Where To Sell Used Shoes Online and Offline

It is no wonder that second hand shoes are gaining more popularity due to the benefits associated with them. The used shoes are accessible at an inexpensive price, reduce footwear landfill waste, support suitability, and save resources. When having too many shoes, the ideal way to make the best use of footwear is to sell them for money. 

There are several ways one can choose to sell used shoes to get money. For instance, one can create an independent website, sell them to a consignment store, become a seller on an e-commerce platform, or donate to a charity association. Go through this blog to find where to sell old shoes and the best used footwear selling tips.

The Trend Of Second Hand Shoes Trade

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Used shoes are widely traded on a global scale. Second hand footwear and clothes were a significant source of apparel and shoes up until the middle of the 19th century. The main sources of second hand and pre-owned shoes are charitable organizations. As a means of collecting money, these organizations either collect footwear to donate to the needy or re-sell old shoes for money to consignment stores.

About 10% of the world’s carbon emissions are due to the fashion industry. Therefore, the used footwear market’s buyers and sellers frequently support the environmental and sustainability movements. Buyers are placing a higher value on sustainability, and merchants are beginning to support resale. Therefore, the trend and demand for second hand shoes and clothes are increasing.

By recycling worn or unwanted shoes, the second hand footwear market prevents a significant amount of such footwear from ending up in landfills. The used clothes in bales price suppliers offer second hand clothing and shoes for a cheaper cost. The second-hand market may expand globally by 15-20% annually. 

A few retailers pay the sellers in advance for their previously worn shoes, while some stores give a portion of the price after the product sells. During the projection period (2022-2032), the demand for used shoes is expected to increase at a remarkable CAGR of 14.8%.

Where To Sell Second Hand Shoes Online

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There are plenty of ways to profit from selling second hand shoes, and it is also a sustainable development approach. Wondering where to sell used shoes? If yes, ensure to go through the below sections to figure out the best places to sell used shoes

E-commerce Retail Platforms For Selling Used Shoes

Selling second hand shoes and sneakers using retail e-commerce platforms is one of the best approaches to gaining instant profits and a huge buyer base. Thinking about where to sell your old shoes on retail e-commerce platforms? In that case, check out this section, as we have listed the top e-commerce online retail platforms. 


One of the most widely used e-commerce systems worldwide is Shopify. Shopify is a multinational Canadian e-commerce business with headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake started this e-commerce platform in 2006. Shopify also has a sizable collection of plugins that add a wealth of useful features to improve sales functionality.

Additionally, this platform enables your brand to advertise the second-hand sneakers more effectively on Facebook, Google Smart Shopping, and email systems. The average monthly visitor count of Shopify is 1.16 billion. In addition, this e-commerce site’s revenue for 2021 was estimated to be $US4.611 billion. 


The eBay website continues to receive millions of visitors each day, making it an excellent choice for online shoe sales. Buyers can use the website for free, but sellers must pay a fee to list used shoes. All sales are subject to a 12.8% charge in addition to a fixed fee of 30p per order. About 19 million sellers and 185 million active buyers use the network globally.

In March 2022, eBay’s net revenue was roughly $10 billion. Approximately 109 million people visit the website on average each month. Additionally, there are two ways to sell an item: “Buy It Now” lets you select a fixed price, while an auction lets potential purchasers submit bids. In addition, sellers can fix an initial bid. 


A US e-commerce site called Etsy specializes in selling vintage and handmade goods such as used apparel, shoes, jewelry, home goods, craft materials, furniture, and tools. By providing small business owners with individual, online storefronts where it is possible to list the used products for costs of $0.20 for one item, the website carries on the tradition of actual craft fairs.

In February 2022, Etsy reported revenue of over 464 million, up from $12.2 billion in 2021. Both shoppers and sellers may easily use Etsy’s user interface. Additionally, it provides tools like Etsy Ads, Etsy Payment, and Currency Conversion that are subscription-based. It is interesting to note that approximately 80% of Etsy’s sellers are female, giving it a comfortable environment for female entrepreneurs to succeed.


One of the most reliable eCommerce platforms for selling used shoes is Magento, which powers more than 750,000 online retailers globally. Although it has various strong features and has been around since 2007, flexibility is its strongest characteristic. Additionally, it provides sophisticated shipping choices, social network integration, and a built-in search engine.

It has a solid reputation and allows you complete control over every area of your store, including checkout procedures and search engine optimization. Additionally, the platform is completely customizable to match the needs of your shoe business, allowing you to simply change everything from brand colors to store configurations.


About 10,500 stores and clubs have been developed by the American multinational retail business called Walmart in 24 different countries. It runs a network of footwear shops, grocery stores, inexpensive department stores, and hypermarkets. In addition to concentrating on physical stores, the business has begun to devote resources to its online stores and has increased its pickup and delivery services.

The extensive network of physical storefronts aids the business’s online sales of more second-hand shoes and services. The market capitalization of the e-commerce platform is $343.52 billion. Walmart’s yearly revenue in 2022 increased by 2.43% from 2021 to $572.754 billion. With 2.3 million active employees, Walmart is able to grow its business quickly.


The top e-commerce platforms for selling second-hand footwear also include Opencart. It is an open-source shopping cart program that one may download and install on your server for free. Additionally, OpenCart offers over 20+ languages, a variety of shipping options, and extensive reporting features.

More than 1,500 community-developed extensions make it possible for businesses to fully personalize their store and add features like wish lists and product ratings. It only takes a few minutes to arrange and sell used shoes when using OpenCart to sell second hand footwear online.


Shopee is a worldwide technology business with a focus on e-commerce and is based in Singapore. The business began operations in Singapore in 2015 before branching out internationally. Shopee is one of the major divisions of Sea Limited. It began as a C2C marketplace before switching to a hybrid C2C and B2C approach.

With more than 343 million monthly visits as of 2021, Shopee is regarded as one of Southeast Asia’s biggest e-commerce platforms. In addition to that, it assists buyers and sellers who want to sell second-hand shoes online across Latin American, European, and East Asian countries.


Prestashop, which was founded in 2008, is a popular e-commerce platform used by thousands of online merchants. One can start developing their brand website without learning any new languages because it is designed with PHP and MySQL. Prestashop is not constrained by default functionality or plugins.

Setting up your business is versatile and simple thanks to the built-in support for numerous currencies and more than 130 payment gateways. Additionally, one may use Prestashop’s external products module to quickly add items from eBay or other marketplaces to your website’s second-hand shoes directory.

Reliance Industries

One of India’s largest corporations is Reliance Industries, which is well-represented in the e-commerce sector. Numerous subsidiaries of Reliance Retail exist, including Ajio, JioMart, NetMeds, Reliance Digital, Zivame, and Urban Ladder. Amazon and Walmart’s main rival in India is JioMart, which is expected to reach a market value of $200 billion by 2026. More than 150 million individuals purchase online at the websites of Reliance Retail’s various subsidiaries.


Meesho is not an online storefront. Instead, it is a social e-commerce platform that enables small retailers to communicate and transact with customers directly. By the end of this year, a live commerce play is also planned by this e-commerce retail platform. Moreover, its C2C strategy has also led to the success of local businesses.

Procurement And Wholesale E-commerce Platform

When having a bulk quantity of second hand shoes, many users often wonder where can you sell used shoes. For selling used the footwear in large quantities, second hand branded shoes wholesale e-commerce platforms are the best choice. The wholesale e-commerce sites will be the ideal place to sell used shoes in bulk for a huge profit. Go through the below-listed data to know the top wholesale e-commerce platforms across the world. 

Professional Second Hand Shoes Wholesale Website

When wondering about where can you sell old shoes online and increase your revenue, think about creating your own B2B wholesale e-commerce website. For that, it is required to pay for e-commerce hosting services and potentially your platform. The only seller fees you are likely to pay are the costs associated with processing credit card payments.

It is possible to develop a store without ever writing a line of code with the correct online store builder. One may also use email marketing to contact clients when uploading new inventory or run special deals when selling used footwear through their own online store.

Adding a wholesale e-commerce business to an existing website or starting one from scratch can be very profitable. Even though your brand will be selling goods for less, the average order size will go up dramatically. You may be able to rely on repeat business to generate steady revenue with the right incentives and support systems in place.

By supplying merchants with goods they can resale to end users, your used footwear business can considerably increase the size of your consumer base. Through B2B sales, you may get new buyers, which is particularly helpful when selling used shoes under your own brand.


Alibaba Group Holding Limited is one of the high-end B2B e-commerce platforms. The biggest B2B e-commerce trading platform in the world is Alibaba. Buyers from around 190 different countries are registered on the platform. Suppliers can register for free and offer up to 50 items. However, to add more products, they must upgrade to a membership.

The company, which was established in Hangzhou in 1999, offers product search engines and services for C2C, B2B, and C2B sales. It is a global Chinese technology business that provides e-commerce, internet services, and technological development services. Around $109 billion was Alibaba’s revenue for the year 2021, which is 52% more compared to 2020. On a monthly basis, 421.1 million people visit AliExpress, which is a US-focused website. 

Amazon Business

Amazon provides a platform for wholesalers and retailers to do B2B transactions online. When you sign up for a free Amazon account, you have the opportunity to contact many vendors to determine exactly what you need at a reasonable price. In addition, sellers can offer various types of used shoes to the target buyers. 

At Amazon, it is possible to utilize various payment methods and retain numerous user accounts. There is a full-service offer like Prime for the most deluxe shoes and quick delivery, as well as Amazon fulfillment for shipping. For the retailer account, you will be charged roughly $39.99 for a month by Amazon. There will be extra transaction and fulfillment fees that must be paid.

Global Sources

One of the first B2B platforms, Global Sources, is listed on Nasdaq as GSOL. It has 1.4 million merchants from across the world and is based in China. Suppliers can sign up for free and list about 100 types of used shoes on Global Sources. The majority of the suppliers hail from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Global Sources is a database of manufacturers and suppliers to help with B2B e-commerce. Well-known producers, suppliers, and distributors from Asian countries are taking part in the platform, which is connected to international trade shows. 


One of the most effective B2B platforms for experienced wholesalers is X-Cart. The platform was created by a group of e-commerce experts and offers up to 1000+ applications with a variety of helpful features. Around 120+ different payment alternatives are available, and there are more than 150 functionalities to facilitate order management.

The 24-hour support system, quick website loading, and reliable performance make the X-Cart B2B e-commerce platform strong. Websites built using X-Cart for wholesale e-commerce are optimized for the anticipated SEO performance. If you are in search of a reputable e-commerce platform for selling used shoes, X-Cart is a viable option despite certain drawbacks like the high cost and the subpar mobile experience.

Trade India

Another biggest B2B complete e-commerce platform in India is Trade India, which was founded in 1996. It offers a global platform for communication between buyers and sellers of second hand shoes. On the Trade India platform, both parties can locate compatible partners. This B2B platform works in the Indian market and also the global marketplace.

The site currently retains 2.9 million registered users and 2,250 different types of products. International buyers can access suppliers and different types of used shoes on the site. In addition, there are many importers, exporters, manufacturers, and sellers that sell used footwear.


DHgate is another Chinese B2B e-commerce website that enables foreign importers to buy inexpensive Chinese products at wholesale costs. You can get used shoes, second hand clothes, accessories, electronics, sporting goods, and other products on this platform. More than one million small Chinese merchants utilize the service offered by DHgate, which is a global marketplace for sellers.

More than 30 million products are sold through DHGate in 227 nations worldwide. It presently retains more than 5 million users worldwide and is among the top 2100 most visited web pages. Since some footwear products in the USA and the EU should meet certain requirements, a few DHgate vendors provide RoHS, CE, and FCC certificates.


Kinnek is one of the leading American online B2B platforms for purchasing shoes and other goods. It functions by linking small and medium-sized businesses with vendors who provide the shoes they need at affordable prices. With the help of an algorithm, Kinnek notifies the sellers that have the potential to place an order for the items. Despite being new to the industry, the company expands by about 30 to 40% a month.

The supplier must pay a set monthly cost to accept the buyer’s request, and this platform will assess all of the provider’s criteria. To continue developing its market into new industries and verticals, this B2B platform has raised $10 million from organizations like Matrix Partners.


According to Economic Times, IndiaMart is the second-largest wholesale marketplace online in the world. Both B2B and B2C services are offered on this platform. With around 3 million suppliers and a keen focus on the Indian market, it is regarded as one of the top wholesale e-commerce sites in the area. For a very long period, this wholesale site has conquered the wholesale business in India.

More than 66 million goods are available on this B2B e-commerce platform. IndiaMart charges a certification fee to vendors that meet the minimum standards. The site receives around 20 million business inquiries each month from users in practically every nation. Sellers are able to register for free and build a simple website to display their goods. 

EC Plaza

One of the B2B websites with the quickest growth in Korea is EC Plaza. It was developed in four different languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. With above 400,000 members, EC Plaza has developed into the finest online B2B trade platform, offering both online and offline services. The most offers of over 4 million have been listed on this platform.

This online B2B platform offers offline transaction-related services for small and medium-sized businesses by depending on export marketing. In addition to that, they run B2B websites, EDI services, transaction consulting, and so on. With a large network and strong brand recognition, it broadens its company to the international market.


One of the biggest B2B platforms in Russia is Tiu.ru which was founded in 2008. It is a platform of Allegro-group, which is the biggest e-commerce holding business in Eastern Europe. Currently, there are over 850,000 online operational companies. Besides, over 40 million items have been released, and this platform has 3 million daily visitors.

On a daily basis, over 7.2 million users access it, and nearly 3 million web pages are seen. In addition to that, around 40 million goods and services are bought and sold. The target market includes China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, European, and some Asian nations.


A new and better way for buyers and sellers to connect online is being created by eWorldTrade, which is a rapidly expanding B2B e-commerce website. Although it has its main activities in Dallas, Texas, the operational hub is in Karachi, Pakistan. The improvement of trade ties between China and Pakistan has now been integrated into CPEC.

This website’s major goal is to assist Chinese manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers in reaching their target market. Every day, thousands of brands from various regions and nations sign up on the website, indicating that this platform will be a serious rival to all other B2B platforms.


The Brazilian city of Sao Paulo is home to the B2Brazil platform. It is a Brazilian B2B internet marketplace and the start of Brazilian trading. The platform is bilingual and has formed strategic alliances with leading businesses, groups, and government organizations.

It is the sole B2B global e-commerce platform in Brazil, with proven working relationships and Google trust. It is dedicated to fostering the expansion of Brazil’s small and medium-sized businesses. It promotions the development of foreign businesses setting up shops in Brazil.

Sell Used Hand Shoes In Stores

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In search of other ways to know where to sell old shoes apart from online e-commerce retail stores and wholesale e-commerce platforms? Online second hand footwear re-selling stores are some of the best places to sell used shoes for decent profits.


One of the best options for buying and selling large volumes of used shoes has always been Indetexx. 2012 saw the establishment of this company in China’s Guangdong province. For the purpose of sorting and organizing second hand shoes, they employ close to 400 people. They are well-known both domestically and abroad on the second-hand market.

In a single day, the workers move about 280,000 kg of used footwear. Indetexx has a daily sorting and shipping capability of roughly 10 containers. Indetexx started in 2012 with a 3000 square meter manufacturing plant. Their yearly sales in 2017 approached $100 million and they have massive production lines.

The Indetexx China used clothes and used footwear factories are provided with international standard credentials, like ISO 45001, ISO9001, and ISO14001. They developed an overseas business team to begin exporting second hand shoes to more than 60 countries in 2016. In addition, they launched about 6 local offices in the Philippines, Nigeria, and Lagos and Abba. 


Second hand footwear for women and children from various brands is accepted by ThredUP. Initially, sellers should select one of two free options for sending used shoes. Sellers can print off an email shipping label and affix it to a box. Alternatively, sellers can ask to have a labeled bag dispatched to them. It is vital to note that thredUP maintains strict criteria for quality. Footwear should be cleaned and free of alterations, damage, or wear and tear.

Sellers will be paid a portion of the ultimate selling cost for any accepted used shoes that are offered for sale on thredUP. For more expensive things, that percentage given to sellers is higher. For instance, for footwear that is sold between $100 and $199.99, sellers will receive 60% to 80%, but only 5% to 15% will be given for shoes that are sold for $5 to $19.99. The used shoes that are not listed will be given to third-party members for recycling. 

The RealReal

RealReal is the finest website to sell your footwear and accessories if your closet is filled with expensive brand items. This store is the only consignment shop that certifies each and every used footwear they sell. It is widely regarded as the best store in luxury consignment where one can buy second hand shoes bales. A sliding scale governs commission, so the sellers will earn more money when more second hand shoes are sold.

Sellers will receive 40% of the footwear cost if it is $145 or less, 50% if the final sold cost is between $146 and $195, and so on. Even if sellers do not get the right over the used footwear price, they can email or book a video conference with a local agent to find out if the website will acknowledge the products and to get an idea of how much they might fetch.


Looking to sell second hand shoes and also accessories? Then Swap is the best online store. Sellers must go through a lengthy procedure in order to sell using Swap. Swap’s acceptance requirements should certainly be checked before sending the used shoes as they are more stringent than those of consignment websites. Clean, pet-hair-free, and odor-free shoes will only be accepted by this store. In addition, modified or niche-branded footwear is prohibited.

After meeting the requirements, sellers must apply and collaborate with Swap’s Premier Seller Team to decide which used shoes to sell. Printing pre-paid mailing labels is then required, and everything must be dispatched to Swap. If more than 40% of the used footwear sent by sellers is denied, there will be an additional fee. 


In search of online stores to know where to sell gently used shoes for decent money? In that case, Depop is the proper pick. You can utilize this social networking app to sell your footwear online. On the Depop app, it is also possible to sell other accessories. Sellers can publish pictures of second hand shoes on Depop, view others’ posts, get inspired, sell, buy, negotiate, and do a lot more.

With over 10 million consumers, listing the products is simple, and the potential for growth is extremely good. On this website, creating an account and posting listings are both free. Following the sale of an item, Depop will deduct 10% of your profits and deposit the money into your PayPal account. Develop your Depop page, then upload original used shoes to connect with your target audience.


Poshmark allows you to sell any designer or high-end brand footwear. Poshmark is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell old or new shoes, clothes, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Sellers must upload images of the used footwear they are selling, complete the description fields with the price and shipping information, and then publish the listing. 

The rates for the used shoes are up to you. But keep in mind that Poshmark charges a fee for every sale. They charge $2.95 for purchases under $15 and 20% of the sold price for purchases over $15. After the used footwear is sold, the store assists you with shipment by dispatching a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label.


Mercari is the greatest website for selling shoes online because it has a large customer base. Since its debut in 2014, this online marketplace for used goods has compensated vendors more than $1 billion. Around 50 million users have downloaded the Mercari app. Sellers generate their own listings, and a fixed 10% fee is applied to any sales.

Mercari Now is a new service offered for $10.99 and is appropriate for selling used shoes in large quantities. Within hours of the sale, a Postmates driver will pick up the item and deliver it to the buyer’s house as soon as possible. As a result, sellers receive payment sooner. 

Tips For Selling Used Shoes Online

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From the above information, one knows where to sell second hand shoes online. To make your second hand footwear online selling business highly profitable, we have listed some of the best selling tips here.

  • Pick Trendy Footwear To Sell

You can either create a niche or sell second hand shoes that are currently popular. Selling related products that are linked to one another will help you find a niche. A few vendors specialize in particular eras, fashions, hues, or rare kinds of second hand shoes. For instance, you can sell daily use shoes, formal shoes, Oxford shoes, boots, derby shoes, winter shoes, etc. 

  • Use Quality Photos 

Upload images of a high caliber for your second hand shoes. Images of excellent quality are crucial. Use natural light and a good camera to take the pictures. Take your own product shots in a spotless space with appropriate lighting so that customers can view the colors, patterns, and conditions of the used shoes with clarity.

  • Fix A Fair Price

If you are in charge of pricing, take into account the one-third rule. Normally, you should fix the price for used shoes at around one-third of the original value. For example, you can fix the cost for a pre-owned item you purchased for $300 at roughly $100. If the used footwear is practically brand new, you might try asking for $150 to $200.

  • Specify The Measurements

Considering how sizes can differ from different brands, measuring the shoes can be very beneficial. The length, width, and sole height of the footwear should be measured and listed. Add the brand name, size, color, and any other pertinent information when labeling it.

  • Use Keywords in Your Listings

When listing second hand shoes, the titles and product descriptions should follow SEO best practices. Utilize the search terms that customers could enter to discover the kind of used footwear you are offering. Add the brand name in the title when selling a premium brand to draw customers in. 

  • Precisely Describe the Condition

Establish a positive reputation by characterizing the used footwear truthfully and being open about the facts. This way, it will be possible to win customers’ trust. Add whatever flaws the second hand shoes may have, such as tears, stains, or scuffs. Buyers have the option of returning the used footwear or leaving a poor review when they receive a damaged product. 

  • Try To Reach Global Market 

Sellers can reach a very large and global audience by selling used shoes online. You are constrained by location and season if you sell footwear to a consignment shop. However, by selling online, you can access the global market. So, to make it easy to dispatch the order to various countries, it is better to contact a reliable shipping company and sign an agreement.

  • Shipping

Each app or website has specific guidelines. Ensure that you are familiar with the shipping regulations and estimate the cost of shipping stuff. Additionally, get craft paper or reuse old packaging materials to box used shoes. 

  • Customer Service

When buyers are interested in the second hand shoes you are selling, you must be prepared to address any inquiries or interests as soon as possible. Respond as soon as you receive inquiries from the buyers. Online buyers tend to lose interest pretty fast, and unless you are selling a rare item or giving instant responses, purchasers will likely go on to another seller.

Sell Used Shoes For Cash: How To Get Started

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It is useful to consider what category the used shoes fall into before deciding where to sell second hand shoes. These groups include lower-value brands, trendy brands, and designer-brand shoes. Next, decide how much time and effort you are willing to devote to selling the footwear. Wondering where to donate shoes for money? One can sell shoes to charities to get money and support fundraising. 

  • Online Resellers 

Sellers will have to perform plenty of tasks by themselves when using this option for selling used footwear. As they capture the photos and write the descriptions themselves, they also have massive management over the used shoes. They personally engage with potential buyers to respond to questions, and then the website handles the transaction. The money is released to the vendor when the shoes are sold, and the buyers have ratified their condition.

Different payment systems are used on these websites. Many of them will charge a portion of the sale, while a few charge each listing. They might charge for merchant services, which cover the cost of using safe payment processors. A few of these websites also encourage bargaining or negotiation, so vendors might be asked to drop their pricing by both customers and the marketplace itself.

The sellers will often receive the biggest proportion for the used footwear utilizing this strategy because they have full control over the listings. They have the freedom to list on their own terms and typically attract big audiences to their products. It takes a lot of time to photograph things, manage descriptions, and respond to seller inquiries, particularly when shipping and handling are taken into account.

  • A Local Consignment Store

Local consignment shops around your neighborhood are another place where you can sell used shoes for money. When your used footwear is sold, consignment shops will pay you a portion of the sold cost. Usually, the store owner needs to make an appointment to fix the costs for the merchandise they will be selling. Once the merchandise is sold, you will be given a percentage of the selling cost.

Compared to many resale businesses, these shops give their sellers a larger portion of the final sale cost. However, it is important to comprehend the contract at a consignment shop, particularly when buying expensive or luxury products. Sellers should know the maximum time frame a product should be sold in order to receive a discount. If you are selling a luxury item, it is crucial that you and the consignment shop agree on a price range before you receive your money back.

Typically, consignment shops only accept a restricted number of designer and higher-end second hand shoes. The split is frequently 50/50, paid after the item is sold, and all you have to do is drop off your goods. Another factor to take into account is the store’s market value in the neighborhood it serves 

  • Resale Stores

Sellers who are looking for quick cash while selling used shoes should consider resale shops. Sellers are paid upfront by resale stores. As a result, the sellers will receive the money right away after the used shoes are brought by the resale shops. 

As second hand shoes have already been paid for, it doesn’t matter whether those shoes are stolen, destroyed, or never sold. However, because resale shops bear the initial financial burden, they are frequently quite picky about the used footwear they buy.


Selling second hand shoes online is one of the best ways to earn more money and reduce the total quantity of footwear that is going into the garbage. To expand your used footwear selling business, it is best to open a seller store on any reliable e-commerce platform or directly sell them to a used footwear supplier. You can contact Indetexx to sell your used shoes and get the best value for them. 

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