6 Best Ireland Second Hand Clothing Suppliers

Clothes are an essential part of our daily lives, which is why the fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. However, every year tonnes of used clothing ends up in landfill leading to textile waste and posing a threat to the environment. So, to mitigate the issue of textile waste, buying second hand clothes has become a sustainable trend. 

In the last 3 years, the second hand clothing market in Ireland rose about 21 times more quickly than the traditional apparel market. Starting a used clothing business is a good idea that ensures high profits over the years. However, there are plenty of second hand clothes wholesale Ireland suppliers, so choose only the best used clothes exporter

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Why Wholesale Ireland Second-hand Clothes for Your Business

Acquiring the wholesale 2nd hand clothes Ireland bales is beneficial for your business in a number of ways. Firstly, Ireland used clothes are known for their quality. It is because the clothing industry in Ireland is dominated by reliable clothing brands that prioritize clothing quality. Due to that, even used garb will have little to no wear and tear. 

Ireland used clothes are accessible in various styles which are gaining the attention of fashion enthusiasts. As a result of that, more and more people are willing to spend a significant amount of money buying second hand clothes in ireland models. Businesses can profit greatly from this demand by selling Ireland used clothes. 

Top 6 Suppliers of Second-hand Clothes in Ireland

Looking for the best used clothes Ireland supplier can be challenging as there are many companies that sell second hand clothes Ireland. So, we have created this list and included the top 6 suppliers of Ireland used clothes that meet the quality criteria. 


Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Clothing Supplier, Ireland Used Clothes Wholesaler, Used Clothes Distributor 

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland 

Main Markets: Europe, Asia, and some African countries 

Years of Experience: 10 years of experience


WE BUY CLOTHING LTD is a reliable used clothing supplier in Ireland. They offer premium, decent-quality second hand clothes for sale in Ireland at a competitive price range. This supplier is based in Dublin and has over 10 years of experience exporting to several European and Asian countries. 

#2 A&E Clothing

Business Type: Ireland Used Clothing Exporter, Used Clothing Supplier, Used Clothing Distributor 

Headquarters: Tomaszkowo, Poland

Main Markets: USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, North America, and South American countries 

Years of Experience: 27 years of experience 

AE Clothing Logo
AE Clothing Logo

A&E Clothing was set up in 1996 in New Jersey, USA, and is a leading second hand clothes Ireland supplier. They started a facility in Poland to sell used clothes Ireland models and export them to several countries in 45 kg bales. This supplier has an established processing system, quality control system, automated sorting line, and state-of-the-art logistics center. 


Business Type: Ireland Used Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Exporter, Second Hand Clothing Exporter 

Headquarters: France 

Main Markets: Ireland, the Middle East, and some European countries

Years of Experience: 8 years of experience 


GEBETEX TRI NORMANDIE was founded in 2015 and it is a supplier that sell second hand clothes Ireland to numerous countries. They are known for sorting and classifying nearly 20 tonnes of used clothes every day. This French-based supplier has 3 active recycling channels and exports about 95% of second hand clothes wholesale bales. 


Business Type: Used Clothing Supplier, Ireland Used Clothes Exporter, Second Hand Clothing Distributor 

Headquarters: San Valentino Torio (Salerno), Italy

Main Markets: Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and South American countries

Years of Experience: N/A 


Looking for a second hand clothes wholesale Ireland supplier that offers branded used clothes? Then, VG CLOTHING is the best bet. This supplier offers used clothes, used shoes, used bags, and other accessories in 25 kg to 400 kg bales. They sort out the sourced clothes into Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, and extra quality. This bale clothing supplier has a decent warehouse and logistics service system. 


Business Type: Ireland Used Clothing Trader, Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Exporter

Headquarters: Algyő, Jura, Ipari Park 87, 6750 Hungary

Main Markets: Ireland, Hungary, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, and other European countries 

Years Of Experience: 11 years of experience 

Source: TEXVAL

TEXVAL was launched in 2012 and has been one of the second hand clothing suppliers. With headquarters in Hungary, this supplier sell used clothes Ireland models that are sorted following strict quality standards. This company classifies used clothes into different grades and ships them to global businesses. 

#6 Errymondo srl

Business Type: Ireland Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Used Clothes Trader, Second Hand Clothing Wholesale 

Headquarters: Italy

Main Markets: Ireland, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and Eastern European countries

Years of Experience: 50 years of experience 

Errymondo srl Logo
Source: Errymondo srl

Errymondo srl is located in Italy and is one of the best suppliers of second hand clothes in Ireland. This company has a steady global client base from various countries. Apart from second hand clothes, this supplier also exports used shoes bales for sale for affordable prices. 

Why Choose Indetexx to Wholesale Ireland Second-hand Clothes

Business Type: Ireland Used Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Exporter, Ireland Used Clothing Wholesale 

Headquarters: No.127 Xiusheng Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Main Markets: Ireland, North America, Africa, Australia, South America, and Southeast Asian countries 

Years of Experience: 11 years of experience 

Certificates & Awards: ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 14001 Certificate, ISO 45001 Certificate, fumigation Certificate, BV Certificate, and more. 

Indetexx Factory 5
Source: Indetexx

Founded in 2012, Indetexx is a global supplier of second hand clothes for sale in Ireland. We have an ISO factory certification and 20,000 square meter factories. The Guangzhou sorting plant has 20 sorting lines, while the Chengdu sorting plant has 18 sorting lines. From men’s used clothes, and women’s used clothes, to kids used clothes, Indetexx offers everything including seasonal second hand clothes. 

All the used clothes that are delivered to the clients pass five rounds of strict quality inspections and are hand-picked by workers at the factories. Indetexx delivers second hand clothes in 45 kg bales to 100 kg bales. In addition to that, we send samples so clients can check the quality of used clothes. 

Some of the advantageous services Indetexx provide include online live video assistance, free sea freight, quality inspection reports, and free logistics tracking during shipping. To ensure brand recognition, Indetexx offers logo customization and packaging services. 

Bottom Line

It is no wonder that there is a growing demand for second hand clothes Ireland because of their textile quality, aesthetics, and availability of a wide range of styles. Considering this high popularity, businesses should try to sell quality Ireland clothes in order to gain more target buyers. 

Indetexx is an experienced supplier of 2nd hand clothes Ireland with a wide market and global clients. So, contact Indetexx to get quotes for your orders of used clothing bales. We provide consulting services and quotation services free of cost. In addition to that, we offer warehouse and logistics services with quick delivery options. 

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