Top Suppliers Of Second-Hand And Used Shoes In Gauteng

People can benefit from fast fashion while lessening its adverse consequences by using used shoes and clothing. Fortunately, a growing number of individuals are starting to realize how purchasing and selling used items may help them live more sustainably and environmentally. It is the cause of the rising global demand for used shoes and other products. Second-hand shoe dealers in Gauteng offer products for those who want to experience modern and retro fashion trends. Finding a reliable provider of used shoes might be challenging. These best second-hand shoe suppliers in Gauteng can offer good value and indeed the best quality products.

Are There Bales Of Second-Hand Shoes In Gauteng? 

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Particularly in South African markets like Gauteng, Pretoria, and Durban, the second-hand clothes and footwear sector has risen rapidly in recent years. Many suppliers supply bales of second-hand shoes in Gauteng.

  • Eurotex

The export of second-hand garments and shoes to Africa is a specialty of Eurotex. They frequently transport containers filled with second-hand clothing in sized-to-order bales to several African markets.

  • Walt’s Used Workwear

Used shoe bales have been available at Walt’s Used Workwear since 1968. It is well known for its first-rate customer service and high-quality footwear. Offering the best products at the best pricing is something Walt’s Used Workwear takes great pride in. 

  • Zagumi

Another distributor that trades in high-quality used shoes and second-hand clothes wholesale is Zagumi. They are the ideal place to get bulk-worn shoes at a discount. Their dedication to offering a top-notch customer experience is exceptional. 

  • Shadi Trading

Shadi Trading is an exporter established in 1998 and focuses on the wholesale of used garments and shoes. South African markets like Gauteng are the company’s primary market. Due to their longevity and affordable price, used shoe bales are frequently recognized as a valued product in these marketplaces. After sorting and classifying the worn shoes following international standards, the company provides them to the Gauteng market.

Top 4 Suppliers Of Pretoria Second-Hand Shoes

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With a population of more than 3 million, Pretoria serves as the nation’s economic center and is the capital of the Gauteng province of South Africa. This section will assist importers in locating four providers who can suit their requirements if they’re searching for wholesale second-hand shoes Pretoria.

  • Hissen Global

The leading supplier and wholesaler of used shoes in South Africa is Hissen Global. To ensure they are inexpensive and high-quality, they buy their old shoes in China’s most prestigious cities, including Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Its long-standing relationships with these dependable wholesale shoe suppliers have allowed it to maintain a significant, regularly updated inventory of old shoes.

  • EcoGoodz

Visit EcoGoodz for a supply of previously owned, high-quality shoes. They are committed to providing their consumers with the newest fashions at most of the cost of buying them brand-new. To save millions of pounds of worn shoes ending up in landfills, this bulk second-hand shoes South African company works closely with some charities, for-profit companies, and non-profit organizations to recycle shoes.

  • Nord-Sud

Used shoes have been a focus of the import-export company Nord-Sud since 1985. The company’s top priorities are environmental protection and helping humanitarian groups with the distribution and disposal of their footwear materials by buying from them and reselling them in global markets. This provides worn-out shoes a second chance at life.

  • BB Hollandtex

With 15 years of experience in the used goods industry, Slovakia-based BB Hollandtex is a used apparel and shoe seller. Worldwide retailers of worn shoes can purchase the products from the company at wholesale costs. As a company that takes pleasure in producing high-quality pre-owned footwear, Hollandtex consumers can buy from them confidently, knowing they are saving money by purchasing just as good as brand-new footwear.

Choose Indetexx as a Supplier for Second-Hand Shoes in Gauteng

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With more than ten years of expertise in the used goods sector, Indetexx is a reputable provider of pre-owned second-hand sneakers bales and clothing. This second-hand clothes supplier has a range of high-quality and affordable used shoes at wholesale prices that satisfy customers’ needs, including branded used shoes and specialty used shoes, thanks to their strong supply chain and steady inventory. They are renowned for providing second-hand shoes of the best caliber at reasonable prices in the South African used goods industry.

With an average of 6 years of sorting expertise, eight years of exporting bales of shoes, and a skilled quality inspection team, the sorting workforce is well-versed in the process. Due to their eight years of experience in the used shoe industry, they can adjust the weight and bundling of your orders. They also have a competitive advantage over the other suppliers of shoe bales in Gauteng thanks to their wealth of resources and efficient supply chain. 

With quick Custom clearance service and low shipping cost, Indetexx could help our clients save much time and cost when exporting used shoes in Gauteng. Indetexx also has office in Africa, if you have any import or product problems, Indetexx could help you save them.

Top 4 Suppliers Of Second-Hand Shoes In Durban 

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The companies with the most extensive inventories or those in business for a long time are not always the best wholesale suppliers of shoes and bale clothes in Durban. A business should concentrate on striking the ideal balance between price, goods, and service. The following four distributors provide a great selection of the best suppliers of second-hand shoes in Durban.

1. 7Seas Trading LLC

Used shoe wholesaler 7Seas Trading LLC is based in South Africa. They support providing small enterprises with equal opportunity. They believe there is a sizable market for surplus, and other liquidation goods, regardless of the category, condition, or location. Their objective is to directly and affordably connect this inventory to customers and clients. To supply used goods, they ship to several countries in Central America, Africa, and Europe.

2. M&J Exports/Imports Co.

The second choice among Durban’s wholesalers of worn shoes is M&J Exports/Imports Co. They are situated in Los Angeles, California, and provide worn shoes in large quantities to merchants all around the world. They accept bespoke orders from their customers for new or used clothing and shoes of various types and sizes. This wholesale used apparel firm exports used goods, including shoes and bags. Customers appreciate that they can obtain a large variety of used shoes, including designer names, which distinguishes this wholesale business from others.

3. Trans-Americas Trading Co.

A used clothing distributor that deals with both new and used clothing and shoes are called Trans-Americas Trading Co. They have their headquarters in New Jersey, USA, and provide cost-effective, high-quality clothing to merchants. The next best wholesale supplier of worn shoes in Durban is this used clothing and footwear company. They offer a wide variety of goods, including shoes for men, women, and kids.

4. Wuxi Brctech Technology

The final business on this list that specializes in sorting and exporting second-hand clothing and shoes is Wuxi Brctech Technology. This wholesaler was established in 2009 and has its headquarters in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. Having been in the business for more than ten years, they are specialists at what they do, providing merchants and dealers with high-quality used apparel and shoes at reasonable costs. Their costs are also reasonable and based on the order size, several kinds of discounts are provided.


This blog list some supplier of Gauteng second-hand used shoes. If you are going to engage in used shoes industry in Gauteng, you must go no further than Indetexx because we can give you advantages that local suppliers do not haved. To get more details, get in touch with them right away.

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