Second Hand Shoes Bales In Benoni

The global second-hand market is witnessing rapid growth in recent years. From clothing and shoes to vehicles and furniture, the increasing demand for used products in the biggest markets of Africa, Asia, Europe and South America is truly impressive. Because of the biggest exporting companies from countries like China, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, these markets worldwide have a smooth supply chain. 

A famous town in the Gauteng Province of Johannesburg, Benoni is home to some of the biggest second-hand markets in South Africa. The biggest exporters from around the world get involved in second hand shoes bales in Benoni and maintain a balance between the huge demand and supply. Not just used shoe bales, these exporters also provide second hand clothes for sale in bulk

Are There Second-Hand Shoe Bales In Randburg? 

Used Shoes And Bags Market
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Besides Benoni, Randburg is another famous town in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, home to various used clothing and shoe shops. Finding a trustworthy dealer can be a little overwhelming for a newcomer, but locals know every nook and corner of used markets in Randburg and can guide well.

Randburg is one of those ideal locations where business owners can invest in the bale of clothes or second-hand shoes bales. Since renowned second-hand bales companies from across the globe export their verified and good-quality products in the shops and markets of Randburg, finding reliable products that you can resell through your business is easy. 

Other than shoes, Randburg is more famous for second-hand clothing. The town is home to various fashion outlets that get their supplies from renowned used clothing exporter. The variety of fashion you get to see in these outlets is awe-inspiring, and this is because it has collections mainly from the western parts of the world. If lucky, you can discover original brands at unbelievably low price tags. 

Where Can I Buy Second-Hand Shoe Bales In Benoni? 

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When it comes to used shoes, there are a plethora of markets and shops in Benoni. The town of Benoni is one of the busiest hubs in South Africa that is actively engaged in second-hand shoe bales and gets all its collection from verified second-hand shoes suppliers. From branded to local brands, it is easy to find used shoes in their best condition in Benoni.

Benoni has numerous outlets where you can buy used shoes in bulk but not all the shops have the goodwill to maintain quality standards. This general difference between the outlets is only because of their difference in supplies and the exporters they choose. The most reliable outlets for second-hand shoe bales from trustworthy exporters are Cash Converters Benoni, Overcoats, Edgars Lakeside Mall and Edgar’s Active Lakeside Mall. 

Top 6 Suppliers That Export Second-Hand Shoes Bales to Benoni

Indetexx bales of used sneakers
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A global leader in used shoes bales, Indetexx is the most reliable internationally-recognized used clothing and accessories supplier that pays great attention to its products’ quality, packaging, and safe delivery. For businesses seeking used branded shoes in bulk, Indetexx offers top-quality second-hand branded shoes wholesale. This professional second-hand shoe supplier has exported many containers of used shoes and has been in the global markets for over ten years. Other than the markets of Africa, the Indetexx also exports its high-quality used shoes to the second-hand markets of Togo, Cameroon, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and so on.

If the only concern of your business is quality, Indetexx focuses on maintaining the quality of its raw materials to standardized processing and package deliveries. Indetexx is one of the most trusted and common suppliers in the African markets, including Benoni. 

Mariyani Group LTD

A renowned exporting company in Europe, Mariyani Group LTD is a trustworthy supplier in the markets of the African continent. 

The primary focus of the Mariyani Group is to export used shoes, clothing and bags and particular importance is given to their quality and condition. Benoni gets a good proportion of its used clothing, shoes, and accessories supplies from here. 


Establishing trust and building everlasting bonds since 1992, Samiyatex is an American exporter who has close ties with Africa and South and Central America. Samiyatex is one of those international exporters popular in the African markets who majorly focus on luxury brands like Kohl’s, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Target, and many others.

For more than 27 years, Samiyatex has been exporting used clothing, shoes and bags. Its second-hand shoes come in stock lots, store returns, overseas imports, etc., so you can already imagine the excellent quality maintenance of this exporter. Most of the second-hand luxury shoes you find in Benoni are a part of the stocks of Samiyatex. 

Shadi Trading

Based in Belgique, Europe, Shadi Trading is another renowned exporter that dominates the second-hand shoes and clothing markets of Africa, Russia, Jordan, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, the Middle East and Asia. The bulk orders get exported by Shadi Trading overseas in secured containers of 20 or 40 feet. They take great care in packaging and delivering their bulk orders worldwide. Shadi Trading is a famous African exporter because it exports various ancient costumes. 

Noor Halab

Besides being a trustworthy exporter of used shoes and clothing, Noor Halab is also a famous textile recycling company offering wholesale products to markets worldwide. Noor Halab mainly exports used shoes, bags and apparel to the markets of Africa, Iraq, Jordan, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and a few others. This trustworthy exporter is based in Sharjah, UAE and provides products of superior quality at the most reasonable rates.


A second-hand shoes and clothing sorter and exporter, Eurotex is based in Bulgaria and dominates the second-hand markets of Africa, South America, Asia, and Central America. Eurotex collects all of its stocks from countries like the United States, Canada, Germany, and Austria. After collecting used products in bulk, they are sorted by hand andpacked with care. With more than 300 employees, Eurotex has remained a trustworthy used shoes and clothing exporter for more than 22 years. 


Starting a second-hand business in recent years can prove to be very profitable because the global demand for second-hand shoes is increasing at an impressive rate. This ever-rising trend of thrift shopping is an excellent approach to saving the environment. Since the second-hand markets are expanding and there is no lack of supply, this directly impacts the production line and diminishes their peer pressure to create more and more. 

This slowing of production not only in the fashion or shoe industries but also in the vehicle, furniture, and other related industries is resulting in less industrial waste and pollution. As the surveys suggest, the second market is bound to witness further growth, which is why the chances of succeeding in a second-hand business are very high. If you wish to buy high-quality used shoes in bulk, then contact us here.

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