6 Best Germany Used Clothing Suppliers in the World 

In order to preserve resources, save the environment, and lessen the amount of textile waste, it is recommended to develop sustainable shopping habits. Buying second hand clothes is one such sustainable approach that the present generation is interested in. 

German second hand clothes are accessible for cheaper prices, which is enhancing their demand among buyers. There are plenty of suppliers of second hand clothes wholesale in Germany and other countries. Thus, businesses planning to sell wholesale second hand clothes Germany should acquire the used clothes from the best used clothes exporter

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Overview of Second-Hand Clothes Germany Market 

In a Statista research, it was revealed that 87% of people bought second hand clothes because they save the environment, while 83% purchased them due to their cheaper price. Half of the buyers are interested in used clothes because of their rare availability, while some people bought second hand clothes because they are trendy. 

To meet this rising demand for used clothes, there are many second hand clothes wholesale Germany suppliers across the world. In Germany, the resale fashion market is thriving faster. It is because people are lessening the habit of buying new clothes and are inclined more towards purchasing second hand apparel. 

Top 6 Recommended Used Clothes Companies in Germany 

With the presence of hundreds of used clothes companies in Germany, one can become overwhelmed wondering which one to choose. So, to make it easier for businesses, we have made this list of the top 6 German second hand clothing suppliers. 


Business Type: Used Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Wholesaler, Used Clothes Distributor 

Headquarters: Dortmund, Germany 

Main Markets: Germany, Romania, France, Belgium, the UK, and a few Southeast Asian countries 

Years of Experience: 97 years of experience


DTV TEXTILVERWERTUNG GMBH is one of the oldest used clothing exporters in Germany. It is a family-owned company that handles clothing recycling at two factories. They follow the latest sorting techniques with established processing systems to process 40+ tons of used clothing on a day-to-day basis. This supplier has BVSE certification and DEKRA certification. 

#2 ZT SecondHand

Business Type: Used Clothing Supplier, Used Clothing Distributor, Germany Used Clothing Exporter 

Headquarters: Germany 

Main Markets: Germany and Worldwide

Years of Experience: N/A

ZT SecondHand Logo
Source: ZT SecondHand

ZT SecondHand is another decent supplier of second hand clothes wholesale in Germany. They source, sort, and export used clothes, second hand shoes, used toys and other used goods. This company is known for delivering bales of good-quality second hand clothes wholesale for reasonable prices. Though they are based in Germany, they export to plenty of various other countries. 

#3 SKP GmbH 

Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Exporter, Germany Used Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Exporter 

Headquarters: Ottobrunn, Germany

Main Markets: Germany, USA, UK, and many European countries

Years of Experience: 34 years of experience 

SKP GmbH Logo
Source: SKP GmbH

SKP GmbH is one of the best used clothes companies in Germany that was set up in 1989. They collect used clothes from reliable sourcing centers to acquire decent clothes that are in good condition. In addition to that, this company sorts bale clothing into different grade qualities and exports them for custom prices as per their quality. 

#4 BBHollandtex

Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Germany Used Clothes Exporter, Secondhand Clothing Distributor

Headquarters: Slovakia 

Main Markets: Slovakia, Germany, and many other European countries 

Years of Experience: N/A

BBHollandtex Logo
Source: BBHollandtex

BBHollandtex is based in Slovakia and it is a used clothing exporters in germany supplier. They have bales of sorted and unsorted clothes along with seasonal and year-round Germany second hand clothes to cater to various businesses. This company offers good discounts for clients ordering in bulk. In addition, they have a massive warehouse and factory area

#5 Australasia Recycling SDN BHD

Business Type: Germany Used Clothing Trader, Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Exporter

Headquarters: Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 

Main Markets: Malaysia, Australia Europe, Africa, Asian countries

Years of Experience: 38 years of experience 

Australasia Recycling SDN BHD Logo
Source: Australasia Recycling SDN BHD

Australasia Recycling SDN BHD is a wholesale second hand clothes Germany company that is based in Malaysia. In 2010, this company set up a warehouse in Port Klang Malaysia, making it easy to export used clothes to global clients. They follow strict quality control strategies and decent sorting techniques to gather good-quality second hand clothes. 


Business Type: Germany Used Clothing Wholesale, Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Used Clothes Trader

Headquarters: Germany

Main Markets: Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Ghana, Iraq, Romania, Poland, Togo, Nigeria, Asia and some African countries.

Years of Experience: N/A


FIRMA GASHI is another second hand clothes wholesale Germany supplier. They provide various kinds of used clothes for men, women, and children. This company maintains a decent client base in Asia, Africa, and many European countries. They also export used shoes bales for sale for competitive prices. 

Where to Buy Second-hand Clothes Wholesale Germany 

# Indetexx 

Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Used Clothing Wholesale, Used Clothes Exporter

Headquarters: No.127 Xiusheng Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Main Markets: Germany, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, and European countries 

Years Of Experience: 11 years of experience 

Certificates & Awards: ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 14001 Certificate, ISO 45001 Certificate, BV Certificate, and fumigation Certificate 

Indetexx Empoyees
Source: Indetexx

Indetexx is a China second hand clothes supplier that was set up in 2012. Indetexx offers a variety of used items, such as clothes, bags, shoes, mixed rags, and more. Moreover, we supply bales of summer clothing, winter clothing, and spring and autumn clothing for women, men, and children as well. 

Indetexx has high-end used clothing sourcing centers so that they only acquire old garments that are still in better condition without severe wear and tear. Apart from that, Indetexx follows quality control and standardized processing to hand-pick the best clothes from piles of old clothes. 

Every piece of old garment will go under 5 various kinds of quality tests. Also, Indetexx has a well-maintained supply chain and distribution network so we deliver orders rather quickly. In addition to that, we offer free shipping and tracking services. 

Indetexx exports used clothes to 60+ countries globally and have a wide market. Indetexx maintains 1500 tons of second hand clothing inventory all the time to ensure timely delivery. We offer second hand clothing bales in 45 kg, 40 kg – 50 kg, and 80 kg – 100 kg.

How to Wholesale Second-hand Clothes Germany From Indetexx 

Planning to wholesale second hand clothes Germany from Indetexx is a beneficial idea for your business. First of all, talk to our team and schedule an online consultation. During the free consultation phase, you can discuss your requirements. For example, business owners can ask the Indetexx team about their inventory. 

You can say what types of Germany used clothes they want, how many bales, the quantity of each bale, and the estimated duration for the entire order. The Indetexx team will quickly check the database and register the client’s requirements. We will contact the client after verifying the inventory. 

Following that, you can also ask for samples to check the quality of the used clothes. After the samples are approved, Indetexx will start loading the used clothing bales in containers. During the shipping process, you will get regular updates along with an estimated date of delivery. 


The German second hand fashion market is on the rise, gaining more and more popularity among buyers. With this high demand for German used clothes, businesses can make great profits. However, to attract a decent amount of buyers, businesses should have a stock of good quality second hand clothes in various styles. 

Indetexx is a leading supplier of German used clothes with 11 years of market expertise. Thus, make sure to contact Indetexx to get immediate quotes regarding bales of second hand Germany clothes. 

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