Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Ivory Coast

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Ivory Coast

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Ivory Coast

           When it comes to sourcing wholesale second hand clothes, Ivory Coast is a great place to start. Here are the five best suppliers you’ll want to check out.
          Each of these companies has a unique selection of products and a commitment to quality that you can trust. So whether you’re looking for trendy fashion or economical items, you’re sure to find what you need among these top-rated suppliers.
          So don’t wait any longer – explore the options listed below and start choosing for your next big inventory order!



           Indetexx has established sourcing facilities in strategic locations around China. And effective recycling systems for quickly sourcing any materials needed for their products.
Those two cities are the most developed cities in China. Guangzhou is the best location for premium used clothing, as well as Chengdu where they have a large recycling facility. Their unique recycling system allows them to easily access various types of second hand clothing.
             It comes down to getting high quality used garments at affordable prices, which are considered one-of-a-kind.
             Their wholesale goods include used ladies’ clothing, and used children’s clothes.
             As a result, the company’s products are at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

H&O Recycling

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Ivory Coast

             H&O Recycling is a Wholesaler & Exporter based in South Wales, UK. Their main products are second hand clothes, shoes, and even some household stuff. With 10 Years of experience in the industry.
           Their Experienced staff tackles thousands of second hand clothes recycled by hand every week. Thus giving you a plentiful selection to choose from A/B Clothing grades by the KG.
H&O Recycling looks after everyone. Especially serves from Small and medium startups to container deals. Even offer rags for Painting or Maintenance work.


Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Ivory Coast

             El Saied Company sprl is a professional used clothes recycler and wholesaler in Europe, with more than 10 years of experience. They specialize in sorting used clothing for resale around 500 million annually through their worldwide markets, which span multiple continents!
Their business model ensures that they offer both high value products as well low priced ones while maintaining quality standards throughout all stages from production to distribution at every location across Africa.
            This allows them to provide their customers with affordable clothes that are still stylish and of good quality. In addition, their commitment to sustainability means that they are always looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact.
As a result, they are a representative role in the used clothes recycling industry.


Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Ivory Coast

            How to buy used clothes for resale? In keeping with the high standards for quality, ROPA USADA Y CALZADO is very passionate about second hand clothing, that they received from developed countries. A wholesale company classifies second-hand clothes according to quality.
            For example, place the second-hand shoes placed in bags weighing 25 kg once selected. And sealed them with sewing machines. Packed into standard size bales. These are ready for export to customers worldwide.
           The used clothes business is very flourishing in developing countries(like Bangladesh, and India). Because of the increasing purchasing power of people. And their preference for branded clothes.


Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Ivory Coast

            THE FUNDRAISER faithfully engaged in second hand clothes recycling. They are a group of individuals who love giving back to their community.
            By sourcing used clothes from the School Connect Project, they were able to raise funds for local institutions in need like hospices or charities that outfit 500 people every month!
            The group does this by searching for well-made used clothes, then cleaning and repairing them before putting them up for sale at a fraction of the general price.
            All of the proceeds from these sales go towards supporting local organizations. As a result, the FUNDRAISER is making a big impact on the local commercial group by helping those in need while also diverting used clothes from landfill sites.


            As a distributor or wholesaler, you may be on the lookout for reliable suppliers of wholesale second hand clothes. If you’re looking for a quality supplier located in Ivory Coast, then you’ll want to check out the top 5 companies profiled below. These companies offer a wide range of products and services that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. So don’t miss out on these great opportunities – read on to learn more about each one!

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Ivory Coastash1

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