Where To Buy Second Hand Shoes Online And Offline

Utilizing second hand shoes and clothing can let people take advantage of fast fashion while reducing its negative effects. Fortunately, many people are beginning to understand how they can be more environmentally friendly and sustainable by buying and selling second hand things. This is the reason the demand for second hand shoes and other goods is growing on a global scale.

As the demand for second hand shoes is increasing, it has become relatively vital to choose a reliable used shoe, and bale clothes supplier that is known for delivering good quality used items. Make sure to go through this blog to figure out where to buy used shoes in bulk and know the best second hand shoe suppliers. 

The Trend Of Buying Second Hand Shoes

Second Hand Shoes
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As of 2022, the market value of second hand designer shoes is around US$ 421.8 million. In addition to that, the used designer shoe market is projected to reach about US$ 893.9 million by 2032. The estimated CAGR between 2022 to 2032 for the second hand designer shoe market is nearly 7.8%.

Reusing used shoes guarantees that we utilize them to the utmost extent possible. This assures that we execute the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle strategy in the end. The principle of sustainable development is supported by the use of second hand shoes. Also, it not only minimizes the usage of natural resources but also lowers pollution due to less industrial activity.

Purchasing used shoes would give the opportunity to haggle for the low price, which is mostly impossible when buying brand-new shoes as they tend to have a fixed price. The market for used shoes and sneakers is anticipated to increase as people have the chance to bargain for a better deal. 

When purchasing used shoes, the merchants do not use cardboard or another extravagant packing. As a result, there will be less garbage accumulating there. The market for used shoes supports the development of regional businesses, which is one of the most underappreciated but important advantages it provides.

Where To Buy Second Hand Shoes Online And Offline

Second Hand Shoes In Box Bales
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Wondering where to buy second hand shoes, then make sure to check out the below sections that will ease your search. 

Search Wholesale Bales Of Clothes On Google

One of the best and easy ways to know where to buy second hand shoes online and offline is to search for used shoe suppliers on Google. At present, due to the high demand for second hand shoes, it is possible to quickly find numerous online and offline used shoe suppliers. 

When looking for online stores, it is essential to check the rating and read the reviews to ensure the credibility of the online supplier. In addition to that, one should research about the online store to know if they provide shipping services to your region. It is especially vital when selecting an online store that is based out of your country. 

When looking for offline suppliers of second hand shoes, it is vital to know about the companies, their experience, and their location. Besides, check if they export second hand shoes to other countries and their shipment time. When choosing an offline supplier based in your country, see if they offer door delivery services or if the clients have to visit the factory to acquire second hand shoes. 

Work With A Sourcing Bale Shoe Agency

Reaching out and working with a bale second hand shoe agency is another approach to get access to used shoes. A sourcing bale shoe agency will have bulk quantities of used shoes. So, it is possible to contact a reliable second hand shoe sourcing agency and acquire used shoe bales. 

It is vital to keep in mind that there are plenty of bale suppliers of second hand shoes. So, be cautious when picking a used shoe bale agency since there is a chance of choosing a fake supplier. Also, take a note to check the reviews and the quality and the aging of the second hand shoes supplied by the agencies. 

Search Name-brand Distributor And Wholesaler Offline

Many people often think about where can I buy second hand shoes offline. Several offline retail brands want to clear out their old inventory to make place for their upcoming range of products. However, a few offline stores might be willing to sell shoes at a lower price if they plan to shut down or move their stock. By knowing what you are searching for, it is possible to purchase the shoes from the wholesaler and resale them for a respectable profit margin.

Obtain an inventory list of the precise shoes you are purchasing if you are buying them in bales for your business. Investigate the market to see if there is a considerable demand for these products. Check out Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and other online retailers to see if there are any comparable products. Despite how inexpensive it appears to be, do not forget to account for shipping expenses as well.

The demand for brand shoes is pretty high, which is why many sellers offer brand-name used shoes to gain more profits. Some vendors claimed that they quickly sold branded footwear because individuals always have money to spend on brand clothing, especially if it is cheap. Make sure to research the market before buying bales of used shoes because the brand-name shoe market can be more expensive to enter and has a more intense rivalry.

Online Arbitrage Product Sourcing

Retail arbitrage entails buying from a regular retail store, raising the cost, and selling it through another retail outlet than purchasing from wholesalers or direct manufacturers. Online arbitrage increased in popularity as e-commerce took off. As of now, online marketplaces like Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay are the most popular ways to sell second hand shoes.

Look for a used shoe bale that can be acquired for less money than it is being sold on Amazon or another online store. Purchase second hand shoes from the vendor and get them delivered to your business storage warehouse. Put the item up for sale at a cost that leaves you with a sizable profit margin. 

  • eBay

eBay continues to be one of the largest international online retailers, with about 182 million global customers. Almost every type of product is accessible on eBay due to the diverse sellers. With a 4.2% market share in the United States and about $40.47 billion in online sales, eBay is one of the more established companies in the online retail industry.

Lately, eBay has made some technical changes to its platform that made it possible to purchase and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). eBay announced that they have about 187 million users across the world, and the mobile app is being utilized by 34.9% of people in the USA. 

  • Amazon

One of the largest online retailers in the world is Amazon. When Amazon was first established, it served as a digital marketplace for the sale of tangible goods. Amazon now provides a variety of goods and services. Amazon reportedly accounts for close to 50% of all retail e-commerce sales.

Amazon has transformed purchasing habits and is now profiting from its tremendous e-commerce sales. Client focus and operational optimization are two elements that lead to its growth. These two tactical decisions have helped Amazon grow into a significant retailer, bringing in US$469.822 billion in revenue in 2021.

  • Alibaba

Founded in China in 1999, Alibaba is a well-known prominent participant in the e-commerce industry. Alibaba Group Holding is a sizable global conglomerate holding corporation with expertise in everything, including e-commerce, online retail, technology, and the Internet. 

Alibaba is a famous Chinese marketplace that primarily caters to other businesses. It is a business-to-business retailer, and there are no selling costs. Alibaba’s revenue, which accounts for 57% of its revenue, is primarily derived from platform keyword bidding and ads. In addition, Alibaba made about $109 billion in revenue in 2021.

Find A Bale Shoe Supplier & Exporter In China

To get used shoes, discovering the suppliers and exporters who deliver second hand shoes bales is a wise decision. Chinese suppliers of used shoes are renowned for their inexpensive costs and frequently offer a wide variety of shoe styles. The China-based vendors deliver both wholesale and dropshipping services and carry about every style of sneaker you can imagine.

  • Dropshipping

In the case of dropshipping, the retailers don’t hold inventory of the used shoes they sell. Instead, they make a purchase from a third party and arrange for the used shoe to be delivered to the customer. Due to that, the seller is relieved of direct product management. 

Without having to purchase shoes or touch them yourself, your business can list the shoe models and sizes that the dropshipper carries. When your business sells something, it can be purchased from the dropshipper, and your brand can enter the consumer’s address, and the dropshipper will package and send the shoes on your company’s behalf.

Verify the stock status of the dropship products your business is listing. Think about removing the listings before they are completely gone if stock is becoming low. After shipping the orders, check on their status. Your business must be aware of any impending delays in order to inform the clients about them.

Where To Buy Second Hand Shoes In Bulk

Secondhand Shoes In bulk
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In search of second hand shoe stores and suppliers to know where to buy second hand shoes in bulk? In that case, the below list of bulk second hand shoe suppliers will make your search relatively easy. 

1. Indetexx

Indetexx has always been one of the top picks for acquiring bulk quantities of second hand shoes. This company was started in 2012 in the Guangdong region of China. They are famous in the domestic and international second hand market for delivering affordable and highest quality second hand shoes, second hand clothes, used bags, used toys, and other second hand stuff. 

They have nearly 400 workers who work to sort out the second hand shoes and arrange them accordingly. The workers handle around 280,000 kg of products in a day. The sorting and shipping capacity of Indetexx is about 10 containers on a day-to-day basis. They maintain about 6 warehouses in different countries across the world where the stock of Indetexx China used clothes and second hand shoes are maintained. 

In 2012, Indetexx began with a 3000 sq m factory. Over time, this company equipped its factory with high-end operating lines and commercial equipment. They supervise over 30 standardized production lines, and their yearly sales reached 100 million in 2017. They supply to Asian countries, including Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia. 

Their African supply chain market includes countries like Togo, Nigeria, Congo, Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Angola, Madagascar, Cameroon, Zambia, Malawi, Chad, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Guinea, Liberia, and Côte d’Ivoire. Their Middle East market includes countries like Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Dubai, Bahrain, and Iraq. In addition to that, Indetexx exports to American countries, including Chile, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Dominica. 

2. Grailed

Grailed is one of the leading websites where you can buy a wide variety of used shoes. Grails (top-notch designer models), Hype (trending new arrivals), Sartorial (top-notch traditional models), and Core (major brands) make up the four separate areas of Grailed. Curated discounts like the Grailed 100 further distinguish Grailed from other used shoe selling websites. 

As Grailed only uses PayPal for payments, customers are secure. The skilled staff at Grailed constantly verifies and sorts the used shoes into different categories. They confirm that products are real, actually owned by the vendor, and correctly sorted among Grailed’s three strata. The cost of shipping must be agreed upon by the buyer. 

3. Project Blitz

In search of second hand shoes that were just released recently or want rare models? Then, Project Blitz is the best choice. Project Blitz is situated in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. It is made by the famed Croatian Style collector Andre Ljustina.

For years, Project Blitz has been the leading website for customers and businesses looking to purchase hard-to-find or unique pairs of sneakers. This comprises unique samples, limited-edition sneakers, and rare dunks. It is also possible to acquire the most recent models at a reasonable cost.


Another respectable online second hand shoe marketplace is REBELLE. You can discover a distinctive assortment of high-end luxury used shoes from all the major designers at REBELLE. They give authenticity and quality a high priority so that customers enjoy shopping with them. 

In the harbor city of Hamburg, their headquarters are housed in a historic warehouse with a loft-like ambiance. Max Schönemann and Cécile Wickmann are the founders of this website. Through the REBELLE website, customers and businesses can examine images and descriptions of second hand shoes and submit an offer to purchase them.

5. Flight Club

One of the legitimate second hand sneaker trading websites is Flight Club. One can purchase both new and used footwear. It combines the benefits of the modern world with the experience of a consignment shop. It is possible for buyers to acquire second hand shoes either online or via the stores. This used shoe website has a massive inventory ranging from ordinary sneakers to rare shoes. When purchasing online, they will ship the purchased stock to your delivery address. 

Where To Buy Second Hand Sneakers

Second Hand Sneakers
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Thinking about where to buy second hand sneakers? Check out the below-listed sites from where one can acquire the best quality and different types of second hand sneakers

1. Indetexx

Whether looking to buy second hand sneakers online or offline, Indetexx is one of the best choices. Located in the Guangdong region of China, Indetexx offers the highest quality used sneakers at a reasonable price. This company was inaugurated in 2012 and had nearly 10 years of experience in exporting second hand shoes. 

This company is prominent for having two factories spread across 10,000 sq m and retaining nearly 20 production lines for delivering second hand sneakers bales. Their supplying capacity is 2000 40ft containers annually. The factories are equipped with global standard certifications, including ISO 45001, ISO9001, and ISO14001. 

In 2016, they created an overseas business team to start exporting second hand sneakers to more than 60 countries. They established around 6 local offices in Nigeria, Lagos and Abba, and the Philippines. They ship the used sneakers to several Asian, American, African, and middle eastern countries. 

2. Stadium Goods

When Stadium Goods was first established in 2015, it rapidly made a name for itself as one of New York City’s top resale and consignment stores for second hand shoes. With the help of collaborations in China and financial support from the fashion industry titan LVMH, it has now expanded its reach to both local and global markets. Alibaba and eBay are partners with the company.

Though many of the suppliers on this list provide the most recently used shoes, Stadium Goods stands out due to its propensity for carrying incredibly pricey and unusual second hand shoes that you can not get anywhere. Stadium Goods’ inventory, which includes hyped streetwear, accessories, and sneakers, is remarkable.

3. CrepDog Crew

CrepDog Crew began as an Instagram reseller page in 2019, and in 2020 they launched their website. As of now, they have some of the highest-quality sneakers one can possibly find online. They started their store in Delhi NCR in February 2022 and stock the hottest footwear there. They even have a cafe called Brisk and the best used streetwear from more than 30 different brands.

Going through the latest collection on their website is strongly advised, especially the most recent Travis Scott X Jordan model. CrepDog Crew established some of the most well-known local and global streetwear brands, yet second hand sneakers remain their main focus.

4. Goat

Another trustworthy online marketplace where one can buy and resell sneakers is Goat. It is possible to acquire and sell sneakers via their website or mobile application. The GOAT is based in Los Angeles and is the greatest for second hand shoes that have been verified as genuine. On the GOAT website, vendors advertise their sneakers for sale, and purchasers can choose from a collection of more than 75,000 pieces of footwear.

GOAT disclosed their planned merger with venerable consignment retailer Flight Club in February 2018. They will be able to immensely scale their retail and online operations to fulfill client demand both domestically and globally, thanks to the merger of Flight Club and GOAT. 

Top Supplier You Could Buy Second-hand Shoes From

Sorted Second Hand Shoes
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Buying used shoes in bales is beneficial since it is possible to acquire more qualities of shoes at a relatively lesser price. However, it is vital to pick the best supplier that assures to deliver only decent quality shoes that are free from holes, tears, and damage. Here is the list of the top-notch Chinese suppliers of second hand shoes in bales. 

1. Indetexx

indetexx used mixed shoes

When looking for a top bale supplier of second hand shoes in China, the first option would be Indetexx. Indetexx was established in 2012 and had been supplying second hand shoes, second hand clothes, second hand bags, used designer bags, second hand toys, used household things, and so on. 

With about 10 years of experience in exporting second hand shoes, Indetexx is known for delivering the best quality used shoes at a relatively low price on bales. They delivered the highest quality products to more than 200+ brands that had gained great reputations because of the quality products sourced from Indetexx. 

The categories are tailored to distinct marketplaces, and they follow strict quality control. The second hand shoes are specifically hand-selected and examined for aging and damage by the active workers. Only if the shoes meet 90% of the quality standard, they will be taken to the warehouse.

In addition to that, 2000+ customers were highly satisfied with the second hand shoes bales supplied by Indetexx. Indetexx is popularly known for exporting second hand shoes to more than 60 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and America. 

Indetexx maintains two active second hand shows factories that are spread over an area of 20,000 sq m. They have massive production lines which are equipped with global standards. This supplier retains different certifications like SVS, BV, SVS, ISO9001, ISO 45001, and ISO14001.

They are known for having extensive recycling channels that authorize them to recycle at least 6,000 tons of products on a monthly basis. This supplier maintains a standardized procedure, and the workers will segregate about ten 40-foot containers of used products. 

2. Fansung Recycling Resources Co., Ltd

Fansung Recycling Resources Co., Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of second hand shoe bales in China. Apart from used shoes, this supplier also handles used bags, second hand clothing, wiping rags, etc. This supplier was established in 2001 Standards and is based in Guangdong province of China. 

They supply the highest quality used shoes that come with super-grade specifications. Damaged shoes, shoes with holes, and torn shoes are extracted prior to packaging. In addition to that, they have skilled workers who work five times more cautiously to sort the second hand shoes. They guarantee to deliver shoes that do not have any stains or rips. 

The second hand shoes are filled in bales. Each bale is approximately 25 kg, or this can be customized up to 100 kg as per the customer’s conditions. This supplier is known to have an ultimate second hand shoes supply capacity of 2000 tons per month. They handle about 50 containers with 40ft dimensions on a monthly basis. 

They have about 150 active working staff. This Chinese supplier delivers second hand shoes within a delivery duration of 3 to 5 working days for 40 HQ containers. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is one 20ft container. This supplier exports second hand shoes through the primary ports of Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The primary markets that Fansung Recycling Resources Co., Ltd supplies second hand shoes is Russia, Nigeria, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Costa Rica, Benin, Indonesia, Tanzania, Ghana, Malaysia, Kenya, Togo, Congo, Pakistan, Philippines, Cameroon, and Niger. 

3. Zagumi

One of the top bale suppliers for used shoes in china is Zagumi. Zagumi was started in 2015, and with nearly 8 years of experience, it has become a leading exporter of used shoes, second hand clothes, second hand bags, etc. Zagumi is based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. 

This supplier has strict quality control measures, and the standardized production procedure happens with manual sorting. All the sourced used shoes will undergo about three quality inspections before they can be packaged. Zagumi handles more than 3000 tons of recycling products on a monthly basis. 

They retain about two massive factories that are spread over 20,000 square meters with 400 active workers. Their standardized production helps them to segregate about 10 40ft containers of used shoes on a day-to-day basis. Zagumi has been exporting second hand shoes since several years and has been successful as they only ship high-quality used products. 

The quality of second hand shoes is very good, and they maintain supply stability, which makes them one of the top bale used shoes suppliers. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is one 20ft or 40ft container. They ship the used shoes in bales, and every bale will carry about 20 kg To 25 kg of products. 

Before ordering used shoes in bales, it is mandatory to pay a 30% deposit and a 70% payment prior to loading. Zagumi offers payments in various markets, including PayPal, TT, LC, and so on. They deliver second hand shoes to various countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. They offer 24/7 customer service and ensure a quick delivery. 

4. Shenzhen Dongdai Industry Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Dongdai Industry Co., Ltd is another decent supplier of second hand shoe bales. This supplier is based in Dongchong Town in the Nansha District of Guangdong, China. It was founded in 2002 and has been a promising supplier of second hand clothes, used shoes, second hand bags, etc. 

They deliver nearly 60 containers on a monthly basis to various countries. They have about two factory facilities that are spread over an area of 10,000 square meters. The factories are equipped with 10 flow-line production and 5 balers. They have active workers who work on shifts to sort out the used shoes and pack them accordingly. 

Shenzhen Dongdai Industry Co., Ltd is known for supplying certified products. They deliver second hand shoes that come with various certifications, such as BESC, CNCA, SGS, BIC, BV, and many more. The main market of Shenzhen Dongdai Industry Co., Ltd is Africa and Southeast Asia. 

They export second hand shoes to more than 25 countries, such as Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Togo, Liberia, Gabon, Kenya, Ghana, Congo-Kinshasa, Uganda, Malawi, Congo- Brazzaville, Burundi, Zambia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia. 

It is essential to complete 30% of the deposit and 70% of the total payment prior to loading the second hand shoes. They export bales of second hand shoes in quantities of 45 kg, 65 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, and so on. This supplier offers PIL or MSK shipment within a period of 21 days. 

Final Thought

The demand for second hand shoes is enhancing as people realize the numerous advantages of getting used shoes and sneakers. As their demand grows, the second hand shoe market is thriving, with hundreds of suppliers emerging every now and then. So, be cautious while picking a used shoe supplier. 

Make sure to contact Indetexx to quickly acquire second hand shoes in bales at a reasonable cost. By reaching out to Indetexx, help your used shoe business go well and gain more profits. We hope this blog is helpful in knowing where to buy used designer shoes and second hand shoes. 

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