Top Suppliers of Second Hand Clothes from Belgium

While second-hand fashion is gaining pace all across the globe, it is in Europe that we can see the majority of its impact. For example, let us take Belgium – a survey conducted last year shows that one in two Belgians purchases second-hand clothes and goods at least once a year. This is definitely a welcome change – used clothing promotes ethical fashion and vouches for environmental protection. 

It goes without saying that the demand for second-hand clothes businesses have also skyrocketed in Belgium. Many sellers are on the lookout for wholesale dealers and suppliers for used clothes in Belgium. Interested in reliable and quality suppliers of second hand clothes from Belgium? This is the right place for you!

7 Reliable Suppliers of Second Hand Clothes From Belgium

Finding a reliable used clothes supplier in Belgium is not easy since many companies are 

involved in the wholesale dealing of used clothing. 

Processed second hand sweaters
Source: Indetexx

To make the process easier for you, we have compiled a list of reliable suppliers who deal with wholesale used clothes in Belgium.


Indetexx is a China-based company that was established in 2012. One of the global leaders in the wholesale used clothing business, this supplier deals with import and export in over 60 countries. Apart from second-hand clothing, Indetexx also handles top-quality used, branded shoes and bags. For any business that wants the best second hand clothes from Belgium, Indetexx is the best choice!

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One great advantage of Indetexx is that the company offers customization services – clients can customize their bulk orders to get different types of used clothes in the same order. The company sorts and recycles all of its raw materials extensively to provide its customers with only the best of used clothes in Belgium.

PEBS Group 

A family business that also deals with other specialties, the PEBS Group has more than 30 years of experience in the field of recycling and processing used clothes. PEBS Group is undeniably one of the most reliable suppliers that deal with wholesale used clothes in Belgium. The company is proudly one of the largest buyers of second-hand clothes in Belgium – the supplier acquires its raw materials from Belgium and Netherlands.

PEBS Group Logo

With many years of experience in this field, the PEBS Group can satisfy its clients with high-quality products. The company’s primary vision is to reduce waste dumped on the ground and promote ethical fashion. By dealing with tons of used clothes every day, the supplier prides itself on handling orders of all sizes.


A company deeply invested in reducing environmental degradation, Batrade is a leading importer and exporter of used clothes in Belgium. Located in the heart of Europe, this supplier benefits greatly because of its location – the company can acquire raw materials from all of its neighboring countries, as well as from the rest of Europe. The company is open to assisting all its clients through all the steps – from consulting to shipping.

Batrade Logo

Batrade is unique among its customers for the focus it gives to the environmental benefits of recycled used clothes. The company aims to leave a positive impact on all of its clients by promoting used clothes and footwear, as this reduces industrial waste. Batrade deals with many other products including used bags, accessories, and vintage apparel. 

JHF Belgium

Although a relatively new competitor in this business, JHF Belgium gains the upper hand in terms of its place of establishment. Located at one of the busiest crossroads in Europe, this company deals with wholesale second hand clothes from all over Europe. Due to its convenient establishment in a busy area, all the raw materials acquired by the supplier are of superior quality. If you are looking for branded, high-grade second hand clothes from Belgium, this supplier is the one for you.

JHF Belgium Logo

While the company primarily deals with European goods, it also often imports and exports across the globe. JHF Belgium also deals with the shipment and packaging of its clients’ orders, thus making it easy for them to deal business with the supplier.

Class Trading

Established in 2006, Class Trade is one of the major second-hand clothing dealers that has many clients in the Middle East and Africa. The company is well-known among its competitors because of the high volume of clothes they handle regularly. The company takes pride in recycling more than 3200 tons of used and second-hand clothes and apparel every year, thus accumulating a large customer base. Thanks to its experienced staff, the company can manage the high volume of unprocessed goods and produce quality used clothing.

Class Trading Logo

Wholesale used clothes in Belgium are best bought with Class Trading – the supplier has perfected its processing over the years. Now they offer high-quality clothes segregated in different grades per the client’s needs.

Sorttex Clothing 

Looking for wholesale, used branded clothes at affordable prices? You are at the right place. Exclusively dealing with high-quality, branded second hand clothes from Belgium and other parts of Europe, Apart from top brands, the supplier also offers graded used clothes of different types. Minutely inspected and cleaned, the company sorts and packs clothes in a way that they remain fresh and crisp. Specifically, the supplier also deals with used maternity clothes.

Sorttex Clothing Logo

Sorttex Clothing deals with the import and export of second-hand clothes in more than 100 countries. An authentic dealer of used clothes, shoes, apparel, and accessories, this company is a great place for purchasing wholesale second hand clothes and apparel in Belgium.

Raki Tex 

Raki Tex is a leading importer and exporter of second-hand clothing in Belgium. In the last few years, the company has expanded its business related to used clothing to Lithuania, Russia, and Georgia. With over 20 years of experience in this field, Raki Tex is one of the most reliable suppliers when it comes to the wholesale purchase of second hand clothes from Belgium. The supplier’s specialty lies in its collection of vintage apparel.

Raki Tex Logo

Raki Tex is a suitable choice for clients who are looking to buy wholesale used clothes in Belgium. The supplier offers bales of used clothes in different quantity ranges, starting from 40 kgs and ranging up to 150 kgs. The capacity of the bales can also be extended based on the customer’s requirements.

Why Choose Indetexx for Second Hand Clothes from Belgium

Indetexx is a global leader in the second-hand clothing market – a company that deals with high volumes of products every day, we have immense experience in this field. Along with our expertise, we also have qualified staff in our team that help us with the proper handling of large orders.

Bales of rags stocked in a factory
Source: Indetexx

We’ll tell you why Indetexx should be your perfect partner for dealing with second hand clothes from Belgium:

  • Helpful Consulting – Are you not sure about the type of used clothes that are right for your business? Contact our consulting services. Our expert consultants will help you pick the right products based on your consumer markets.
  • Strict Quality Inspection – We ensure the high quality of all our goods. This is made possible by our strict protocol for quality inspection.
  • Competitive Prices – To make things easier for our customers, we have segregated used clothes into many different categories based on quality, quantity, and also the type of clothes. We offer competitive prices as per the quality and quantity of the products.

The Bottom Line

The second hand clothing market is rapidly growing across the globe – it is the same for Belgium too. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of used clothes in Belgium, Indetexx could be your perfect partner in this business. Contact us today and get an instant quote for your desired types of second-hand clothes and apparel!

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