Top 7 Suppliers of Second-Hand Clothes From Singapore

In the world of fashion with sustainability, where conscious consumers thrive. Singapore, renowned for its innovation and modernity, is leading the way in the second-hand clothing market. This trend has skyrocketed recently, with projections indicating it could outgrow traditional retail by 10x by 2025.

The growth of second hand clothes Singapore platforms has been phenomenal. The survey by mobile classifieds marketplace Carousell shows that most Singaporeans are comfortable with buying and selling on the second-hand market in some shape or form. Around 80% recirculate underutilized items through channels such as flea markets, social media, and online marketplaces.

Second Hand Clothes From Singapore
Source: Indetexx

In this blog post, we examine the realm of pre-loved fashion and showcase the top seven suppliers of second hand clothes in Singapore

Best 7 Suppliers of Second-Hand Clothes From Singapore

When it comes to finding reliable used clothing suppliers in Singapore, the process can be a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of wholesale distributors for second hand clothes in Singapore that will elevate the business growth and meet all of the customers’ needs. These second hand clothes Singapore suppliers are: 


indetexx logo
Source: Indetexx

Location (Headquarters): Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 2012

Since 2012, Indetexx has led the global used clothing supply and recycling market. We export to over 60 countries worldwide, offering an extensive range of products, including used clothing, shoes, bags, and other household items. Our customer base is diverse and extensive, with strongholds across the US and Europe, notably in Singapore.

At Indetexx, we pride ourselves on our advanced collection techniques from top-tier cities around the globe. Coupled with impressive recycling techniques, we’re able to deliver high-quality second-hand clothes that meet our high standards. With a special focus on fashion trends from European and Asian markets alongside many others, our product ranges are diverse in styles that cater to every fashion need.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes, 
  • Used shoes, 
  • Used Bags, 
  • Used Toys 
  • Mixed Rags

SNI Trading

Location (Headquarters): Singapore

Year Founded: 2013

SNI Trading Logo

SNI is a leading second hand clothes wholesale Singapore trading company, known for its high-quality second-hand clothing and electronics. The primary mission of this supplier is to reduce the harmful impact on the environment by promoting the recycling and reuse of textiles, paper, cardboard, and electronics.

Their products are of exceptional quality and are shipped worldwide to countries such as Singapore, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Western and Central African nations. SNI specializes in second-hand adult and children’s clothing of the highest quality levels available – Grade AAA. The selection ranges from adults’ spring and summer clothing to traditional costumes for adults and children.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used Clothes
  • Electronics Items
  • Toys

Maxis Trading LTD

Location (Headquarters): UK

Year Founded: 2011

Maxis Trading Logo

Maxis Trading LTD is a well-known second hand clothes wholesale Singapore and collector of used clothing, operating out of England for over ten years. The company is renowned for delivering high-quality secondhand apparel at affordable prices. Maxi’s extensive range encompasses men’s, women’s, and children’s wear, with each item scrutinized by the team carefully before it goes on sale. 

Because of their efficient supply chain management and close partnerships with suppliers, they can consistently offer competitive prices to clients. Maxi’s unparalleled customer service has helped businesses build strong relationships with customers from Southeast Asian markets, making them one of the industry’s most reliable used clothing vendors.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used Clothes

Les Petites Mains Du Limousin

Location (Headquarters): UK

Year Founded: 2011

Les Petites Mains Du Limousin Logo

Les Petites Mains Du Limousin is a leading provider of second-hand clothing recycling initiatives committed to improving its business model. They source their collections primarily from charitable and institutional organizations in the region, unlocking value from used clothing that may otherwise go to waste. 

What differentiates Les Petites from other used clothing recycling programs is its unique approach to offering low-cost wholesale options for those seeking high-quality second-hand clothing. With an unrelenting dedication to collecting and distributing these materials into the marketplace, Les Petites represents a dynamic force in the second-hand industry with numerous partnership opportunities.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes bags, 
  • Shoes 
  • Other used clothes and accessories.

Junas LTD

Location (Headquarters): Lithuania

Year Founded: 1998

Junas Logo

Junas LTD is a Lithuania-based company that prides itself on its professional team and meticulously curated selection of second-hand garments. Each piece undergoes a rigorous inspection process to ensure they meet their high standards for quality and fashion. Any items that do not measure up to their criteria are immediately discarded.

As a result of this careful selection process, Junas LTD can offer customers the best possible second-hand clothing options available at unbeatable prices. For those seeking a reliable used clothing supplier, Junas LTD is an excellent choice.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes, 
  • Shoes 
  • Bags and Rags

Textiles EL Haddadi,S.L.

Location (Headquarters): Spain

Year Founded: 2000

Textiles EL Haddadi,S.L

TEXTILES EL HADDADI, S.L. is a highly experienced wholesale distributor of second-hand clothing with over two decades in the industry. With a spacious facility spanning 4,000 square meters, the company meticulously sorts and prepares products for delivery to its customers. TEXTILES EL HADDADI sources a diverse range of used clothes from various European regions and prides itself on its expertise in classifying used clothing. Their commitment to quality has earned them high praise within the industry.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes


Location (Headquarters): China

Year Founded: 2012

Zagumi Logo

Zagumi is a reputable supplier of used clothing specializing in purchasing and selling bulk items for men, women, and children. The highly trained professionals carefully sort through each bale to ensure it contains the appropriate clothing to meet the business needs. 

With their efficient sorting system, they can fit up to 14,000kg of merchandise into a 20 ft. container or up to 28,000kg into a 40 ft. container within a time period of seven days. Zagumi’s extensive procedures include comprehensive inspection before packaging and loading onto conveyor belts using entirely manual labor methods – guaranteeing top-quality products with each delivery.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes
  • Used Shoes
  • Mixed Rags

Things To Consider Before Buying Second-hand Clothes

Source: Indetexx

When looking to purchase used clothing wholesale Singapore for business, there are several critical considerations that must be kept in mind. 

  • Quality & Condition: Customer satisfaction hinges on assessing the quality and condition of second-hand clothing items before selling them. Businesses must ensure stock is free of significant damages or flaws while maintaining consistent quality throughout their entire inventory range.
  • Variety & Styles: Variety in styles catering to particular niches and target markets elevates product appeal at the business establishment.
  • Check Legal Compliances: Legal compliance means fulfilling necessary licenses, permits or certifications closely related to the location of operation modality, securely running the business smoothly without legal hitches or liabilities incurable over time. 
  • Reputation: Research and evaluate the legitimacy of the chosen wholesale supplier by reviewing previous customer feedback through testimonies, recommendations or online reviews. 
  • Pricing: Pricing is another critical factor to consider when analyzing potential profitability. To determine if a particular batch of clothing will be profitable for the business, consider potential markup and retail prices in the market. The pricing must allow for a reasonable profit margin while remaining competitive.
  • Return Policy & Customer Support: Finally, inquire about wholesale suppliers’ return policies and customer support. Understanding how returns or inventory issues will be handled is crucial for good customer service practices. Excellent customer support from suppliers can help resolve concerns quickly and keep customers happy.


Before making a purchase of wholesale second-hand apparel for business, be sure to take into consideration these critical aspects: quality and condition, style and range, supplier reputation, pricing, quantity and storage capacity, and legal requirements, as well as the return policy. For high-quality goods and an array of fashion options for the company’s needs, team up with Indetexx. Contact Indetexx now to explore the selection and select a sustainable option for the business.

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