Top Clothing Bales Suppliers in Durban

Selling second-hand clothes online is a great idea, whether you’re doing it for charity or to find a new source of income. If you want your fashion line to be of the highest caliber, a relationship with a clothes supplier that meets and exceeds your requirements while advancing your end goals is essential. 

But, finding clothing bales suppliers in Durban can be a difficult task. We have made it easier for you with this list of the top 8 Clothing Bales Suppliers.

Best Bale Clothing Supplier Globally

The used clothing exporters – Indetexx, is a leading supplier of used clothing in China. They offer over 120 categories of used clothing with diverse colors and styles, so they are sure to fulfil your business requirements. With six bale clothing ware house in Africa countries, Indetexx supplies second hand clothing bales for sale in durban, saving both time and money on international shipping as well as sea freight.

Assorted is the ideal source for eBay sellers, flea market vendors, wholesalers, and retailers because they can assist you in realizing your used clothing resale goals.

The sorting staff has an average of 6 years of sorting experience, 8 years of experience in the export of bales of clothing, and an experienced quality inspection team. They can customize the weight and bundles of your orders thanks to their eight years of experience in the used clothing sector. Additionally, their abundance of resources and effective supply chain, gives them a competitive edge over the other durban clothing bales suppliers. 

Products and Services Offered:

  • Unsorted used clothing
  • Used jeans
  • Plus size second hand dresses
  • Bulk used shoes
  • Mixed rags and more.

List of 8 Clothing Bales Suppliers in Durban

Assorted Bales Co-op Ltd.

Assorted Bales logo

Source: Global suppliers

Assorted Bales, one of Durban’s most sought-after recycling factories, provides various African and Asian nations with second-hand clothes. They are one of the top provider of used clothing in Africa with more than 35 years of expertise. They have 200 highly skilled employees working in their warehouse to sort, pack, and label all the products properly. 

They have six foreign warehouses in the African nations. In these warehouses, they always have a significant inventory on hand to transport to the nearby stores. The main objective of Assorted Bales is to offer its customers high-quality second hand clothes in durban at extremely reasonable prices along with satisfying services. Whatever your demands, they would be happy to develop a customized solution for you.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes
  • Sorted and unsorted used products

National Clothing Distributors

National Clothing Distributors logo

Source: National Clothing Distributors

The majority of National Clothing Distributor’s exports go to West and East Africa. While their bale clothing is of high quality, the costs are low. They have a wide variety of used coats and jackets for men, women, and children. They also offer different discount offers throughout the year on bulk orders. They desire to inspire, inform, and update the customers about the latest stock and inventories of second hand clothing bales for sale in durban for a better shopping experience.

The company is not just an online wholesaler but a destination for their customers to find everything they need to outsource clothes for their business. They invite their business partners to visit their factories and observe how things are run. Along with gathering and sorting Durban bales of clothing, they also pack and load it into trucks and create a customs declaration. They also provide reasonably priced ocean shipping.

Products and Services offered:

  • Used jackets
  • Used coats


Overcoats logo

Source: Overcoats

The Overcoats Exporters employ highly skilled individuals with years of expertise in the import/export industry. They offer their distributors, who are spread across worldwide markets, a sizable selection of secondhand coats and jackets. They work mostly with partners who are based in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used overcoats


Zagumi logo

Source: Zagumi

Zagumi is an unsorted used clothing supplier. In addition to secondhand clothing, Zagumi also sells used purses and shoes. They have eight years of expertise exporting high-quality used items to many nations. They are one of the best representatives of second hand clothing bales for sale in durban since they have their own exclusive factory, a qualified staff, and a commitment to putting the needs of customer first. In a short period of time, it developed to become one of China’s top recycling businesses.

Products and Services Offered

  • Casual jeans
  • Used Jackets
  • Polo shirts
  • Formal attire
  • Used Toys 
  • Mixed rags

Trans-Americas Trading Co

Trans America Trading Co. logo

Source: Tranclo

Trans-Americas Trading Co. is a wholesale second hand clothing supplier that works with both new and used clothes. They have their headquarters in New Jersey, USA, and provide cost-effective, high-quality clothing to retailers all around. 

They offer a wide variety of goods, including second hand clothes in durban for men, women, and children as well as shoes and accessories. They provide exceptional customer service; from giving quotations to quickly sending products, they consistently go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied.

Products and Services Offered

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes
  • Accessories

M&J Exports/Imports Co

Based in Los Angeles, California, M&J Exports/Imports Co. provides SA bulk bale of clothes to retailers all over the world. In addition to fulfilling special requests from customers for new or used clothes of all types and sizes, this wholesale used clothing firm specializes in exporting second hand clothing bales for sale in durban. 

Customers appreciate that they can get a large variety of products, including designer names, which distinguishes this wholesale business from others. Additionally, their products are of high quality and adhere to the necessary safety regulations.

Products and Services Offered

  • Used clothes
  • Used Shoes
  • Pre-owned Bags


EasyTex logo

Source: Europages

EasyTex is a reliable second hand clothes supplier that has been in  business for over 10 years. In comparison to other wholesale businesses in Durban, they stand out because they offer a wide choice of products, including vintage, new, and secondhand clothing. EasyTex has some of the greatest competitive prices since their used clothing is in excellent shape, with the majority of it being barely worn and perfect for reselling.

Products and Services Offered

  • Vintage clothes
  • Used clothes
  • Used clothes

5 Tips in Finding Reliable Suppliers of Clothing Bales in Durban

With hundreds of suppliers to choose from, sourcing clothing bales suppliers in Durban can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you in finding second hand clothing bales for sale in Durban.

1. Find the right keyword: When you are doing your research for Durban bale clothes suppliers, success will depend on selecting the appropriate product keyword. Every supplier has a different product focus, so you need to be careful just to list the relevant ones, like used clothes suppliers in Durban. Avoid being overly specific because you won’t find suppliers who match your description.

2. Reliability: Your production process will be considerably impacted by the reliability of your Durban second hand clothes supplier. Your objective will be to evaluate SA bale clothing suppliers for a streamlined operation. There are a million different ways that a small hiccup can butterfly-effect its way through a supply chain.

3. Experience: If a supplier has been in operation and prospering for a long period of time, it’s usually a strong point in their favor because companies continue to trust their services. Unreliable bale clothes suppliers tend to buckle quickly under bad reputations.

4. Check for past records: Finding out what a clothing supplier considers success to be is the quickest way to determine if they are up to par. Look up the companies they’ve worked with or request examples from them (sales data, growth, etc). 

5. Money for value: Just because you are buying second-hand clothes, does not mean that you will find clothes for affordable prices. Don’t be afraid to ask for bulk discounts or other offers for buying second-hand clothes.

Where to Buy Second Hand Clothing Bales for Sale in Durban

There are several local stores that offer second-hand clothing bales for sale in Durban like Second Chance, The Curiosity Charity Shop, The Olde Charity Shoppe, and Rags and Lace. Alternatively, you can look up online stores that offer second hand clothes in Durban. 

You always have the option of outsourcing your Durban bales of clothing from reliable suppliers overseas if you don’t mind the extra shipping costs. But the cost of purchasing clothes from overseas suppliers will not necessarily be higher than the price of local purchases, like Indetexx, its cost and quality of second hand clothing bales for sale in durban will make you surprised.


We advise you to check out the above-mentioned stores if you’re wanting to buy wholesale used clothing for your Durban business. If you want more details on how they can assist with your company needs, feel free to get in touch with them and inquire about their inventory.You can contact Indetexx for more information about selling and buying bales of second hand clothing.

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