101 Guide of Bulk Rags

It’s the 21st century, and you’re still using dirty sponges to clean machines, residential and commercial spaces? You have upgraded almost everything, from appliances to aesthetics, to make your lives more efficient. So, why not use your entire closet of worn-out clothes to make rags out of them and be a little more environmentally friendly?

Microfiber different types of rags are useful cleaning items that help remove 99% of bacteria with just water. Instead of using a separate item for varied scrubbing needs, such as a mop, towel, spray, and sponge, you can make yourself a cloth rag. It will save the pocket, introduce you to a better way to clean, and benefit the environment simultaneously.

This blog will discuss everything you need to know about cloth rags, the rag industry, their types, benefits, buying guides, online and offline stores, the best used clothes exporter – Indetexx, and much more. You may continue reading to find out more about it.

Rag Industry: What You Need to Know?

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The first rag industry was set up in England in the late 19th century, matching the growing retail industry. After taking hold in England, it transferred over to the US. By 1929, the US became the largest producer of rags globally, housing around 26 industrial-scale rag-making companies.

Various industries today warehouse, package, and ship industrial rags clothing to distributors who provide them to the users according to their requirements. It is a highly labor-intensive business whose industry has migrated to Asia over the last three decades.

Cloth rags are essential for people performing handy work. The oil and gas industry requires hundreds of millions of rags annually to wipe leaks and lubricants. Hotels, bars, and restaurants need cloth rags to clean glasses, tabletops, and railings. Painters need them for wiping off spills and drips. When these businesses and individuals can’t reuse clothes and sheets, they opt for paper towels, synthetic wipes, and rags, with their environmental and financial costs.

Thus, we can proudly say that the industrial wiping rags have mastered the circular economy.

What is Clothes Rag?

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Rags are unwanted pieces of clothing made from garments and handloom products. They are ideal for cleaning machines, mopping spills, repairing, doing craft projects, gardening, and much more. But if you are using it for cleaning dyes and synthetic components, keep in mind that some rags are unsuitable. The best cloth rags come from natural fibers, such as cotton, bamboo, and linen.

Cloth rags are also used in art projects, such as patchwork quilts, rag rolls, rag rugs, knitting or crocheting, and soft sculptures.

Instead of throwing away worn, torn, and ripped clothing that cannot be donated, you can turn them into rags. If your household cannot offer more industrial cleaning rags, you can source them from charity stores or a reputable supplier, such as Indetexx.

A clothes rag, sourced from old towels, pants, or t-shirts, is suitable for cleaning. But you must ensure it is washed before using it for cleaning. You may cut and rip it into small strips large enough to mop or wipe surfaces if it is clean. Since wipes are washed and reused several times, ensure it is absorbent, functional, and affordable.

Types of Rags

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Rags are available in various weights and fabric types in both recycled and new materials. You can also find them in various degrees of absorbency, softness, durability and color-fastness. Here are some of the most typical types of rags available in the market:

  • Cotton Rags
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Cotton rags are easy to launder, highly sustainable, and technically biodegradable. Because of its amazing absorbency and functionality, it is widely used across various industries, especial heavy industry.

  • Lint-free Rags

Use lint-free, laser-cut rags if you work in a place where lint could ruin the equipment. They are a preferred choice to avoid contaminants in highly sensitive environments.

  • Microfiber Rags
Microfiber Rags
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When it comes to cleaning effectiveness, nothing can beat microfiber. It can pick up debris with minimal effort and is a better choice than disposable paper towels. You can even source it from recycled plastic.

  • Disposable Rags
Disposable Rags
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Commercial cleaning rags are suitable for applications where you need to clean up something toxic and dirty, and you cannot risk cross-contamination by washing and reusing the cloth.

  • Recycled or New Rags

While recycled or reclaimed rags are super absorbent and economical, new rags are ideal for applications with zero lint tolerance. New rags are made from textiles that have never been converted into garments.

  • White and Colored Rags
Colored Rags
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While colored rags are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning of grease and oil, white ones are for those who wish to have a wiper with no choice of color bleed. (Learn: Different types of Rags)

Advantages of Indetexx Bulk Cloth Rags:

indetexx bales of cotton rags
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If you require huge quantities of industrial wipers and rags for different applications, you must go for Indetexx. It is an industry leader working in the business for a long time. Here are a few benefits of buying rags from Indetexx:

  • Pocket Friendly

Indetexx rags offer the best cleaning satisfaction due to their high absorbency, durability, easy washability, functionality, and low lint tendency at the most affordable rates. And if you purchase used clothing in bales price, you can save a fortune! Besides, since you don’t need to buy counter sprays and sponges for cleaning frequently, you can further save your pocket and tress by ditching paper towels.

  • Highly Functional

You can use Indetexx cloth rags for cleaning almost everything. They are suitable for cleaning machines, countertops, reflective surfaces, sensitive equipment, bathrooms, baseboard, electronics, etc. Besides being washable, they also remove bacteria from the areas.

  • Low Linting

Indetexx rags leave little lint behind, making them ideal for removing stains and cleaning sensitive equipment, such as computers and printers. These laser-cut industrial cotton rags are suitable for avoiding contaminants.

  • Very Absorbent

Rags with a highly absorbent and washable surface are perfect for picking up water and heavier spills, such as oil, grease, and chemicals. They can also easily remove stains, leaving a little lint behind.

  • Thick and Soft

These high-quality microfiber cotton cleaning cloths can withstand several washes, getting softer with each wash. Although soft to the touch, if you run your hand over the material, you will notice a gripping sensation caused by electricity pulling at the skin. This sensation implies the rag is ready to pick up any dirt you throw. It is also very thick, offering high absorbency and is perfect for cleaning heavy spills.

  • Ideal for Mass Clean-ups

If you purchase these heavy-duty, multi-purpose tools from Indetexx rags factory, you can enjoy the perk of mass clean-ups, especially if you work in industries requiring huge quantities of rags.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Since Indetexx microfiber industrial rags are reusable, unlike disposable paper towels, they are good for the environment, offering high sustainability. Its unbleached cotton pieces are friendlier to the earth and even biodegradable.

What Industries Require Large Supply of Clothes Rags?

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Let’s discuss the various industries requiring a large supply of cloth rags for cleaning purposes:

  • Hospitality
a woman wipes bowl machin with rags
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People in the hospitality business use microfiber cloth rags to ensure the cleanliness of guest rooms, tables, and chairs. Since they remove around 98% of the bacteria from hard surfaces with water alone, people use cloth rags for cleaning and mopping purposes in hotels and fast-food chains.

  • Healthcare
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The healthcare staff routinely use cotton rags soaked in a hospital disinfectant to clean patient rooms, including terminal cleaning and other parts of the hospital. Red rags are for washrooms, toilets, showers, basins, and floors. Yellow is for isolated spaces. Green is for the catering department, and Blue is for general and public areas.

  • Heavy Industry like Oil and Gas
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Technicians and mechanics working on the plant floor use rags for cleaning greasy or oily surfaces on tools, machine components, and hands.

How to Choose the Right Bulk Rag?

Indetexx Cleaning cotton rags
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In the hospitality and healthcare business, you require color-coded microfiber rags for everyday cleaning and maintenance. People use rags for almost every small and big purpose, from de-greasing the kitchen to polishing the woodwork and cleaning big spills. So, choosing the right rag is a crucial part of the job because it helps keep the environment safe and spotless.

Even if you buy a microfiber cotton cleaning cloth wholesale, it is still expensive for a mere wipe-and-toss use. So, when you’re buying it, ensure to get your hands on the best quality rag at an optimal rate. It might not save you anything, but it will give you the satisfaction of making the most of your money. If you invest in unsuitable rags, you will waste your money and time and harm the environment.

Here are a few points to recall when buying rags in bulk to ensure you perform the tasks correctly and efficiently.

  • Your Budget

If you’re tight on budget, the best rags to bet your money on are reclaimed ones. These rags are made of post-consumer materials, such as towels, sheets, and clothes. Suppliers cut by hand to ensure every piece acts as a functional wipe. They are also very absorbent as they are already broken in through long-term time usage and laundering.

Reclaimed rags are the best pick if you are looking for quality microfiber at budget-friendly rates. They are ideal for wiping, polishing, and cleaning as they are durable, absorbent, and soft and work well with grease, oil, and other delicate uses. Since white cotton rags are low-linting, they are ideal for water applications as well.

  • Functionality

The functionality of a rag helps determine the quality, quantity, and budget of investment. If you plan to use it to clean heavy-duty, non-delicate equipment, you might invest in cheap, pocket-friendly pieces. But if you will use it for cleaning tables, showpieces, delicate gadgets, and utensils, investing in affordable quality pieces is preferable.

The decision also depends on the extent of its use. 100% cotton rags are the best if you need them for heavy-duty cleaning.

  • Color Bleeding

Ensuring their constant supply is crucial if you need cotton cleaning rags for commercial uses, such as in a hospital, a restaurant, or a hotel. But don’t forget to color-test them before using them. You may do so by adding a little cleaning compound to it and then testing it on something that you cannot throw away to determine if it bleeds color.

If you need a rag to clean grease and oil, colored ones are the best, as they are budget-friendly. Colorfast wipes don’t affect the color of the stain. White disposable cleaning cloths are a best if you are dealing with sensitive areas where color bleeding could be an issue.

  • Absorbency

The absorbency of a rag is a major determinant of its quality. Depending on the industry, if it cannot even absorb water, grease, or oil, there is no point in purchasing it. The finest ones are made of French Terry if you’re looking for a highly absorbent wiper. This material is washed and treated especially for absorbency. It is soft on one side for polishing purposes and rough on the other for picking up dirt, wiping walls, cleaning devices, or any other tough clean-up job.

  • Lint Tendency

Lint is the visible accumulation of textile fibers and other materials found around or on clothes. It can make any piece of fiber look unappealing. Cotton, linen, and wool easily develop bundles of lint after washing and drying. It develops on fibers broken apart from clothing due to heat and friction from cleaning cycles and daily wear and tear.

If you put your money on rag cotton, we suggest you ensure their fabric is lint-free. A lint-free rag is suitable for wiping countertops, windows, automobiles, streaks, germs, and stains. Since it does not leave fibers on the surface after cleaning, it is ideal for the hospitality business.

  • Extent of Use

Whether the rag is for heavy-duty cleaning or small clean-ups, the extent of its usage is another major determinant. If you need it for polishing and dusting, go for slightly lighter-weight rags, ideal for small clean-ups.

Cut and hemmed bath towels are ideal for applications requiring a large-sized wiper, such as wall washing. If you work in the healthcare industry, you will need recycled towels in multiple colors.

Where to Buy Rags in Bulk: Online & Offline?

Colorful Cleaning Towels
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Here are some companies selling cotton rags bulk, both online and through their offline stores:

  • Indetexx

The best bulk rags supplier on our list is Indetexx. It is a certified used cloth supplier established in China with years of sourcing expertise and a robust selection of second hand clothes in bulk. From mixed rags to used clothing, there is nothing you cannot find useful here are affordable prices. It also proudly offers a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

  • Wi-Supply

Next on our list is Wi-Supply, a textile recycling facility in Montreal. It offers premium wiping rags for the healthcare, hospitality, automotive, and art industry at pocket-friendly rates. It is popular for delivering a diverse product line through carefully selected staff, providing the best customer service experience.

  • Wipeco

Since 1960, Wipeco has been supplying quality wiping cloths for the industrial, manufacturing, and janitorial industries. It offers recycled cloth pieces in various fabrics for diverse needs and applications, including cleaning rags, cotton rags, disposable paper wipers, spill absorbents, towels, and tissues. If you need best cotton cleaning cloths, you can put the bets on Wipeco.

  • Anchor Wiping Cloth

It is a renowned wholesale distributor selling cleaning cloths, absorbents, and heavy-duty wipes for the hospitality, food service, and automobile industries at affordable rates. Although Anchor entered the wiping cloth industry in the late 1980s, it quickly became a world-class rags supplier.

  • Nowlinens

It offers cloth rags and wipers made from cotton clothes, terry towels, and reclaimed fabrics for heavy-duty jobs. The quality of its wholesale rags is durable, washable, and affordable. If you’ve got a messy project, you can trust Nowlinens to remove grease, lubricants, and grime easily.

  • Peerless Wiping Cloth

It is one of the best-recycled cotton waste rags suppliers, established in 1924 in the US. If you need single-use wipes, painter rags, janitorial rags, and grease cloths for everyday needs, you can trust Peerless for offering eco-friendly, long-lasting, and the best quality at pocket-friendly rates.

  • Monarch Brands

You can purchase high-quality and eco-friendly microfiber wipes in bulk for janitorial, polishing, cleaning, and hospitality needs from Monarch Brands. Established in 1947, it offers wiper rags for budget-conscious and quality-seeking customers.

How to Wholesale Bulk Rags from an Exporter?

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If you’re working in the heavy industry, hospitality or healthcare industry, you constantly need to keep everything clean. So, if you’re wondering whether you need to invest in them, you probably do.

To buy bulk cloth rags from an exporter, check the company’s background and reviews. After ensuring its reliability, you may place the order while keeping the following points in mind:

  • Understand the ITC code (HS code) of the imported product – worn clothing, textile, rag, or any item falling under the HS code.
  • Obtain product samples from the exporter and arrange for terms of payment and delivery with the supplier and other terms and conditions.
  • Get a proforma invoice and send an order for the white microfiber cloth, followed by a purchase order.
  • Decide payment terms: Advance, Document against DA, and Letter of Credit (LC).
  • Agree on the terms of delivery: FOB, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP, and EX-Works and arrange pre-shipment or post-shipment finance against the import from your bank.
  • Ensure the cleaning rags package is insured and you receive the documents, including the export invoice, packing list, and certificate of origin.

Best Rags Supplier – Indetexx

indetexx company logo
Source: Indetexx

Indetexx is the way to go if you’re looking for a trustworthy and reputable best cleaning cloths supplier. It is an industry leader, supplying used clothing, shoes, bags, and toys since 2012, catering to over 60 countries.

Established in China, the company offers premium fashion second-hand clothing and products for multiple markets. Whether you need rags for the hospitality or healthcare business, Indetexx has something for you. It focuses on redefining wholesale used clothing while offering quality to the clients. But its main business is selling wiping rags at competitive prices to serve different markets.

The brand offers quality wipes at affordable rates while looking after the environment. Using used clothes helps save natural resources, reduce pollution, improve the circular economy, and connect unwanted clothing to people who need it. It thus maintains quality and consistency in production activities.

So if you’re searching for a high-quality second-hand rags supplier sourcing from major apparel brands, you can surely place your bets on Indetexx. Its mixed institutional rags, collected from thrift stores, are repurposed for various industrial markets, such as wiping pieces for automotive industries or manufacturers. As a renowned microfiber rags bulk supplier, it offers premium used fabrics that bolster business.

Wrapping Up

The fabric quality and your budget are the most critical factors when buying washing cleaning rags. They are great for cleaning and wiping surfaces and equipment. They can add an aesthetic touch if you invest in color-coded ones. So, don’t buy just any wipe you find affordable, low-linting, or absorbent. It is also vital to consider its design and color, especially if you’re working in the hospitality industry.

After reading this blog, we hope you have a fair idea about the importance and role of a wiping rag in any industry. If you’re purchasing them wholesale, whether online or offline, don’t forget to go through the points listed in this blog. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of quality rugs in bulk, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to serve you!

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