Best Used Sneaker Resellers In South Africa?

Due to increased customer demand for shoes that stores cannot stock due to brand supply shortages, the sneaker resells market has grown in South Africa. In the realm of used sneakers, the law of supply and demand applies just as well. Because they are only made in minimal quantities, thousands of individuals go to great lengths to get their hands on the expensive sneakers. Demand outweighs supply by a wide margin, so resellers set their prices accordingly. A business or person that buys products or services intending to resell them rather than consume or use them is known as a reseller.

This blog mentions a few South African sneaker resellers where anyone can sell or buy used sneakers.

Used Sneakers Market

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Every man and woman’s outfit in the streetwear culture has always been defined by their pair of sneakers. Sneakers didn’t become a viable side business for many people worldwide until recently, with the rise of sneakerheads. 

Second-hand sneakers bales have become a more affordable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly alternative. People are buying used sneakers at affordable rates, and a business that sells used sneakers can profit by selling the most sought-after sneakers.

A few benefits of owning a used shoe business are possessing an extensive customer base, low overhead costs, and high-profit margins. By giving used shoes and bale clothes to people in need and lowering the amount of trash dumped in landfills, there is also the potential to have a tremendous environmental impact.

Why Is The Resell Market So Important?

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A reseller buys second-hand sneakers to resell them for a profit later. Resellers frequently earn discounts because they buy second-hand sneakers and services in bulk from manufacturers. By reselling, resellers establish a connection between producers and consumers and deliver goods and services to final customers. These experts help suppliers save time, money, and effort by reducing the cost of promoting and selling their goods.

Manufacturers and used sneakers suppliers frequently offer a variety of support to resellers. The activities of its resellers are aided by the technical, marketing, and logistical support provided by producers and manufacturers. For today’s consumer, the resale market ticks several boxes by providing circularity, decreased waste, and access to clothing and shoes at lower rates.

The preloved sneakers industry is quickly rising to the top of the most profitable sectors to enter. Since many people think that particular sneakers would only increase in value over time and offer a greater ROI, some are now choosing to invest in sneakers rather than genuine stocks. Like stock prices, which are subject to frequent fluctuations, shoes’ resale value also varies, although it rises exponentially most of the time. As a result, many aspirants in South Africa have turned to the pre-ownedsneakers business to make quick money.

Best 10 Sneaker Resellers In South Africa

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South Africa has a massive demand for sneakers, and the following resellers are the best ones to provide the supply:

1. Indetexx

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Indetexx, an online and offline supplier from China providing some of the best preloved sneakers, is a fresh addition to trusted marketplaces. They have an office in Africa that caters to the African market needs. They supply preloved sneakers in bulk for businesses that need to establish themselves in the sneaker industry. If you import bales of used snearkers form Indetexx, Indetexx could help you solve Custom clearance problems. Their price of used sneakers would make you surprised.

2. Sneaker Spaza

As a platform for the anonymous exchange of sneakers between buyers and sellers, Sneaker Spaza has emerged as one of the top marketplaces. Users can buy, sell, trade, and exchange new sneakers on this online-only marketplace. They are also one of the best second-hand shoe suppliers. With cheap costs and the lowest consignment charge, Sneaker Spaza stands out from the competition.

3. Story

A premium consignment shop for streetwear, collectibles, and sneakers called Story is located in Cape Town and online. The Story has rapidly risen to prominence in Cape Town. They keep a range of sneakers, expensive clothing items, and accessories in their upscale location.

4. Limited Run

Limited Run is a place and platform for those who love sneakers where they can find some of the most sought-after footwear and streetwear available. They have various types of sneakersavailable.

5. The Back Door

The Back Door has recently emerged as one of the top online stores for second-hand designer sneakers, clothing, and accessories. The business has a physical location and provides online buy, sell, consignment, and trade services.

6. Swest Kicks

Swest Kicks is an online retailer of new and second-hand sneakers and streetwear in South Africa that offers everything related to both. By stocking the most recent footwear launches, the site keeps its stability.

7. Court Order

A company called Court Order links buyers and sellers by offering a carefully curated selection of the best shoes and streetwear available anywhere. They authenticate every product using a multi-step procedure that gives clients unmatched access to the most sought-after goods on the market while also giving them increased peace of mind. 

8. Sneaker Cartel

Sneaker Cartel is a high-end shoe boutique serving sneaker enthusiasts located in Cape Town. They bring a variety of collectible and used sneakersinto South Africa after sourcing them from all over the world.

9. La Familia

La Familia, established in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2014, has amassed and consigned the most desirable brands of sneakers to offer its customers. It is one of the best sneaker resellers South Africa.

10. Cape Kickz

A legitimate sneaker marketplace where you can buy, sell, and even consign sneakers and streetwear is called Cape Kickz. The site was established by collector and sneakerhead Grant Baron, which specializes in importing sneakers that aren’t sold locally and obtaining local drops.

How To Make Used Sneakers Wholesale Order in Indetexx?

Used Branded Sneakers
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Indetexx serves the demands of used sneakers wholesale and second-hand clothes wholesale customers as a top provider of branded pre-owned footwear. With a well-established sourcing network of 70,000 collection locations, they provide a large selection of premium used sneakers.

At Indetexx, they collect worn sneakers in bulk quick and straightforward for its clients.

  • Make a Query

The second-hand sneakers bales page includes all the details you need to make an informed decision. After selecting a product, complete the page’s inquiry form.

  • Talk to their Representative

Within 24 hours, a representative will contact you to talk about the large order of used sneakers in bulk.

  • Confirmation

The order information will be put together after choosing, and they will send an email for confirmation.

  • All Set

The following step is to watch for the delivery of the second-hand shoes after confirmation.


Whether selling used sneakers through thrift stores, retail stores or resellers, selling used branded sneakers is a profitable business. One must consider selecting a reseller or supplier of used sneakers very attentively. It can either make the business or break it. Opening a store on any reputable e-commerce platform or selling them directly to a used footwear supplier are the finest options for growing your used footwear selling business. 

Make sure to get in touch with Indetexx if you want to sell used shoes. Help your used sneaker business succeed and generate more revenue by getting in touch with Indetexx.

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