Best Suppliers of Second Hand Clothes From Poland

Second-hand and used clothes have a busy and flourishing global market. In many parts of the world, people have started to welcome the addition of used clothes to their wardrobes as these are cheap and of high quality. Thrifting for used clothes also introduces people to vintage classics. In recent years, second hand clothes in Poland have become famous among the people of Poland. Even during the pandemic, there was a boom in the business among Poland used clothing companies

Many used clothing exporters in Poland are known for their high-quality products and flexible prices. But it is tough to find the best exporters and suppliers. So, we have made a list of suppliers who deal withsecond hand clothes from Poland – read ahead to find the perfect supplier for your business!

Best 7 Suppliers of Second Hand Clothes From Poland

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The used clothing market in Poland has an active customer base, data suggests. So, if you are looking forward to starting a wholesale business of used clothes in Poland, here is a list of the best suppliers who handle second hand clothes from Poland.


indetexx logo

Indetexx is a used clothing company and exporter based in China. This company was founded in 2012, and for over 10 years, the company has emerged as one of the topmost suppliers of used clothes in Poland. Indetexx now exports and supplies second-hand clothing to over 60 countries, and is currently expanding its business to more countries. The supplier not only deals with second-hand clothes, but also offers used footwear, bags, and a variety of household products.

Indetexx gets the first spot in this list because of the high-quality goods and the competitive prices offered by the company. The company acquires its raw materials from top-tier cities, thus ensuring high grade and quality. The recycling techniques and quality inspection processes are immaculate, so the products delivered to clients are of good quality. Indetexx is one of the best suppliers to acquire wholesale second hand clothes in Poland.


A&E Logo

A&E is a household name when it comes to second hand clothes wholesale in Poland. The company is based in the USA and has a used clothes processing plant in Poland. With nearly 30 years of experience in collecting and processing used clothes, this supplier is a popular choice among many businesses in Poland and also across the globe. A&E acquires all its raw materials from the USA.

The company has established dominance among the used clothing exporters in Poland because of its long-lasting products and responsive customer service. With this supplier, one can be sure of properly graded second-hand clothes – A&E is one of the few exporters in Europe that implement standardized grading. 

A&E offers a wide range of clothing styles, used shoes, and other apparel.


K&M Logo

If you are looking for premium second hand clothes in Poland, then K&M should be your choice. With over 10 years of expertise in the field, the company has established itself as a strong contender in the used clothes market in Europe. By partnering with K&M, one can boost their business by offering assorted collections of high-quality used clothes at affordable prices. 

K&M also works hard to establish a cordial and welcoming relationship with its clients. Since they acquire raw materials from all over Europe, one can find different varieties and styles of used clothing with this supplier. The company also deals with used shoes and graded clothes. One of the top Poland used clothing companies, K&M is flexible to the queries and requests of clients, thus making it easy for small businesses to acquire the right kind of products they want.


Angora Logo

Established in 2004, Angora has the largest warehouse for used clothes in Poland. A family company that has been a major contender in this field, Angora is very popular among its customers across Europe. The company collects its raw materials from metropolitan and top-tier cities in Europe, thus assuring impeccable quality and variety in second-hand clothing. If you are looking forward to adding branded second-hand clothes to your collection, then Angora is the right supplier for you.

The supplier is involved in a wide-ranging import and export business. Apart from offering used clothes, shoes, and apparel, it also offers household items, cosmetics, toys, and other related items. Logistics and client service are easy with Angora, as the company offers transport services across Europe.


Radox Logo

A company that majorly deals with quality industrial wipers, Radox Textiles also deals with second hand clothes wholesale in Poland. If your customer base is looking for high-grade, fashionable clothing, then Radox is your perfect supplier. Radox deals with summer and winter clothes, but their specialty is the latter – the company offers a wide assortment of winter jackets, sweaters, and other winter clothes.

Radox Textiles is not only associated with second hand clothes in Poland, but the supplier also exports to countries like Nigeria and India. With experienced staff and standardized processing as a part of their forte, this company has emerged as one of the most competitive used clothing exporters in Poland

Sort Collect

Sort Collect Logo

Sort Collect differs from other suppliers – they offer second-hand clothes based on the countries in which they were collected. One can find used clothes from Poland, England, Ireland, and Italy. A reliable supplier of wholesale used clothes and apparel in Poland, Sort Collect also specializes in vintage clothing. The company promotes ethical fashion since used clothing makes up a considerable amount of waste deposited in landfills and oceans.

Be it small or large orders, Sort Collect can help your business with both. The company also organizes proper packaging and shipping of orders, so clients need not approach a different service for this.

Artemis Hunt

Artemis Hurt

A comparatively smaller supplier, Artemis Hurt mainly deals with second hand clothes from Poland. The supplier deals with used clothes, footwear, and household linens among other products. Artemis Hurt also imports and exports across Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is also notable that the supplier deals with both large and small sizes of bales, making it easy for all types of clients to purchase their required goods.

By implementing excellent pre-selecting, grading, and inspection processes, the supplier ensures that the quality of products remains consistent so that all customers are satisfied.

Why Choose Indetexx for Second Hand Clothes from Poland

Finding the right used clothing exporters in Poland might be a tough task for anyone who is not familiar with the current market scenario. But if you are looking for a reliable partner who can offer you affordable prices and high-quality used clothing, Indetexx is the right choice for you! 

Bales of used clothes in a factory
Source: Indetexx

Here are a few reasons why you should join hands with us to establish your business successfully:

  • Solid Supply Chain – With over 70,000 collection points, we boast a powerful supply chain that helps us connect with our clients all over the world easily.
  • Competitive Prices – Based on the quality, quantity, and the packaging and logistics involved, we determine the right prices for your orders.
  • Customizing – Customizing orders is made easy with us. You can choose the right combinations of different types of used clothes to fulfill your clients’ needs and establish a successful business.

The Bottom Line

Poland’s used clothes market has seen great growth in the past few years, thanks to awareness about ethical fashion and the affordable rates of second-hand clothes. Second hand clothes wholesale in Poland is a very successful market and there are many suppliers for the same. 

Get in touch with Indetexx today to establish your second-hand clothes business in Poland! Click here to get an instant quote and know more.

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