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        The largest wholesale market in Angola’s capital, Luanda, the São Paulo Market, pictured here with Chinese running the business.

        Used Clothing Market in Angola

        How much do Africans love to wear second-hand clothes? Imports 30,000 tons every year, which is more popular than new clothes. Africa imports more than 20 tons of Chinese second-hand clothing every day. As one of the few imported goods that they can afford, each piece only costs one or two yuan. Popular with locals. Angola imports about US$170 million worth of new clothing, while used clothing costs an estimated US$65 million, saving resources if the country’s textile industry is fully operational. 

       Angola has become one of the largest consumers of second-hand clothing due to insufficient textile production in the country, Dúnem, director general of the Angolan Institute for Industrial Development, said recently in the city of Viana, Luanda.

Angola used clothes import data —

Angola, The fastest growing market for used clothing imports

China ( $40.1 M)
Pakistan ($6.25 M)
United States ($4.55
Canada ($3.26

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Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Angola

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Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Angola

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