours after you’ve submitted a query, someone from our team will contact you to confirm your order specifications and help shed more light on specifics if needed. Following this, you’ll be given a price quote based on your UK used clothing bale orders.


Step 3: Confirm Your Order

Once the conversation is completed, we will send you an email for you to confirm your order information, including the cost, quantity, bale weight, lead time, and payment information.


Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Expect Your Order

As soon as you confirm the order, we will start processing your UK second-hand clothes bulk order. After that, they will be packaged and shipped to you via our trusted shipping company within a short period of time.


Our Served Countries in East African Market

We have been serving a number of customers in various countries in East African markets and enjoying good reputations all the time.

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