Top 8 Suppliers of Second-Hand Clothes Paris

Today more than ever, people are thinking about their impact on our planet. Many have pivoted towards seeking-innovative ways to lead more responsible lifestyles, including their consumption of fashion items. 

A considerable number of shoppers now gravitate towards eco-friendly clothing choices, which has led to Europe’s second-hand clothing sector achieving considerable success recently – expected to be valued at around $18,100 million by 2022 with further potential for growth reflected in estimates showing that its worth could rocket up to $40,676 million by 2032, going forward into a future that is becoming more and more dependent on the adoption of sustainable approaches. 

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In this blog post, we explore Paris’ dynamic second-hand clothes Paris marketplace showcasing a range of pre-loved fashion options in this vibrant city. Be with us to discover the top eight suppliers influencing the second-hand clothes sector.

Best 8 Suppliers of Second-Hand Clothes In Paris

Finding a reliable and trusted second-hand clothes Paris supplier may be challenging for businesses. Here is the compiled list of Paris’s top suppliers of used clothes.

  1. Indetexx

Location (Headquarters): Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 2012

Indetexx is a highly respected secondhand clothing provider in China that serves customers worldwide. Since its establishment in 2012, Indetexx has been exporting premium-quality new-old stock from Paris to over 60 countries. Our product selection includes used apparel, shoes, bags, toys, and more, and we are ISO-certified, which ensures standard credentials for all our used items, such as BV, SGS, and fumigation certificates.

For over a decade now, Indetexx has earned a reputation for sorting and selling bulk used clothing – catering to categories such as unsorted credential clothing, mixed rags, and vintage wear. We offer various container load capacities to businesses aspiring to trade with us; a 40ft container can hold over 28,600KG (640 bales of 45kg), while a 20ft container carries 300 bales of 45kg, which is approx 13,500 kg of second-hand clothes.

At Indetexx, we take pride in offering customized solutions that cater to specific wholesale demands – including personalized brand logo design – which improves recycling processes resulting in satisfied customers. Besides trading premium-grade second-hand clothes at affordable rates, we also provide quality women’s wearable collections, including handbags and toys.

Products & Services Offered

2. Gebetex Tri Normandie

Location (Headquarters): VERNON

The Group Gebetex comprises two reputable companies, namely Gebetex Collecte and Gebetex Tri Normandie. Our wholesale textile collection organization throughout France is known as Gebetex Collecte. We take pride in offering free resources to collect, store, and ship the products collected to associations, integration structures, and local authorities. Additionally, their partner organization – Gebetex Tri Normandie – is an Eco TLC-approved sorting center that recycles used textiles and supplies thrift stores through its wholesaler status. With a dedicated permanent team of 20 employees, they offer comprehensive services that cater to various needs–from extra-quality goods to fraying materials to shoes and leather.

Products & Services Offered

  • Used Clothes
  • Leather Goods
  • Used Shoes


Location (Headquarters): Paris, Île-de-France 

Year Founded: 2019

RECYKLING AND SECOND HAND (RKASH) is a leading collector and distributor of second-hand clothing and shoes from Paris, offering their services to clients across France and Europe. They specialise in all kinds of textiles, including vintage clothes that they source as wholesalers from Paris and its suburbs.

With an environmentally conscious approach, RKASH collects textiles from municipalities, private companies, and schools. This helps them provide clients with 150 tons of second-hand original clothes every month. Aside from summer and winter mixes, they also sell bales of grade A, B, and C, recycling mixtures, and Pakistan mixes.

Products & Services Offered

  • Used Clothes
  • waste management
  • Vintage

4. Hissen Global 

Location (Headquarters): China

Year Founded: 1990 

Hissen Global is one of the prominent wholesale used clothing suppliers worldwide due to their commitment to providing first-class products at a reasonable cost. Their fast shipping service and affordability make it the perfect place for procuring high-quality pre-owned garments. With an exceptional team of support staff, they assist businesses through every aspect of the bulk-used clothing enterprise seamlessly. 

Additionally, they possess over 100 premium materials, so they rarely run out of stock on any product line. Successful management of time is crucial while running a pre-owned garment wholesaler business.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes, 
  • Used shoes, 
  • Used Bags, 
  • Used Toys 
  • Mixed Rags

5. Les Petites Du Limousin

Location (Headquarters): UK

Year Founded: 2011

Les Petites Du Limousin is a wholesale used clothing store based in Aubusson, France. The core business principles revolve around sorting, recycling and selling high-quality used clothes in Paris, France and worldwide. They offer small, medium, and large bales of second-hand clothing in various categories, such as original garments and footwear, credential clothing, vintage clothing, and cream-quality household linen.

For better organization and seamless shipping processes, their products are classified by gender, garment type, and season to ensure that each client can receive their items easily without any hassle. 

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes bags, 
  • Shoes 
  • Other used clothes and accessories.

6. La Fripe Rhodanienne

Location (Headquarters): France

Year Founded: 1993

As a professional wholesale clothes supplier, LA FRIPE RHODANIENNE has been a thriving source of wealth for over 30 years. With extensive export experience, they can guarantee satisfactory service to all their clients.

Their product range includes men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, leather goods, work clothes, linen, toys and more. As a leading second-hand clothing supplier in France, LA FRIPE RHODANIENNE mainly offers its services to exhibition venues and other exporters of second-hand clothes Paris.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes bags, 
  • Shoes, Toys
  • Leather accessories.

7. Continental Frip

Location (Headquarters): France

Year Founded: 1990

CONTINENTAL is the biggest second-hand clothing store in Europe, boasting over 50 stores across France. Their mission is to provide customers with affordable yet new apparel for men, women, and children. The company operates two types of stores: the first is franchise outlets that offer everything from shoes to accessories. In contrast, the selective stores feature only a curated selection of clothing items.

The used clothes are carefully sorted using an intelligent and manual process that utilises state-of-the-art warehouse sorting systems. They are committed to delivering top-quality used clothes by strictly controlling the quality.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes 
  • Used bags

8. Origin Sas

Location (Headquarters): France.

Year Founded: 2021

Origin Textiles stands out as a leading global supplier of second-hand clothing with an exceptional reputation in Paris and beyond. They prioritise prompt delivery and strive to exceed their client’s expectations when purchasing bulk used items. Origin Textiles takes full responsibility for its products, particularly second-hand clothing, ensuring that each piece meets its high standards. Their extensive range includes premium-grade footwear, quality garments, children’s toys, fashionable handbags for women, and other chic accessories.

Products and Services Offered: 

  • Used clothes

Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Supplier For Business

Selecting an appropriate supplier ensures seamless business operations’ efficacy or efficiency. It’s crucial, therefore, to consider some critical factors beforehand. One should also carefully research potential Paris second-hand clothes suppliers keeping these key things in mind. 

Reputation & Timeliness

A supplier’s reputation and proven punctuality can help prevent delays and avoid costly disruptions. Check customer reviews and supplier track records to understand who’s best for your business.

Product/Service Quality

Before selecting a supplier, evaluate the quality of their offerings. Look into their quality control, certifications, and guarantees. Try their products or services personally to verify they meet required standards and ensure customer satisfaction, boosting your brand reputation.

Competitive Pricing

Consider the pricing structure when choosing a supplier. Compare costs and select competitively priced, high-quality offerings. Think beyond the upfront cost to consider long-term value factors like durability, reliability, and customer service.


Check a supplier’s adaptability to your changing business needs. Inspect their production capacity, inventory management, and flexibility to adjust order sizes or details. A supplier who can grow with your business helps avoid the inconvenience of frequent changes.


Paris’s second-hand clothing market is thriving and contributing positively towards sustainability in the fashion industry. As more consumers look for eco-friendly choices in their wardrobes, these top eight suppliers remain at the forefront of this movement by providing exceptional quality Paris second-hand clothes throughout the city. From a wide array of pre-loved apparel to their commitment to recycling textiles responsibly, each supplier boasts its unique selling point. 

Trust Indetexx’s vast selection of used clothing apparel that caters precisely to the wholesale needs while making an environmentally responsible decision by partnering with them.

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