Best Rags Suppliers Ultimate Guide

indetexx bulk cotton rags

Source: indetexx

Choosing the right rags supplier for the business’s requirements is of the utmost importance, regardless of whether launching a brand-new enterprise, looking to grow and expand its capabilities or simply trying to guarantee that you will always have high-quality equipment to complete the work. It is typically a time-consuming and challenging procedure to track the ideal mixed rags supplier for a company’s needs.

Indetexx- Best industrial Rags Supplier


Source: Indetexx

With years of sourcing experience and a wide variety of wonderful pre-owned goods, Indetexx China second hand clothes is the go-to rags exporter in China. Since 2012, the company has earned a stellar reputation from a wide variety of brands for exporting premium mixed rags and pre-owned clothing  all over the world.  As a reliable rags distributor, they have established several recycling channels to provide a steady supply of mixed rags.

Despite the fact that Zagumi was founded in China, the company has since expanded its operations and is now active in international trade as one of the best mixed rags suppliers. Due to the fact that they have such a large presence, they are able to acquire raw materials from all over the world at the most advantageous pricing. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Unsorted Used clothing
  • Clothing bales
  • Cotton Rags
  • Mixed rags
  • Second-hand Shoes & Branded Bag

Mixed Rags Suppliers

1. Zagumi

Zagumi logo

Source: Zagumi

Wipe rags are the primary focus of Zagumi’s export business, making it the biggest second-hand wiping rags suppliers overall. They have established themselves as a reliable wholesale supplier of mixed rags and industrial rags, earning them a solid reputation in the process. Since Zagumi benefits from a reliable and resilient supply network, it is able to deliver used textiles on a consistent and continuous basis. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Used Jeans
  • Second-hand Polo shirts
  • Used Skirts
  • Second-hand Toys
  • Mixed rags

2. Tiedemann Globe

Tiedemann Globe logo

Source: Tiedemann Globe

For 18 years, Tiedemann Globe has been in the business of cataloging and selling pre-owned apparel and rags. They are in the business of selling premium goods including recycled wiping rags. With its supply all around the world, the company makes rags accessible to anyone interested to purchase very easily and conveniently.

The company is interested in the growth of its clientele’s companies as well as it’s own. They offer a wide selection of high-quality goods at competitive wholesale pricing. Collectors and those seeking the ideal second-hand jacket, ues concert T-shirt, or pair of jeans will appreciate their unique items.

Products And Services Offered

  • Used clothing
  • Mixed Rags 
  • Cleaning rags 

3. USA Recycling Textile

USA Recycling Textile logo

Source: USA Recycling Textile

Used clothing and wholesale cleaning rags are the primary focus of USA Recycling Textile, an international trader and exporter of used textiles. USA Recycling Textile is the ideal company to use for all of the company’s cloth rags requirements. Their primary concentration is on recycled textiles, specifically garments, footwear, and cotton rags for wiping. 

As one of the mixed rags suppliers, they provide a wide variety of superior cleaning cotton rags bulk, including white cotton cleaning cloths and wipe rags, enabling businesses to save money while simultaneously doing their part to protect the environment. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Mixed Rags 
  • Cotton rags
  • Used clothing

Cotton Rags Suppliers

1. LMB

Lawrence M Barry Co logo 1

Source: Lawrence M Barry & Co

LMB is the most prominent maker of recycled wipes in the United Kingdom. they are able to provide the ideal wipe for any task at a price that cannot be beaten. LMB, as one of the cotton rags suppliers, produces white rags and wipers that are lint-free or have a very minimal amount of lint and are suitable for use by printers, cleaners, glaziers, and window washers who are looking for a clean, shining finish with added glitter. 

Because cotton rags are constructed entirely from recycled materials, selecting cleaning rags in bulk for the company is a choice that is both sustainable and kind to the earth. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Cotton rags
  • Used clothing
  • Wipers 

2. NCS Online

NCS Online logo

Source: NCS Online

NCS Online is the leading provider of cleaning cotton rags and cleaning products in the UK. Their primary mission is to supply customers with direct and online access to products of the best possible quality in the cleaning industry. Their total experience in the cleaning industry spans more than 60 years. 

This rags factory offers free delivery on purchases that total at least £50 net and also provides a national multi-drop service, bulk discounts, and credit accounts to organizations that are eligible for them. At NCS, they adhere to a stringent set of standards, and their objective is to provide superior care to the clients while also collaborating as a team in an effort to achieve overall excellence. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Cotton Rags for cleaning
  • Other cleaning products


Emtexx ltd. logo

Source: Emtexx ltd.

They are widely regarded as leaders in the field of premium textile supplies, and also a cotton rags bulk manufacturer. It mostly deals in recycled cleaning rags, polishing rags, and wiping rags. Their involvement in the sorting, processing, and recycling of natural and synthetic fibers dates back to 1976. Since that time, they have been involved in these processes. 

The e-wiper range of wiping cloths, which is supplied to the industry in the United Kingdom and the Eurozone, is unrivaled in terms of quality and price. These wiping cotton cloths are manufactured in the United Kingdom using the best-recycled materials from the United Kingdom and trusted sourcing partners in Europe and Asia.

Products And Services Offered

  • Polishing rags
  • Cleaning cotton rags
  • Recycles rags

Industrial Rag Suppliers

1. Saferag

SafeRag logo


When looking for reliable suppliers of industrial rags that won’t damage expensive machinery or office fixtures, go no further than SafeRag. Their cutting-edge technology can identify any potentially dangerous metals that can render the materials useless. SafeRag has a wide variety of options, from 1kg to 25kg packages for industrial rags. 

 This kind of industrial rags could be used in many industrial machines, to wipe off oil stains and make sure they are functioning properly

Products And Services Offered

  • Industrial rags
  • Used clothing

2. Industrial Rag

Industrial rag logo

Source: Industrial rag

Since 1978, they have been providing support to the industrial rags industry from their base in South Australia. Along with chemical cleaning supplies and paper goods, industrial cleaning rags are one of the primary areas of expertise. The company is proud to offer products of high quality and to ensure prompt delivery to customers located wherever in Australia! They take great satisfaction in providing a customer support service that is always ready and willing to meet the requirements.

Their approach to doing business is centered on ensuring the lowest possible pricing while maintaining the highest possible levels of supply. Not long after that, they established themselves as experts in the field of industrial cleaning, in addition to chemical cleaning and paper products, and they began to receive recognition in the industrial rags sector. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Industrial Wiper rags
  • Bale bag
  • Cleaning and paper products


SAMS Industrial Wiper Rags logo

Source: SAMS Industrial Wiper Rags

Since its founding in 1980, SAMS INDUSTRIAL WIPER RAGS has been a leading industrial cleaning rags supplier of the highest possible quality. Rags are cut to the size that is most convenient for the user, and any zips, buttons, or other rough features are removed.

Considering a specific request, they will do their best to provide a wide variety of industrial rags that meets the business expectations. Additionally, they provide hand cleaners and degreasers for purchase. The rags and wipes that are manufactured by Sam’s Rugs may be used for a variety of purposes and are great for keeping workshops clean. 

Microfibre rags, cleaning rags, cotton rags, and recycled rags are all good options for a variety of cleaning tasks.The production of solutions that are inexpensive for the company is made possible by using cloths that are hygienic, durable, water and oil-absorbent, and low in lint. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Wiper rags
  • Industrial Cleaning rags

Microfiber Cloth supplier

1. Product Concepts UK Ltd

Product Concepts UK Ltd logo

Source: Product Concepts UK Ltd

Product Concepts UK Ltd is an importer of high-quality microfiber cloths and other products made of microfiber for use. Product Concepts believes that it is extremely vital to be able to provide its consumers, no matter where they are located in the world, with only the best microfiber products.

As a reliable microfiber cloth supplier, the company provides only the best microfiber that has been specifically made for the business needs This microfiber may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including cleaning high-end cars, glass, windows, the body, the face, camera lenses, gym towels, and pets. 

If there is an idea for a design and one is looking to market a microfiber product, they can provide guidance in finding the right microfiber cloth that will best suit the needs, which will save both time and money thanks to their 10+ years of experience supplying quality microfiber. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Microfibre cloth
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth,
  • Cleaning product