5 Best Dubai Second Hand Clothing Suppliers in the World

Sustainability in the fashion industry is gaining more and more importance as time goes by. Due to that, there is a growing demand for second hand Dubai clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. People are acquiring used clothes to reduce textile waste and preserve the environment. 

There are many used clothes suppliers in Dubai to export local second hand apparel to various countries. For second hand clothing businesses, it is relatively beneficial to order apparel from experienced used clothes exporters to acquire the best quality garments that customers wish to purchase. 

Second Hand Clothes
Second Hand Clothes

Dubai Second Hand Clothes Market

The Dubai second hand clothes market is flourishing every now and then and has become a million-dollar industry. Around the world, there is a rising demand for Dubai used garments because of their diversity in style. In addition to that, there are different categories of second hand Dubai apparel including traditional and modern clothes. 

Experts estimate that the Dubai second hand clothes market will grow even more in the upcoming years. As a result, there are high chances for used Dubai clothing businesses to acquire a steady customer base, gain more profits, and lead the industry by ordering used clothes in bulk

Top 5 Suppliers Of Dubai Second Hand Clothes

To stand out from other competitors, second hand clothing businesses should acquire decent quality, premium, and clean used apparel from reliable second hand Dubai clothes suppliers. To make it easier for businesses, in-depth details of the best Dubai clothing suppliers are given here. 

#1 Nord-Sud Export FZC

Business Type: Dubai Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Used Clothes Trader, Second Hand Clothing Wholesale 

Headquarters: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Main Markets: UAE and Worldwide

Years of Experience: 38 years of experience 

Nord Sud Export FZC Logo
Nord Sud Export FZC Logo

Nord-Sud Export FZC was set up in 1985 and is one of the oldest suppliers of second hand clothes in Dubai. This company has a processing factory in Sharjah and exports clothes to various countries. They are known for selling second hand clothes in Dubai for competitive pricing. Nord-Sud Export FZC can deliver second hand clothes, used shoes, second hand handbags, etc. 

#2 Arax International

Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Distributor, Second Hand Clothing Wholesale, Dubai Used Clothes Supplier 

Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Main Markets: UAE, India, Japan, Pakistan, Europe, and African countries 

Years of Experience: 40 years of experience 

Arax International Logo
Arax International Logo

Arax International is another decent second hand clothes Dubai supplier which has been supplying used apparel for over 40 years. Their main markets to sell second hand clothes Dubai are the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asian countries. Being one of the experienced second hand clothes suppliers, they deliver used Dubai clothes, second hand shoes, and other miscellaneous products. 

#3 OmranTex 

Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Trader, Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Used Clothes Distributor 

Headquarters: Egypt

Main Markets: Egypt, UAE, Africa, and some European countries 

Years of Experience: 17 years of experience 

OmranTex Logo
OmranTex Logo

OmranTex is a 2nd hand clothes Dubai supplier based in Egypt. This company was founded in 2006 and has a decent used product line including men’s wear, women’s wear, and kids’ wear. As one of the leading used clothes suppliers Dubai companies, they export 70% of used clothes to foreign markets and deliver the remaining 30% to the local market. This used shoes wholesale supplier has an annual capacity to sort out 10 million pairs. 

#4 Atlantic Exports Ltd

Business Type: Used Clothes Company, Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Trader

Headquarters: Sharjah, UAE 

Main Markets: UAE, Eastern Europe, Jordan, Iraq, Asia, Africa, and some Middle East countries 

Years of Experience: N/A

Atlantic Exports Ltd Logo
Atlantic Exports Ltd Logo

Atlantic Exports is a second hand clothes Dubai supplier strategically located adjacent to Sharjah International Airport. This company maintains an 80,000 square feet processing factory unit. Their workers can sort out about 1,500,000 kg of bales of used clothes in a month and can export about 60 containers every month. This company follows strict quality inspections with 50 grades for second hand Dubai clothes based on their condition. 

#5 Sorttex Clothing

Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Company, Used Clothes Wholesale 

Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal

Main Markets: UAE and Worldwide

Years of Experience: 13 years of experience 

Sorttex Clothing Logo
Sorttex Clothing Logo

Sorttex Clothing was founded in 2013 and is a 2nd hand clothes Dubai supplier based in Portugal. They offer 100% genuine and affordable used clothes in bales price suppliers. This company washes and packs used clothes to make them look brand new. They sell second hand clothes Dubai to more than 200 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. 

How to Choose Dubai Used Clothes Suppliers

Wondering how to choose used clothes suppliers Dubai companies to order second hand apparel for your business? In that case, make sure to follow the below tips to pick the best supplier: 

  • Know when the suppliers were established and how many years of experience they have in selling second hand clothes in Dubai
  • Consider the quality of the used garments delivered by the Dubai second hand clothing suppliers. 
  • Learn about where the suppliers acquire the used clothing from and the various kinds of quality inspections they maintain to sort out them. 
  • Know more about the MOQ requirement. Choosing suppliers with low MOQ is beneficial for businesses looking to source second hand clothes in limited quantities. 
  • Inquire if the used apparel suppliers provide shipping and logistics services to your business location. If yes, then check how many days they will take to ship and deliver your order. 

Why Choose Indetexx to Offer Second Hand Dubai Clothes

# Indetexx

Business Type: Dubai Used Clothing Supplier, Used Clothing Wholesale, Second Hand Clothing Exporter 

Headquarters: No.127 Xiusheng Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Main Markets: Africa, Australia, South America, North America, and Southeast Asian countries 

Years of Experience: 11 years of experience 

Certificates & Awards: ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 14001 Certificate, ISO 45001 Certificate, fumigation Certificate, and BV Certificate 

Indetexx Factory
Indetexx Factory

Indetexx is one of the high-end suppliers of second hand clothes in Dubai. Founded in 2012, Indetexx exports the best quality, brand-new used Dubai clothes to over 60 countries. Our product line includes used clothes, second hand shoes, mixed rags, used bags, used toys, and more. 

Indetexx is an ISO-certified company and offers standard certificates like fumigation certificate, BV certificate, SGS certificate, etc., for our used products. Indetexx has a decent supply chain network with 70,000+ used clothing collection centers. At Indetexx, there are two factories that cover 20,000 square meters of area and retain 38 production lines. 

Indetexx has about 400 workers who manually check and sort out used clothes into different grades based on our quality. In addition, the sourced second hand garments will go through 5 rounds of quality inspections before we can be delivered to the client. Clients can choose the type of Dubai used clothes and bale weight. 

We maintain 1500 tons of inventory to dispatch quick orders. Indetexx offers top-notch customization services to ensure the brand recognition of businesses. The customization options include printing the brand logo, picking a specific packaging style, etc. 


Considering the demand for Dubai used apparel and the growth of the Dubai second hand clothes market, used clothing businesses can be certain of getting more customers. There are plenty of suppliers selling second hand clothes in Dubai and exporting them to other countries. 

Contact Indetexx for ordering bales of Dubai used clothes with low MOQ and get instant quotes. We have partnerships with freight companies and ensure to deliver your used clothing orders as fast as possible even during peak seasons. 

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