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When it comes to fashion, many people remember France. But in general, the European continent is a favorable market for all types of fashion, be it used clothing or vintage specials. The Netherlands, specifically, offers a wonderfully vibrant market for second-hand clothing and used clothing. Now, it is easier to get hold of top brands and luxury articles at cheaper rates, thanks to worldwide suppliers and wholesale retailers of second-hand and used apparel.

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Are you looking to make it big in the used clothing market of the Netherlands? You are at the right place! The first step of your journey is to find a reliable supplier of second hand clothing Netherlands has to offer. Read on to know more about the top suppliers of used clothing in the Netherlands.

6 Reliable Suppliers of Used Clothing in Netherlands

While there are local wholesale suppliers of used clothing in the Netherlands, there are also global competitors like Indetexx who play a major role in the import and export of secondhand clothes across Europe. Here is a list of 7 reliable suppliers of second hand clothing Netherlands offers you.

  1. Indetexx

A Chinese secondhand clothing supplier who has been excelling in this field for more than 10 years, Indetexx is a reputed name when it comes to the business of used and preloved clothing. A sub-brand of the very famous Hissen Group, Indetexx has emerged as one of the most approached importers of used clothing in the Netherlands. The supplier offers a wide range of used clothing, shoes, sneakers, and other apparel in high quality. The company is, without a doubt, one of the top clothing bales suppliers in the Netherlands and its neighboring regions.

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Indetexx can be the perfect choice for your business because the supplier is open to customization and handles all client requests, regardless of the volume of the bales. The best second hand clothing Netherlands can be acquired from this company – choose Indetexx to serve your customer base with their desired apparel!

  1. Second Life Textile

Established in 2011, Second Life Textile is one of the major wholesale suppliers of used clothing in the Netherlands. The main motive of the company is to be a significant part of the Extended Producer Responsibility program and reduce textile waste. So the company focuses on collecting and recycling high-quality used clothes and supplies them in large and small bales. Since the company takes an environmentally-friendly approach, it focuses on maximum recycling and usage of used goods and apparel.

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Second Life Textile is unique from other suppliers because the supplier’s collection process involves door-to-door collection for big national charities. The company also imports and exports to many European countries including Germany. This supplier is undoubtedly one of the best ones to buy wholesale second hand clothing in Netherlands!

  1. Inyotex

Inyotex Recycling BV is a popular second-hand clothing supplier and sorter in the Netherlands. Having experience of over 15 years in this business, Inyotex majorly works on acquiring wholesale used clothes from various suppliers and sorting them. Then, the clothes are processed and segregated by type. Inyotex offers different grades of used clothing of export quality and also different types of rags. As per the customer’s requirements, the wholesale clothes are packed into either bags or bales. This makes Inyotex one of the most reliable suppliers of second hand clothing in Netherlands

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Inyotex is also a company that is concerned about environmental sustainability, so it is keenly aware of how recycling clothes can minimize textile waste. The company is also very interested in helping local as well as international clients with their orders – the transporting for both types of clients is made available by Inyotex. 

  1. Bemo Textil

Compared to the other suppliers in the list, Bemo Textil is a comparatively smaller wholesaler. This is because the supplier focuses mainly on offering its clients the best of high-quality used clothing in Netherlands. The supplier gets raw materials mainly from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. A friendly wholesaler who supplies to local retailers, Bemo Textil determines the price for their products and wholesale items based on a very fair price/quality ratio.

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Bemo Textil offers a wide range of sorted and recycled used clothing including men’s wear, women’s wear, and children’s clothing. The wholesaler also deals with used apparel, shoes, and jewelry. Once an appointment has been booked, it is easy to make business with this supplier. If you have an idea to start small-scale, then Bemo Textil is a perfect choice for you. 

  1. Satex B.V.

Although a comparatively younger company, Sartex B.V. has slowly risen to become one of the top competitors in the second hand clothing market in the Netherlands. A family business established in 2011, the company was capable of sorting and recycling around 2.5 tonnes of clothes every day in its initial stages. Through the years, the supplier has grown impressively and is currently handling 25 tonnes of used clothing every day. The company is also proud that it is a 5% shareholder in the market of second hand clothing in Netherlands.

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Satex B.V. exports to many African countries as well as other parts of the world. The supplier offers a wide range of products including new clothes and used clothes of different types and grades. You can mail the supplier to know more about their products and pricing policies.

  1. Kamo Textiel

Founded in 2010, Kamo Tex is one of the most dynamic sorting and recycling companies in The Netherlands that deals with high volumes of used clothing from all over Europe. The company acquires its raw materials from various high-level European collection companies – the raw materials are of top quality and are from some of the top cities in Europe. Kamo Tex is insistent on reducing textile waste, so they sort second-hand clothing in different grades and export them all over the world. The final low-grade quality is sent to the cement industry for making fuel.

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Kamo Tex prides itself in functioning according to the standards set by the Assessment of Certified Sorting Process. After processing and sorting the clothes, the supplier offers their products in either bags or bales. High-quality clothing, contemporary wear, and used winter items are some of the specialty products of this supplier.

Why Choose Indetexx as a Trusted Supplier of Used Clothing in Netherlands?

Indetexx is one of the top global competitors when it comes to the second-hand clothing market. The company also has a strong presence in Asia and Europe, thus making it a suitable supplier of used clothing in Netherlands. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Indetexx as your trusted partner for wholesale used clothing supply in The Netherlands:

  • Quality Raw Materials: Indetexx acquires its raw materials from the top-tier cities of China. The raw materials are of top quality and are sorted into different grades based on their quality and wear.
  • Standard Processing Techniques: Indetexx meets all the industrial standards through its processes. Through the different cycles of sorting and recycling, workers ensure that only the best clothing makes it to quality control.
  • Competitive Prices: Indetexx determines the price for its orders by considering a wide range of factors including quality, quantity, and the grade of clothing.

The Bottom Line

The market for second hand clothing in Netherlands is a fast and growing one, so starting a business there would be a great decision. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of used clothing in The Netherlands, contact Indetexx today! Indetexx is a leading international name in this business that can help you with your small-scale and large-scale orders. Visit our website today and get a quick quote for your orders!

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