7 Best European Second Hand Clothing Suppliers in the World

The demand and popularity of second hand apparel are rising in European countries. As of 2022, the European second hand clothing market stood at US$ 18,100 million. By 2032, it is anticipated to surpass US$ 40,676 million with a CAGR of 8.4%. The resale or second hand fashion market is thriving 11 times more quickly compared to the traditional retail market. 

As a result, many wholesale and retail used clothes wholesale Europe businesses are showing up every now and then. It is essential for businesses to choose experienced used clothes exporter for ordering bales of hard clothes in bulk. 

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Top 7 Suppliers Of Second-hand Clothes Wholesale Europe

Quality of second hand clothes, price of bales, shipping services, and total market experience are some of the vital factors that need to be considered when choosing top second hand clothing suppliers in Europe


Business Type: Used Clothes Distributor, Second Hand Clothing Wholesaler, Used Clothing Supplier 

Headquarters: Alicante, Spain 

Main Markets: Spain, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Albania, Romania, Russia, and other countries 

Years of Experience: 20 years of experience


BALMOCOTEX SL is one of the experienced second hand clothes wholesale Europe suppliers established in 2003. They supply good-quality used clothes, used shoes, and second hand bags for men, women, and children. This supplier maintains two European standard quality certifications. They have a 3500 m2 factory area for processing sourced apparel.

#2 Fileks

Business Type: Used Clothing Distributor, European Used Clothing Exporter, Used Clothing Supplier 

Headquarters: Bergen, Norway 

Main Markets: Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, and other European countries

Years of Experience: 8 years of experience

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Source: Fileks

Fileks is an eco-friendly certified and one of the leading used clothing exporters in Europe. This supplier is based in Norway and has a decent-sized sorting warehouse in Bergen. Fileks was set up in 2015 and exports second hand clothes wholesale bales to several European countries. This company currently has around 350 collection centers and they also participate in project Textile 2025. 


Business Type: Second Hand Clothing Exporter, European Used Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Exporter 

Headquarters: Atlanta, USA

Main Markets: USA, Europe, the Middle East, and African countries

Years of Experience: 23 years of experience 


GARSON & SHAW, LLC is a used clothes wholesale Europe supplier of second hand clothes and used shoes. This company was founded in 2022 with headquarters in the USA. Apart from Atlanta, they have warehouses in Toledo District, Belize and Pezinok, Slovakia. This supplier delivers second hand shoes bales and used clothes in bales, 40 ft HC containers, full truck loads, and more. 

#4 Navarro Enterprises Pty Ltd

Business Type: European Used Clothes Exporter, Second Hand Clothing Supplier, Secondhand Clothing Distributor

Headquarters: Rocklea, Australia 

Main Markets: Europe, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Republic of Kiribati and Solomon Island, South Korea, New Zealand, and other countries 

Years of Experience: 18 years of experience 

Navarro Enterprises Pty Ltd Logo
Source: Navarro Enterprises Pty Ltd

Set up in 2005, Navarro Enterprises Pty Ltd is another wholesale second hand clothing Europe supplier. This company is located in Queensland and exports the majority of used clothes to neighboring Oceania countries. Being one of the reliable second hand clothing suppliers, they source decent quality second hand clothes and will send them to businesses after their workers’ sort and graded the used clothes. 

#5 Bulk Vintage Wholesale Company

Business Type: European Used Clothing Trader, Second Hand Clothing Exporter, Second Hand Clothing Supplier 

Headquarters: Strickland St, United Kingdom

Main Markets: Pakistan, India, USA, Japan, and many European countries 

Years of Experience: N/A

bulk. new logo 03 1213x
Source: Bulk Vintage Wholesale Company

Bulk Vintage Wholesale Company is a UK-based second hand clothes Europe supplier. They have about 3 warehouses for sorting and packing the used clothes quickly. This company is known for delivering branded second hand bale clothing. In addition, this supplier passes nearly 70 tonnes of good-quality vintage used clothing sourced from the USA and European countries. 

#6 Shiv Contact India PVT LTD

Business Type: European Used Clothing Wholesale, Used Clothes Trader, Second Hand Clothing Supplier 

Headquarters: Delhi, India 

Main Markets: North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and some African countries 

Years of Experience: 36 years of experience

Shiv Contact India PVT LTD Logo
Source: Shiv Contact India PVT LTD

Shiv Contact India PVT LTD was set up in 1987 and is one of the oldest wholesale second hand clothing Europe suppliers. This company acquires only the best quality raw materials and offers an incredible warranty on used clothing bales. They offer traditional clothes and modern garments as well. 

#7 Cash 4 Clothes 

Business Type: European Used Clothes Trader, Used Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Wholesale 

Headquarters: UK 

Main Markets: Europe and worldwide 

Years of Experience: N/A 


Cash 4 Clothes is one of the local used clothes wholesale Europe suppliers in the United Kingdom. This company acquires good-quality second hand clothes after thoroughly checking them for wear and tear and other damages. They offer second hand apparel to businesses for competitive pricing

Wholesale Second-hand Clothing Europe in Indetexx

# Indetexx

Business Type: Korean Used Clothing Supplier, Second Hand Clothing Exporter, Custom Used Clothing 

Headquarters: No.127 Xiusheng Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Main Markets: South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, and European countries 

Years of Experience: 11 years of experience 

Certificates & Awards: ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 14001 Certificate, ISO 45001 Certificate, fumigation Certificate, and BV Certificate 

Indetexx Factory 4
Source: Indetexx

Indetexx is a reliable second hand clothes wholesale europe supplier that was established in 2012. Indetexx is located in the Guangdong region of China and has two processing factories in Guangdong and Sichuan that cover. In addition to that, we have a wide market and export second hand clothes to more than 60 countries.

With a 20,000 m² area of factory unit and 38 active production lines, we can produce 3500 40 feet containers of second hand clothes in a year. As a reliable second hand clothes wholesale Europe supplier, we have about 6 local offices in Nigeria, the Philippines, and Lagos and Abba. 

Why Choose Indetexx to Wholesale Europe Second-hand Clothes

Selecting Indetexx for acquiring second hand clothes Europe is relatively beneficial. It is because Indetexx offers a wide variety of clothes for men, women, and kids. Moreover, we are of great quality without any sign of wear and tear. At Indetexx, the sourced clothes will be checked and neatly sorted by workers manually. In addition, the used clothes will undergo five rounds of quality inspections as we follow strict quality control methods. 

This supplier can deliver 45 kg to 100 kg bales of customized used clothing. Also, we maintain 1500 tons ofused clothing inventory to ship client orders quickly. Indetexx offers logistics and shipping services without any extra costs. In addition, our team will send regular tracking updates regarding your orders. 


The second hand clothing market is currently pretty popular and it is anticipated to thrive in a decent manner. So, to meet the growing demand for European used clothing, businesses should acquire second hand apparel from reliable used clothing exporters in Europe

Indetexx is one such credible supplier of European used clothing and has decent market expertise as well. As a result, make sure to reach out to Indetexx in order to order bales of second hand European clothes for a cheaper cost. 

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