Best Place To Buy Wholesale Used Branded And Mixed Bags

The unparalleled rise in popularity of second-hand bags kicks many businesses up a few notches, showing a whopping market valuation of $5.9 billion by the end of this year. Rushing with a CAGR of 6.2% in the next 10 years, the used bag sector is deemed to value at about $10.78 billion. Customers are actively seeking used bags not only due to their outstanding pricing but also due to sustainability consciousness and frugal lifestyle. Surveys show that 30% of the demographic show their unshakeable preference towards thrift shopping in general. Various start-ups are looking towards this profitable avenue, especially due to market adaptability and a negotiable price setting that can fetch them more demand in the resale market.

The preconceived notion and stigma of purchasing second-hand clothes from reselling industries persist. As such, trading used purses wholesale, sneakers, handbags, and apparel is constantly updating itself to become more legitimate. Though choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task at first, we are here to assist you in navigating your way through some of the best pre-owned designer bags wholesale suppliers:

List Of Best Websites For Wholesale Used Designer Bags

Used Leather Bags
Source: Indetexx

Used vintage handbags prove to be much more sustainable and profitable than most stock investments; in fact, pre-loved bags wholesale suppliers are contributing a hike in value by an annual 8% from the last 10 years. It comes off as a surprise to many that used vintage handbags outperform gold investments as well! Used designer bags are popular due to their affordability, but they must also serve pristine quality standards. Online second-hand designer bag stores are the best choice due to their broad range of styles, affordable pricing, and attractive return policies. 

The numbers speak for themselves; second-hand pre-loved bags are the most notable steals when purchasing designer brands. With the rise in customer standards, second-hand pre-loved bag suppliers are constantly finding procedures to improve their authentication process by analyzing their hardware, stitching, authenticity cards, used leather bag material, serial numbers, and receipts to promise an authentic purchase. Shopping for designer handbags is a daunting task for many, especially due to a plethora of designers and retailers providing a wide range of styles. We have compiled a list of such designer bags to help make an informed choice:

  • Indetexx

Indisputably the most outstanding quality used clothing dealer – Indetexx has much in store for all their loyal clients. Initiated with a limited 3000 square meter plant and as many as 20 employees in 2012, these folks have started from rock bottom to become what it is today. Indetexx had upgraded their operating lines and commercialized their second-hand factory to an industrial and trade enterprise that expanded their horizons overseas. In 2017, their annual sales crossed 100 million, setting an all-time high in their records. They established African offices and factories by 2018-19, managing over 30 standardized production lines.

Their operational teams consist of first-class shipping agents with sorting and exporting experience of 6-8 years and high-end inspection teams for consistent quality. Their competitive advantages lie in raw material abundance, lower costs, diversified styles, and consistent quality. The sea freight costs are on a cheaper scale, and the packaging is professionally done. The product catalog diversifies summer-used clothing and winter-used clothing.

Today, Indetexx is everyone’s first choice for high-quality handbags and backpacks with affordable pricing, decades of sourcing experience and a robust range of selections. Enchanted with the highest professionalism and expertise, Indetexx has made its mark in 60 global markets across the globe. They serve their clients with top-notch dedication and 10 years of insightful expertise. Their main assets lie in over 400 dedicated workers, 70,000 collecting points and 2 factory lines.

  • Premium Quality: One thing to keep in mind while selecting a reliable second-hand clothes wholesale supplier is the sourcing location. Indetexx recognized this and has made it their life goal to sort and source products from top-tier locations to ensure outstanding quality.
  • Stable Supply: The supply chains are constructed to ensure an extensive inventory of all products, resulting in zero shortages.
  • Certifications: All production lines are qualified with BV, SVS, and Fumigation global certification standards. They also include ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001.
  • Customization prospects: Indetexx is equipped with robust customization options to ensure clients of their brand identity and aesthetic goals. Customized categories lie in the order weight per bale or sack, color, logo, and packing list ratio. 

Indetexx is a used designer bags wholesale supplier, characterized with low pricing, excellent quality, and stable supply across comprehensive recycling channels. The exponential cloth sorting plant is equipped with a stable supply of quality raw materials and long-lasting inventory operated by professional loading teams. Clients opt for repeat orders due to their dedicated after-sale customer services through reliable logistics, tracking updates, and overall coordination of information. Retail stores have massive advantages through vast customization options in cloth folding, color, length, size, and packaging for bulk orders. They ensure on-time delivery, constantly docking with importers to provide stable supplies. 

  • Gilt

Gilt owns the advantage of shopping through the designer category, making it simpler to narrow down options. By providing easy access to designer handbags at the most budget-friendly cost, Gilt makes its way to the list through 70% discounts from retail stores. Not only will clients have a number of brand new handbags, but also used ones in pristine and authentic brands. It also hosts flash sales on the daily, providing people with once-in-a-lifetime competitive prices.

Shipping costs: $9.99

Return Policies: Before 30 days of receiving the shipment

  • Rebag

Indisputably one of the best used clothing bales suppliers is Rebag, which houses over 50 designer brands ranging from Gucci to Louis Vuitton. By providing a number of options to browse through, they work towards consistency with what the buyers are looking for. Whether it is a Christian Dior vintage classic or Hermes, or whether they are clutches, cross bodies or top handles, Rebag has everything. They ensure top-notch quality control through their strict vetting process conducted by none other than in-house professionals who analyze the tiniest of details for quality conditions. There is also a comprehensive ranking system that allows prospective buyers to gauge their sustainability- outlet ranking implying heavy wear and tear and missing accessories, and excellent ranking referring to negligible markings and wear. They also provide $200 off on initial purchases.

Rebag is indisputably the top-notch website for second-hand luxury bags, specializing in clutches, pouches, totes, mixed rags, and everything in between. The unique aspect that sets Rebag apart from any other pre-loved bags supplier is the 6-month return policy, enabling buyers to have multiple pleasure-some luxuries in a short span.

Shipping: Orders below $500 require shipping charges of $20; orders above $500 are free

Return policy: Requires a written request upon which the bag shall be returned before 14 days of shipment delivery.

  • Fashionphile

Established in 1999, Fashionphile kept a keen eye on the changing market trends and constantly upgraded its offering based on statistics. Their teamwork makes them one of the most trusted and leading fashion websites for second-hand luxuries and authentic pre-loved handbags. Buyers are given an endless choice of designer bags, matching accessories, jewelry, and watches based on recent purchases. 

The next one on the list is Fashionphile, which ensures top branded used products like Christian Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Celine, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton, and other used mixed bags. Providing over 1000 bags to browse, Fashionphile buyers are provided with designer bags with over $100 savings from an average retail store. The product description gives information concerning its conditions- giftable quality to flawed. It also provides a platform for selling used bags priced around 75% of the purchase price.

Shipping: Free shipping

Return policy: Before a month after the purchase of the shipment

  • Luxury Garage Sale

Luxury Garage Sale initiated its services in 2011, providing customers with the offline and digitized experience of curated designer brand collections. LGS offers a wide collection of authentic pre-loved bags and vintage streetwear from researched high-end brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Christian Louboutin, and David Yurman for a mere 80% of the retail price. Validity is no more a prestige, for everything is verified for quality and originality by industry experts and knowledgeable teams.

Indisputably the one-stop platform for purchasing and selling authentic luxury handbags, having the most intricate filter systems. The shopping experience is made extremely efficient through the classification of options based on the following criteria:

  • Designer
  • Style
  • Brand
  • Color
  • Material
  • Pattern
  • Model
  • Closure
  • Detail
  • Handle
  • Condition
  • Size
  • Price

Buyers have the liberty to customize by consulting complementary stylists for professional tips and recommendations. As if this was not enough, each product has its description to make the most informed choice and judgment of authenticity.

Shipping: $14.95

Return policy: No return policy

  • The RealReal

The RealReal was initiated in 2011, with no more than 3 offline outlets in New York and Los Angeles. This website presents itself as the leading site for second-hand luxury items, being the ultra-curated consignment with San Francisco standardized operation. It specializes in luxurious handbags and used clothing bales supplying apparel, used accessories, second-hand toys, and domestic goods for up to 90% off average retail prices. With over 100 industry experts authenticating products, customers are given nothing less than consigned luxury pieces from high-end brands. 

Providing you with a range of products to browse from, customers can choose based on editor’s pics, vintage styles, tags, and many more. Each product comes with a description with intricate details about the quality condition. To top it off, RealReal provides a retail listing of the price right next to the prospective product, providing a broad comparison to ensure a bargain steal.

Shipping: $12.95 for 3-5 days standard shipping

Return policy: Requested before 14 days of shipment; product will be provided within 21 days.

Best Common Pre-Loved Bags Wholesale Websites

Used Purses And Wallets
Source: Indetexx

Acquiring and reselling used designer purses is one of the numerous sought-after sustainable fashion ideas. Whether you want to upgrade your collection with a timeless Louis Vuitton tote or a Hermès Birkin pouch without exceeding your monetary limit, doing so will no longer be an overwhelming endeavor. Since the advent of luxury second-hand websites, acquiring genuine antique luxury goods has never been simpler.

A Versace purse and other exceptional fashion finds are just a few clicks away, thanks to the vast number of designer products ready to be rekindled and reloved. The best part is that these trusted second-hand dealers guarantee that you receive high-quality items with certified provenance.

  • Indetexx
indetexx company logo
indetexx logo

Standing in number one is the wholesole used clothing bales supplier- Indetexx. Providing a range of categories used bags to work with, it has been serving clients with customized styles, logos, colors, and bale weight. The advantage that Indetexx has over other suppliers is the comprehensive raw material collection channel and the high usage of second-hand products. Their product lines range widely from handbags and stylish backpacks, second-hand toys, used summer wear, used winter wear, and second-hand dresses. The classifications are tailored to specific marketplaces, with strict quality control and employee training standards. The second-hand handbags are exquisitely selected and examined for aging. The supply chain is deprived of shortage through consistent supplies of raw materials. Their skilled workforce also checks quality details like peeling, wear and tear, aging degree, and hardware strength. The used bags are well separated by paper and are ensured moisture-proof transportation for durability. 

Used bags and bale clothing range over 120 categories, serving African markets, Middle-eastern markets, and Southeast Asian markets. Asian markets are served in exotic places like the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Indonesia. African economies range from Nigeria to Benin, Togo, Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and many more. Apart from these areas, they also serve the Middle East in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Competitive Advantage

  • Indetexx has over 60,000 used clothes terminal recycling networks, which cooperate with more than 5,000 schools in first-tier cities in used clothes recycling projects.
  • The payment procedure is completely secured through a partnership with Alibaba’s Alipay app for the used clothes recycling project.
  • Raw materials are recycled from first-tier cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., ensuring distinctive quality over competitors. People here have high requirements for quality, pursue fashion, pursue diversity, have European and American styles, and have a bright future.
  • Quality inspection of incoming materials and conduct an incoming inspection of second-hand garments purchased back; the qualified rate exceeds 90% before they are checked into the warehouse.
  • Indetexx believes in free consulting services and product quotation services for clients, logo customization for various budding start-ups, free sea freight quotations, quality inspection reports, and other logistics tracking services.

The inspection process is initiated from the incoming raw material, where only a benchmark rate of 90% quality is taken to the next production stage. Sorting is undertaken with a comprehensive classification of styles and categories of second-hand bags. After this, they are taken through another quality inspection round, where each sorting line is assigned a trained quality inspector. The next step is to weigh and pack according to the requirements specified by the client and then inspect yet another time through sampling. The ones passing over 98% are loaded into the cabinet.

  • Vestiaire Collective
Vestiaire Collective logo
Source:Vestiaire Collective

Having its base in the hub of designer handbags, Vestiaire Collective is a Parisian company that has set itself as a seasoned cornerstone for lovers of second-hand luxury handbags. It initiated its operations in 2009, ever-growing to become one of the best reselling websites for purchasing used handbags. Each product is taken through a rigorous quality inspection and examination process to ensure that clients get nothing less than quality satisfaction. Their portfolio is intelligently curated to include a wide array of timeless products and second-hand jeans from every top-notch brand of the west, like Hermer, Dior and Cartier, Off-White, and Isabel Marant. The best part is that customers require no more than 70% of the average retail price.

Vestiaire Collective is every second-hand luxury product enthusiast’s first choice, especially due to their most coveted pieces, such as the following:

  • Gucci Jackie 1961 leather handbag
  • Fendi Baguette cloth handbag
  • Louis Vuitton Speedy cloth handbag
  • Dior Saddle wool handbag
  • What Goes Around Comes Around
What Goes Around Comes Around logo
Source:What Goes Around Comes Around

Besides being the hub for pre-loved designer bags, WGACA deals with authentic jewelry, clutches, totes, apparel, watches, and other aesthetic accessories to match the taste for prestige. They provide easy access to brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chenal, and other flagships. Vintage luxury is among their strengths, where every item is authentic and verified by first-hand professional buyers who have an eye for defects and scams. What comes around comes around has a global standpoint across Miami, Hampton, and Beverly Hills, thanks to their competitive pricing. 

  • Collector Square
Collector Square logo
Source:Collector Square

Being the leading European second-hand bags wholesale supplier who deals with accessories, jewelries, and wristwatches, Collector Square was established in 2013 by two young French entrepreneurs who got assistance from a professional team of curators. Today, a single product would not be found unauthentic and ripped off quality due to their careful analysis of products and tough-end verification of each piece for sale on the main website. The best characteristic of Collector Square would undoubtedly be the 24-hour shipment throughout the globe, providing customers with transparent return policies.

  • The Luxury Closet
The Luxury Closet logo
Source:The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet was established in 2011 in Qatar, and is the best web store platform in the Gulf Region for purchasing and selling pre-owned premium products. It features a sizable selection of designer clothing, jewelry, gadgets, and purses from high-end manufacturers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, Rolex, and more. The Luxury Closet’s staff comprises 80 specialists who will go above and beyond to satisfy customers and win over online buyers by providing clients with competitive freight forwarding charges. You can shop with assurance and purchase handbags at fantastic costs on the website since everything sold there is certified to be 100% genuine.

  • Cudoni
Cudoni logo

Cudoni was founded by James Harford Tyrer, who noticed the need for an elaborate resale service and launched the establishment to simplify the reselling process for luxurious products. By featuring branded handbags from high-end labels, Cudoni provides a collection and evaluation service without investing a single penny. Cudoni provides a smooth process to optimize the lifespan of pre-loved luxuries, from clothing to jewelry. Cudoni implemented a contemporary resale model with transparent information regarding market analytics and specialist knowledge for all purchases. 

All customers are treated as emperors, from photo shoots to determining the price to post-office journeys taken care of by their staff. Economic circularity is their mission and vision and is woven into every handbag thread. Cudoni provides a sustainable choice and creates a brand-new dynamic for shopping. Their impeccable designs and intricate details are not signs of a shorter lifespan but rather a celebration of top-notch craftsmanship. 

  • Bottega Veneta medium Jodie
  • Burberry canvas Nova Check Pochette handbag
  • Celine leather 16 medium top handle bag
  • Chloé leather Drew handbag

Five Tips To Choose The Best Pre-Loved Bags Supplier

Used Pre loved Clutches
Source: Indetexx

It is a factual statement that China is reporting an all-time high growth in the second-hand fashion industry. Second-hand platforms like The RealReal, ThredUp, and Depop have made their mark in the west through their substantial decrease in carbon footprint. In contrast, Chinese resale markets have stunted growth due to stigma, fears of counterfeiting, social status disputes, and religious superstitions of wearing others’ apparel. At least, that was the case until 2018.

The booming period 2018-19 saw an uplift of ranks, with China being the most renowned used clothes exporter, valuing about $311 million worth of bales shipped to African and Middle-eastern markets. Statistical reports show Kenya consumes about 20% of the exported used garments, estimating doubled digits growth in the next 10 years. These suppliers also provide customization options for printing brand logos and building company awareness. 

The fear of being ripped off is no more a limitation that chains you to expensive luxury goods. Used cloth bags and clothes retailers often implement comprehensive in-house checking procedures for serial numbers, brand characteristics, and other authenticating factors. Here we have compiled a few tips to assist on this journey of exclusive and distinctive bags:

  • Ensure A Thorough Research

Behind every successful second-hand purchase is comprehensive and thorough research on product quality and supplier reputation. The best way of conducting in-depth research is through reading blogs published on the company’s website or surfing through peer-to-peer customer forums that provide a high degree of price and quality comparison. 

The greatest place to start is by finding out what the item would have cost if it had been purchased brand new, including the quality. Plenty of good bags will be offered at competitive rates due to the proliferation of resale sites in recent years, and a handful of them will not list the bag’s actual retail worth besides their current pricing. Purchasing used cloth bags can frequently result in a good bargain; however, if the bag desired is extremely difficult to get at the initial retail price, always look for a hefty markup.

  • Always Opt For Reputable Suppliers

It is not that difficult to gauge a supplier’s reliability and reputation for quality products. A reliable used clothes and bags supplier always provides a detailed description of the handbag, including a variety of information to ensure complete transparency. If the product does not have enough photos, the dealer is unwilling to give more information on the product. The photos must be taken from all angles possible and always responsive to customers’ queries and logistic requirements. When it comes to investing in luxurious handbags, it is of utmost crucial to purchase from authenticated and legitimate stores. Apart from quality, it is also important to familiarize yourself with the store’s return and shipping policies.

  • Know The Bag’s Worth

Superior quality outlasts others, and that’s what makes the bag luxurious in the first place. Investing in the best luxury brand would fetch a substantial return on investment (ROI). Their demand translated to a strong reselling price for consignors. Knowing the worth of handbags will assist in a better understanding of the price of contemporary labels. Paying too little for a second-hand bag opens doors to suspicion of authenticity and is as dangerous as paying too much for one. For instance, vintage bags are slowly surfacing in the archives for iconic shapes. Vintage revival trends still live on, thereby increasing the prices within the market.

  • Customizable Material, Logo, And Bale Weight Requirements

Never forget that the material of the bags is everything. Woven propylene compounds are the primary material for bulk handbags and backpacks due to its ease of shaping and strength. That said, different materials are also combined and substituted based on brands and material carriage. Bulk orders for retail require non-conductive materials like uncoated propylene or other non-flammable materials.

When bulk ordering, it is crucial to look for materials tailored to specific industries and applications. For instance, customizable second-hand bag suppliers will provide many customization options to tailor them for food-grade operations, including specific recycling requirements consistent with government regulations. Presently, the following types are available in the market:

  • Type A: Type A bulk bags are characterized by non-conductive zero-static materials that are not prone to flames and combustion. They are often purchased for storing larger items.
  • Type B: These bags have minimalistic protection against static with a low voltage breakdown. They are relatively safe around solvents and flammable gasses. 
  • Type C: Type C bags have a stabilized bottom with integrated conductive threads.
  • Type D: These bags guard discharges and sparks, providing anti-static abilities. It is the safest material for high-end operations but may lose its capacity if greased.
  • Customer Service Standards

While used handbag suppliers and retailers provide luxurious pre-loved bags at an affordable price, this in no way means compromised customer service standards. The best suppliers must ensure proper means of tracking the order and ensure they stay in touch at all times. After-sales services and policies must be integrated while partnering up with resellers. Opt for one that responds to requirements and is answerable to delays, cancellations, and meeting the short end of order fulfillment. By selecting used wholesale backpacks and dealing with a supplier who consistently has room for your demands, you can preserve your business safety and smooth order placements through constant project process updating.


Ever wondered why the term “used” or “second-hand” automates the mind to picturize worn and frayed bags? Today, it is time to eliminate that traditional image and replace it with a luxurious and pristine bag that looks brand new, the only visible difference being the attractive discounted price. It, however, depends on the supplier opted. Opt for a supplier who offers products of the same caliber as brand-new handbags. Micro suppliers will provide competitive prices but frequently experience inventory issues, while less expensive manufacturers won’t do a full examination, which could result in unsafe system parameters.

Indetexx has served the industry for xxx, undertaking an inspection for reliability and disinfestation. Every second-hand designer bag is thoroughly checked for its sound structure, discharge spouts, quality, and authenticity. A complete bag diagnostic rundown validates the bag’s safety and reliability and considers the tailored requirements for industrial operations. Contact us and request a quote today!

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