Top 6 Suppliers of Second-Hand Clothes From Italy

For decade­s, Italy has been a hub of fashion innovation, belove­d worldwide for its distinguished past and exquisite­ taste. Milan stands out as the fashion center of the global industry because of its timele­ss craftsmanship that marks Italian-made clothes. Moreove­r, recent years have­ seen an increase­ in demand for second hand clothes in Italy among individuals who value sustainability while­ cultivating unique fashion choices. Hence­, Italy’s fashion heritage proves attractive­ to vintage enthusiasts see­king garments with a touch of charm and authenticity.

Bales of rags stocked in a factory
Source: Indetexx

There are countless options available for those interested in second hand clothes bales Italy, from designer pieces to vintage finds. In this blog post, we will introduce the business’s top six used clothing companies in italy. Each supplier offers a distinct selection of garments that represent the country’s fashion legacy. This guide will provide an overview of the leading used clothing italy fashion scene.

List Of The Best Suppliers of Second-Hand Clothes From Italy

Here is a quick preview of the top 6 used clothing companies in italy Italy that will be discussed in detail in the following sections:

  1. Indetexx
  2. Hissen Global
  3. Valletti Joseph Srl
  4. Italian Recycling S.R.L
  5. Sorttex Clothing
  6. Fratelli Mondola

Top 6 Suppliers of Second-Hand Clothes From Italy


Location (Headquarters): Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 2012

indetexx logo

Indetexx stands out as a trusted supplier of quality wholesale second hand clothes italy. With over a decade of experience, Indetexx prides itself on sorting and selling used clothing in bulk, catering to categories such as unsorted credential clothing, mixed rags, and used vintage clothing. They offer various container load capacities to businesses. For a 40ft container: Over 28,600KG (640 bales of 45kg), and for a 20ft container, they provide over 13,500KG (300 bales of 45kg) of used clothes.

At Indetexx, the team takes pride in providing customized solutions (personalized brand logo design) for wholesale second-hand clothes demand. They recycle and transform used garments into better versions that delight customers. Businesses can expect premium-grade second-hand clothes and handbags for women’s wearables collection, too – not forgetting quality toys and other items available at affordable rates. With such exceptional service levels offered by this company’s team of experts, there’s every reason why first-time customers and repeat clients keep coming back for more.

Businesses can find everything from used jeans to leather jackets to vintage clothing to shoes and bags at Indetexx – all sold in bulk!

Products and Sevices Offered: 

  • Used clothes, 
  • Used shoes, 
  • Used Bags, 
  • Used Toys 
  • Mixed Rags

Hissen Global

Location (Headquarters): China

Year Founded: 1990 

Hissen Global Logo

Hissen Global Trading Company is a highly regarded global enterprise exporting high-quality clothing and second-hand shoes. With their unwavering commitment to attention to detail, honesty, and integrity, they have established themselves as one of the leading suppliers of second-hand clothing on a worldwide scale. The company prides itself on providing top-notch credentials across all clothing categories to destinations throughout South America, Central America, Europe, the USA, Asia and developing African countries.

When it comes to sorting and shipping second-hand clothing materials, Hissen Global Trading Company only employs highly experienced professionals in their factories which currently house 400 qualified and meticulously trained employees.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes, 
  • Used Bags, 
  • Used Toys 
  • Mixed Rags

Valletti Joseph Srl

Location (Headquarters): Italy

Year Founded: 1976

Valleti Logo

Valletti Joseph Srl is a highly reputable Italian importer and exporter of quality clothing and shoes. With over four decades of experience in the used clothing business, this supplier has become one of the oldest brands in Italy. Valletti Joseph Srl prides itself on maintaining high professional standards by only stocking bulk used clothing from top European countries, including Germany, Holland, and Switzerland.

In addition to sourcing only the best quality used garments, Valletti Joseph Srl provides an extensive range of options that cater to all tastes. By adapting to changes across the industry, including production, sorting, packaging, and shipping, they are dedicated to satisfying clients’ needs with various products, from secondhand shoes and jeans to handbags and other top-quality materials from leading brands worldwide. 

Products and Sevices Offered: 

  • Used Clothes
  • Used Shoes and Bags
  • Undergarments
  • House Hold Textile
  • Used Toys

Italian Recycling S.R.L

Location (Headquarters): Italy

Year Founded: 2000

Italian Recycling S.R.L Logo

Italian Recycling SRL is a highly renowned wholesaler of second-hand clothes known for providing its top-notch quality products to satisfied customers worldwide. With an impressive track record of 30 years in the industry, they have successfully served over 945 clients with a wide range of over 4800 products, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

From large bales of wholesale used clothing to small bales for shoes, bulk handbags, and even children’s toys, they provide it all under one roof – businesses can find the ultimate one-stop shop for premium used clothing! They care about delivering only the finest quality merchandise that matches the latest fashion style standards. 

Products and Sevices Offered: 

Sorttex Clothing

Location (Headquarters): Portugal

Year Founded: 2010

Sorttex Clothing Logo

Sorttex Clothing is the premier dealer in used, second-hand, and preloved clothes. They source clothing from authentic places and ensure all products are thoroughly cleaned, washed, and wrinkle-free before delivering them to their customers.

As a wholesale supplier of second hand clothes bales Italy, they provide all kinds of secondhand apparel, including maternity, summer, woolen, pants, jeans, bags, and shoes. They take pride in providing sophisticated garments that feel like new with no lint or wrinkles on them. This used clothing Italy supplier also sells animal clothing, so furry friends can enjoy stylish outfits too!

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used Clothes
  • Used Shoes
  • Pet Used Clothes
  • Used Bags
  • Used Warm Clothes
  • Used Blankets

Fratelli Mondola

Location (Headquarters): Italy

Year Founded: 1994

Italian Fratelli Mondola Logo

Established in 1994, Fratelli Mondola Srl is a company that specializes in the sorting and selection of used clothing. With extensive expertise and management skills acquired over the years, they have expanded their operations to international import-export activities. They have amassed considerable experience in foreign market sectors, particularly in Africa and Eastern Europe. They offer fine quality used clothes at very affordable prices.

Product and Services Offered

  • Used Clothes

Things To Consider While Looking For Second-Hand Clothes Suppliers

When searching for used clothing companies in Italy, there are several critical factors to consider. These include:

  • The first aspect is the quality of clothing provided; suppliers should have a system in place for sorting and grading clothes to guarantee consistency. A diverse selection of styles, sizes, and brands is also important to satisfy customer preferences and demands.
  • Another crucial factor is the supplier’s reputation and dependability; before engaging with them, conduct research on their experience delivering products on time while sustaining quality. Checking client feedback through testimonials or references will help to make an informed decision.
  • Pricing structure is another critical aspect as it directly affects expenses and profitability. One can compare rates from different providers but be wary of unusually low prices as they may indicate poor quality or unethical sourcing practices.
  • Consider a potential supplier’s minimum order quantities (MOQ); assess how accommodating they are with customized requests or special orders. It would be best to clarify return and refund policies for damaged or defective items to avoid stocking unwanted items.
  • Another one is effective communication ensures smooth transactions between the client and the supplier. Opt for a reliable partner with quick response times and good customer support services in case of any queries or concerns.
  • Lastly, shipping logistics impact delivery times and transportation costs, so evaluate whether the supplier can deliver products within the expected timeline while keeping shipping expenses reasonable.


As the demand for sustainable fashion grows worldwide, many businesses seek vintage Italian clothing that speaks to the country’s rich fashion heritage. In this article, we’ve identified six top-quality second-hand clothes suppliers offering unique and authentic garments that embody Italy’s style legacy. 

Businesses can highly endorse Indetexx as an affordable source of wholesale second-hand clothes! With exceptional expertise in the industry field coupled with custom-made solutions, superior versions of old undesirable, or second-hand clothes meet both the business’s and the customer’s demands. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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