Top Suppliers of Second Hand Clothes From France

France is always associated with fashion – known as the Fashion Capital of the World, this country has long been famous for its culture and fashion sense. One lesser-known fact is that France is also well-known for used and recycled clothes – finding top-quality second hand clothes is an easy job in France as there are many reputed used clothes suppliers.

While there are many options to look for used clothing in France, the quality suppliers stand out. Are you looking for high-quality wholesale suppliers of second hand clothing in France? Then, this article is the right place for you. Read on to know more about the top suppliers of second hand clothes from France.

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Top 8 Suppliers of Second Hand Clothes From France

Finding the right used clothing companies in France might not be a cake walk, so we have simplified it for you. Here is a well-compiled list of wholesale suppliers of second hand clothes in France that will boost your business and satisfy the customers!


indetexx logo

Founded in 2012, Indetexx is one of the global leaders in used clothing supply and recycling. This company exports to more than 60 countries across the world. Indetexx deals with used clothing, shoes, bags, and many other apparel and household products. They have a large customer base in diverse markets including the US and Europe, especially in France.

Indetexx collects used clothing from top-tier cities and uses impressive recycling techniques to arrive at high-quality second hand clothes. Indetexx also offers clothes of many varieties of fashion styles – ranging from European, Asian, and many other styles, the supplier specializes in diverse clothing fashion trends and styles.

La Fripe Rhodanienne

La Fripe Rhodanienne Logo

A famous used cloth supplier from France, La Fripe Rhodanienne is one the largest used clothing companies in France. With over 30 years of expertise in this field, this company offers its clients everything they ask for. High-quality raw materials and perfect packaging are the specialties of this supplier. 

La Fripe Rhodanienne offers a wide range of clothing, from thrift clothes to household linens. The company also offers transport facilities for orders throughout the year. Recycled and treated well, these used clothes from France are packaged well and offered at exclusive prices by this company.


Zagumi Logo

Zagumi has performed as a leading supplier of used clothes for more than 10 years now. The company imports and exports second-hand clothes across the world. Zagumi not only offers high-quality second-hand clothes, but it also specializes in grading, sorting, and recycling clothes collected from reliable sources. The supplier also offers used shoes, bags, and other second hand apparel.

Zagumi aims to empower third-world nations with the finest used clothes, and it works effectively for it. Zagumi offers clothing in various sizes and trends, this making it easy for buyers to choose affordable high-quality clothes in catchy trends. 

Continental Frip

Continental Frip Logo

One of the top most used clothes suppliers in France for over 10 years, Continental Frip is known for its variety of clothing and quality service. The company has a large customer base all over Europe and across the world but France serves as its primary hub of activity. Continental Frip is not just a wholesale company that deals with second hand clothes in France but it also has franchise stores across the country.

Continental Frip, like many of its competitors, offers used clothing, shoes, apparel, jewelry, and many other specialty items. The sorting, grading, and quality-checking services of this company are commendable for their top-notch quality.

GEBETEX Tri Normandie

GEBETEX Tri Normandie

A Franco-Dutch company located in Normandy, GEBETEX deserves a mention in the list for the sheer amount of used clothes they handle every day – the supplier recycles and processes nearly 20 tons of clothes and apparels each day. Although the company is less than 10 years old, it is a popular choice among many businesses, all credit to the effective techniques used by the supplier to process the used clothing from France and other places.

Accredited by the Eco-TLC body, this supplier plays a crucial role in recycling of waste and thus effectively protecting the environment from tons and tons of waste. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of GEBETEX Tri Normandie is the supplier’s vision of combining Dutch methodologies with the French vision for fashion – this is how the second hand clothing and apparel supplier is able to satisfy customers and clients from all corners of the world.


Used clothing arranged in a box

CONOR is a company based in Spain but has clients from all over the world, specifically Europe. Known for its reliable quality and customer service, this supplier has sustained many years in the second hand clothes market in France. CONOR offers commendable after-sales service and negotiable prices.

Apart from offering second hand clothes, shoes, bags, and other apparel, the company also specializes in other services like sorting, grading, and packaging. One can choose packages of clothes based on different categories like gender, or seasonal clothes.

Eurotex Discount

Euotex Discount Logo

Eurotex Discount stands out from all the suppliers because they mainly source their raw materials from schools, colleges, offices, and other related associations. The company deals with a huge number of second hand clothing, leather items, and footwear. One of the most reliable used clothing companies in France, Eurotex Discount also offers competitive prices.

The company employs sorting and recycling processes with great effort and care to arrive at high-quality used clothing from France. This company is also keenly involved in reducing cloth waste – this is why their recycling techniques are standardized – the resulting processed clothing items are a favorite among clients.

JHF Belgium

JHF Belgium Logo

One of the advantages of JHF Belgium is that the company is located in the heart of Belgium. As an added advantage, the supplier is also located in one of the wealthiest parts of Europe. This means that raw materials sourced by this supplier are of the best quality. These materials are majorly collected from many well-off parts of the UK and Belgium. JHF Belgium is also a worthy contender in the used clothing France market. 

The company grades its processed goods into different categories based on the used clothing grade. JHF Belgium strives to maintain a long-lasting relationship with its clients, and it achieves the same by offering quality products consistently.

Why Choose Indetexx for Second Hand Clothes from France

An inspector checks used clothes for quality inspection

While there are many used clothing companies that export to France, it is Indetexx that performs excellently. This is because Indetexx offers great benefits to all of its clients. Here’s why you should make us your second-hand clothing partner:

  • Quality Raw Material – We source raw materials from top-tier cities, so there is no doubt about the top-notch quality of the products.
  • Standardized Processing – Every step of the recycling process is performed with precision. Our inspection process is also strict – this ensures that there are no defects in the goods.
  • Strict Quality Control – Before the products are packed, they are put through several rounds of quality inspection so that only the best of products reach the customers.

The Bottom Line

Buying wholesale second hand clothes from France is a good decision because many suppliers in the country offer a wide range of choices – be it in terms of grade of clothing, different trends, varying sizes, and types of clothing, there is a lot to choose from. With a supplier like Indetexx, buyers can enjoy competitive prices for high-quality used clothing, footwear, and apparel from France. 

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